Honeywell Channelized Digital Class A and Class B Bi-Directional Amplifiers

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CHANNELIZED DIGITAL CLASS A AND CLASS B BDA Amplifier System Digital BDA offers superior channel selective Class A or Class B amplification to be used in ERCES batteries and battery enclosures design services and training donor antennas power dividers and hybrid couplers offers all of the following components required for the design and installation of Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems ERCES signal boosters Bi Directional Amplifiers BDA Distributed Antenna Systems DAS antennas coaxial cable connectors and lightning arrestors BOOSTERS BI DIRECTIONAL AMPLIFIERS BDA Channelized Digital Class A and Class B BDAs are high gain high power selective Class A or band selective Class B signal boosters bi directional that can be designed and customized to meet all public safety frequency band in ERCES applications It is intended to provide reliable two way radio signal inside buildings tunnels and other structures The state of the art DSP based design combined with our industry leading band pass duplexer filters deliver a performance in even the most challenging RF environments The product delivers RF power with 5W rated amplifiers while simultaneously maintaining the industry power efficiency and reliability innovative design delivers superior reliability and excellent performance in a small and economical package The inclusive design includes the following features NFPA IFC and UL compliant supervisory interfaces AC power supply Battery Charger and Dedicated Annunciator Panel Honeywell Channel and Band Selective DSP Programmable Class A B BDAs and power supplies DSP programmable Class A Class B BDAs and power supplies are designed to meet and the published UL 2524 2nd Edition standard requirements UL 2524 2nd Edition pending for In building 2 Way Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement NFPA and IBC IFC standards compliance AND BENEFITS Support for public safety frequency Excellent RF Performance various Channel and Band DSP Programmable models for the following A UHF 406.1 512MHz HON BDA400 D5 1A B UHF 406.1 512MHz HON BDA400 D5 1B A 800MHz HON BDA800 D5 1A B 800MHz HON BDA800 D5 1B A 700MHz and 800MHz Dual Band HON BDA7800 D5 2A B 700MHz and 800MHz Dual Band HON BDA7800 D5 2B Lower Total Cost of Ownership Power 5W 37dBm Amplifiers with 10W 40dBm Combined Downlink Power on 700 800 MHz Dual band models Gain 92dB Typ Capacity 64 Channels with 700 800 MHz Dual band model High Reliability Selective Class A Filters 12.5 or 25KHz Selective Class B 500KHz 250KHz 150KHz 25KHz or 12.5KHz Processing Delay 12usec Filter Options Selectivity Filter Options DSP FPGA Digital Filter Design with programmable frequencies selectivity and delay Noise Figure Noise Squelch Completely eliminates uplink noise from the BDA by shutting off the uplink amplifier while it is idle achieving no transmissions from within the building and eliminating the risk of interrupting the public safety radio network Suppression Function built in prevents amplifier feedback and oscillations warranty excluding battery NFPA IFC Code Compliance Interfaces NFPA Compliant Alarm relay outputs used for the fire alarm panel connection to monitor the BDA Includes a supervised dedicated annunciator panel Control Panel with Status Indications and Trouble Logs Efficiency Power Supply with a Choice of 12 48Hr Battery Backup Rated Enclosures Watertight Design High Efficiency Power Supply with a of 12 48Hr Battery Backup unit includes Power Supply Charger Battery Backup and Supervision Efficiency 90 Supervised AC Power Supplies Battery Charger with Battery Supervision Control Panel with LED Status Indication SPECIFICATIONS 1 lists the electrical specifications for each Honeywell BDA models Range MHz DL 406.1 512 402 512 HON BDA400 D5 1B HON BDA800 D5 1A HON BDA800 D5 1B HON BDA7800 D5 2A HON BDA7800 D5 2B 799 805 799 805 806 817 806 817 769 775 769 775 851 862 DL2 851 862 2AHVPSB7800M3B 406.1 512 402 512 851 862 806 817 851 862 806 817 ID Composite RF Power dBm W 37dBm 5W 37dBm 5W 37dBm 5W 37dBm 5W 37dBm 5W 37dBm 5W 37dBm 5W 37dBm 5W 40dBm 37dBm 5W 37dBm 5W 64 32 32 32 64 32 25 25 25 dB dB 20 48 20 48 20 48 20 48 20 48 20 48 25 150 500 25 150 500 25 150 500 Insertion Loss typ and Power Ripple the rated Pass dB typ Channel for Each kHz Filter Capacity Uplink Channel Fil Latency Group Per Channel System Gain dB Adjustment Atten Range in 1dB dB Adjustment 1dB Steps dB IM3 Noise Figure 4dB RF Power for Rated IM3 Maximum Power W Connector Type Voltage VDC Consumption Maximum Load These devices are NOT CONSUMER devices The devices are designed for installation by FCC LICENSEES and QUALIFIED You MUST have an FCC LICENSE or express consent of an FCC Licensee to operate this device You MUST register Class B boosters as defined in 47 CFR 90.219 online at www fcc gov signal boosters registration Unauthorized use may result in significant penalties including penalties in excess of 100,000 for each continuing violation Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the Manufacturer responsible for compliance could void the user authority to the equipment DC DC DC DC DC DC 1 BDA Electrical Specifications 2 of 6 HON 62044 A 08 31 2020 AND ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATIONS 2 lists the mechanical and environmental specifications for each BDA model Type 4 NEMA 4 Type 4 NEMA 4 Type 4 NEMA 4 Type 4 NEMA 4 Type 4 x24 x24 x24 x24 x25.4 23.23 x25.4 With lbs Color Red RAL3000 RAL3000 RAL3000 RAL3000 RAL3000 RAL3000 to 140 30 to 60 to 140 30 to 60 to 140 30 to 60 to 140 30 to 60 to 140 30 to 60 to 140 30 to 60 to 86 to 30 to 86 to 30 to 86 to 30 to 86 to 30 to 86 to 30 to 86 to 30 2 Mechanical and Environmental Specifications and Battery Enclosure NEMA 4 UL Type 4 Listed Battery Enclosure 12V 75Ah battery minimum two are required for each BDA Antennas Installed on the Roof of the building Pointing to the public safety radio repeater site line of sight not BDA EPSU 300A ASSY Technical Specifications 3 lists the PSU Technical Specifications In Out 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