Honeywell E3Point Toxic and Combustible Gas Monitor

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E3Point your operation run more to protect people and your bottom line goes beyond protection to offer your greater performance and productivity Cartridge Unit Toxic and Gas Operation Comes in standalone standalone with remote gas mode or network versions Connects to analog or digital systems Works with virtually any BAS including BACnet Modbus or LonWorks Connects to wired or wireless system 301CW wireless controller Wall or duct mount Factory calibrated cartridges Effective Saves energy through Demand Control Ventilation DCV Simplifies installation maintenance through plug n play sensor Remote sensor option provides dual gas standalone version only Optimizes BAS fire ventilation other security systems Communications Works through BAS to improve fault and collect data on gas levels sensor condition etc Couple with 301C to log data and up to 96 E3Point units Sensing Technology Detects CO NO2 O2 H2 H2S CH4 C3H8 Advanced electrochemical for toxic gases and catalytic bead for combustible gases sensor performance Uses patented Reflex and smart technologies of Accessories Factory calibrated replacement cartridges Power transformer Vandal resistant steel wire detector guards Tamper proof screws Horns and strobes Certifications US ANSI UL 61010 1 Canada CSA C22.2 No 61010 1 pending call your sales rep for information Unit built into include a door for ease Ease plug n play sensor is factory and works out of the box Upon E3Point automatically configures quick operation You benefit from easier and maintenance and greater to changing building safety requirements Keeps You Safer Honeywell patented Reflex technology this extra degree of precision and diligence sensor monitoring to make doubly sure you Reflex bounces electrical signals into the electrochemical sensor cell at regular a form of electronic bump testing and monitoring of cell response graph shows cell responding Reflex pulse indicating sensor condition sensor design temperature etc optimize performance Energy controls use Economical E3Point cost of operation maintenance shows optimal sensor condition responsiveness to gas shows degraded sensor condition cell dry out or failure Applications integrates easily with your building analog or digital as a standalone unit or network addressable Here are five installation examples to make E3Point for you Standalone Single Sensor Operation Configuration low cost application for buildings with gas monitoring requirements typical a small facility Offers easy installation and operaton Two on board can activate fan or strobe Communication Communication to 3 x 32 units Standalone Dual Gas Sensor Operation application adds of a second remote sensor dual gas monitoring Two relays can activate or strobes Modbus protocol to daisy chain E3Point detectors providing up 96 points of monitoring on a serial bus Excellent option for controller VA301C installations common in larger applications A relay output provided as an option for activating ventilation directly e g when fan is in close proximity to detector Hybrid Configuration MS TP Configuration Unit Network 301W Communication Strobes Horns Network 301W offers a perfect solution for applications that require a wireless wired system In this configuration E3Point outputs signals a controller 301CW that also accepts signals from a wireless gas 301W This scheme offers great flexibility and installation cost for retrofit projects It easily handles difficult installation challenges as those posed by obstructions A relay output is provided when it desirable to activate fan ventilation directly e g when fan is located in proximity to detector outputs directly to BACnet or other BAS Alarms strobes and are activated through BAS with link to DCV HVAC controls This design supports new and retrofit installations for large buildings can couple with a controller to effectively integrate wired and wireless components A relay output is provided as an option for activating directly e g when fan is located in close proximity to detector Detection In Many Combinations Expands the Range of Gas Detection Serve Practically All Building Areas Including Outbuildings Y G E standalone dual gas configuration monitors gases simultaneously and cost effectively in any the following combinations toxic toxic oxygen toxic or The device cannot two combustible gases simultaneously Environment Present by E3Point Structure NO2 C3H8 Dock NO2 C3H8 H2 Terminal NO2 C3H8 CH4 Cart Maintenance Charging Area NO2 CH4 H2 Garage O NO2 C3H8 H2S H2 Bay NO2 C3H8 O2 Station O NO2 C3H8 H2 H2S Wash NO2 C3H8 Charging Rooms Hydrogen Tanks Kitchen CO CH4 Stadium Arena CO C3H8 6 09 2009 Honeywell Analytics

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