Honeywell HW-TG7LAF02 HW-TG7LVF02 Communicator Engineering Specification

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LTE COMMUNICATOR FOR COMMERCIAL FIRE APPLICATIONS AND ENGINEERING of Contents General 3 Purpose 3 Scope 3 Warranty 3 System Summary 4 Unit Description 4 System Overview 4 Approvals 4 UL Listings 5 Functional Description 6 Signal Transmission from FACP to Central Station 6 Dialer Capture 6 Cellular Transmission 7 Delivery to Central Station 7 Link Supervision for Sole Path installations 7 NFPA 72 requirement 7 Link Supervision 7 Physical Description 9 Metal Enclosure 9 PCB 9 I O Connections 9 LED Display 10 Accessories 11 Included with TG 7FS LTE 11 Optional Accessories 12 Sole Path Installation 13 Power Up Requirements 13 Signal Strength Requirements 13 Communication and Supervision Requirements 14 Other UL Installation Requirements 14 Wiring Diagram 15 General Purpose preparing a specification or quotation for the use of a Telguard cellular device a commercial fire application it may be necessary to supply a detailed functional of the equipment The architectural and Engineering Specifications in this publication cover such information for the TG 7FS LTE models of variance are intended to be used for this purpose as required Scope the hardware is slightly different this Architectural and Engineering document contains detailed functional description for the following units to work in conjunction with FACP systems with DACT connections TG 7FS LTE for AT T Wireless Model No TG7LAF01 TG7LAF02 TG 7FS LTE for Verizon Model No TG7LVF01 TG7LVF02 Honeywell TG 7FS LTE for AT T Wireless Model No HW TG7LAF02 Honeywell TG 7FS LTE for Verizon Model No HW TG7LVF02 Warranty sells its hardware through authorized distributors As such Telguard has a to repair or replace our option inoperative units for up to a specified from date of manufacture The warranty period is agreed upon by the upon purchase This excludes damage due to lightning or installer error modifications void this warranty Telguard is not responsible for or consequential damages Liability is limited to price of unit to the System Summary Unit Description Telguard TG 7FS LTE is a line of digital cellular radio alarm transmission devices to provide the following three methods of communications for FACP units via a network Sole path Cellular Transmission Only Primary path Cellular Primary Telco Backup Back up path Telco Primary Cellular Backup System Overview on the configuration determined at time of installation the FACP will the TG 7FS LTE as sole primary or back up secondary transmission path to alarm messages When it is configured as a backup it will provide access from the FACP to the central station When transmitting an alarm using the cellular path the Telguard obtains its data from the alarm panel by of a Telco line interface The Telguard will obtain all alarm signal information monitoring station phone number account number and all zones for every transmission The Telguard handshakes with the FACP causing it to transmit alarm data The Telguard encodes the alarm data and transmits to the Telguard Center TCC over the digital cellular network The TCC performs a similar to a central station receiver and issues the transmission when the last message in the transmission is received After and reformatting the alarm signal is routed to the appropriate alarm monitoring station for action a cellular back up alarm installation the incoming Telco line is connected from the RJ 31x jack to the Telguard and then from the Telguard s RJ 45 jack to the panel in the normal fashion Two programmable System Trouble Condition relays provide supervisory trip outputs for connection to the FACP trip zone terminals in order to provide a Telguard trouble signal Additionally automatic and remote query signals are transmitted exclusively over the cellular with all Telco line and cellular monitoring switching and supervisory built in No extra modules are required The Telguard TG 7FS LTE has its power supply which keeps the Telguard battery charged Approvals UL Underwriters Laboratories Inc ULC Underwriters Laboratories of Canada CSFM California State Fire Marshall

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