Honeywell Fire Sentry SS3 Fire and Flame Detectors

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Fire Sentry SS3 Fire and Flame Detectors Multi Spectrum and Flame Detectors Sentry SS3 Visible and Wide Band operation alarm panels include Sentry SS3 Multi Spectrum Optical and Flame Detectors are fast reacting reprogrammable computerized technology Fire Sentry SS3 fast reacting Ultraviolet UV Wide Band Infrared IR and spectral brand electro optical digital fire and flame detectors are designed to on all types of fires They have an alarm range of 30 ft for a one square foot reference fire with a 120 circular field of view coverage Sentry SS3 eliminate common nuisance false alarms that occasionally occur UV only IR only Dual IR or Dual Mode UV IR detectors the Fire SS3 detectors FireLogic signal processing requires that UV and Wide Band IR radiant energy all be evaluated before a fire The smart detector utilizes real time signal processing that are optimized to alarm on all types of fires while eliminating the possibility of false alarms Fire Sentry SS3 detectors perform the same whether they are to the FS2000 Fire Early Warning System with CM1 A and FireBus or whether they operate in the stand alone The only difference between FS2000 System model and the models is how each is wired Fire Sentry SS3 detectors are available in latching Fire Sentry and non latching Fire Sentry SS3 AN models Specifications Time sq ft gasoline fire at 30 feet within 5 seconds seconds to 1 sq ft of gasoline fire at 30 ft UV IR 120 degrees cone of vision degrees from on axis UV 180 degrees cone of vision 90 degrees from on axis Sensitivity 185 to 260 nanometers Band Infrared 0.7 to 3.5 micrometers SS4 A only 400 to 700 nanometers SS4 A only Power VDC nominal Consumption mA normal operation typical minimum 28V maximum Relays mA alarm condition typical Alarm Relay NC contacts Non Latching switch selectable contact ratings at 120 VAC 1.0A at 24VDC Temperature 32 to 170 0 to 77 alarm relay is de energized during normal operation 4 to 185 20 to 85 1 high impact ABS general purpose indoor use only ounces 0.340 kg x 5.25 x 1.75 in on a wall ceiling etc with the included mounting bracket or on two spaced panhead screws using the Detector double keyhole years from factory shipping date DIMENSIONS SS3 AN Front SS3 AN Side View SS3 AB View SS3 AB SS3 ABN Domed Mounted Bracket business centre 82 2 69090300 65 65803776 61 3 94642770 886 3 5169284 86 21 28943293 Services ha ap service honeywell com ha emea service honeywell com ha us service honeywell com Note every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in this publication no can be accepted for errors or omissions Data may change as well legislation and you are strongly advised to obtain copies of the most recently regulations standards and guidelines This publication is not intended to the basis of a contract 09 12 2012 Honeywell Analytics

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