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Zareba Sensepoint Pro monitoring of toxic and oxygen hazards in potentially atmospheres Pro Shop Flammable toxic and oxygen versions Suitable for indoor or outdoor use as standard Sensor Technology SurecellTM electrochemical sensors Poison resistant catalytic bead Fast and reliable Typical 2 to 5 years operational life Certifications US Canada and Europe Compliant with UL CSA and ATEX Includes hazardous area AND approval to Use Backlit LCD for dark environments Fully configurable via IR remote control 4 20mA and relay operation Auto inhibit during maintenance Effective Minimal training required Non intrusive one man operation Plug in sensor replacement All necessary accessories included Installation Universal mounting bracket 3 NPT and M20 entries included standard Suitable for conduit or SWA cable installations of Accessories Flow adaptor Duct mounting kit Collecting cone Contact Honeywell Analytics for more Sensepoint Pro provides monitoring of flammable and oxygen gas hazards in potentially atmospheres both in and out of Users can modify detector operation the remote control provided without needing to open the unit This enables man non intrusive operation and routine maintenance time and costs detectors are supplied pre configured and two programmable alarm relays as well an industry standard 4 20mA output scale range calibration relay operation alarm set points of the detector may all be via the transmitters backlit LCD and intrinsically safe remote control that is also for use in potentially explosive Outputs are automatically during adjustment thereby reducing risk of false alarm at the control panel maintenance Pro is supplied with all necessary for easy installation The detector be mounted on a wall or round support using the universal bracket provided detector is ideal for use with either conduit steel wire armored cable and glands 3 4 entry and M20 adaptor are as standard A weatherproof cap is included for use in the harshest outdoor the Sensepoint Pro ensures easy and the fastest routine operation by the need for hot work permits in areas Using an easy to replace sensor downtime is also reduced and costs are minimized through the use poison resistant flammable sensors and SurecellTM toxic sensor technology Pro meets the more demanding requirements but assures you of the most effective solution to your gas detection in the long run Details Details Pro is designed for use in potentially atmospheres As such installation follow national guidelines using suitably steel wire armored cable and glands or 3 4 or conduit 3 4 0.5mm2 20AWG to 2.5mm2 14AWG sectional area cable as needed to ensure operating voltage at the detector upon installed cable length accessories are available for different Mount Mount Mount Cone Connections 5.9 5.9 4.0 4.0 Summary 3 wire 4 20mA fixed point gas detector with built in alarm relays for the protection personnel and plant from flammable toxic and oxygen gas hazards Incorporating with local display and fully configurable via remote handheld control Temperature 4 122 5 104 Range LEL VOL 4 122 4 122 range 23 104 certified temperature 3 wire connection 12 30Vdc 4 20mA source common 0Vdc x screw terminals for O 5mm2 20AWG to 2.5mm2 14AWG wire operating current 300mA flammable 150mA toxic and oxygen peak in rush current 600mA or 4mA over range operation 0 100 full scale inhibited 2mA or 17.4mA for oxygen x 3A 240Vac alarm relays configurable alarm trip point normally energized de energized operation selectable output as NO or NC body Powder coated aluminum ADC12 316 stainless steel cap Aluminum 316 stainless steel mesh Pro II 2G EEx d IIC T4 20 to 50 4 to 122 Pro Remote Control ZHC1 II 2G EEx ib IIC T4 20 to 50 4 to 122 1 Div 1 Groups B C D 20 to 50 4 to 122 1 Div 1 Groups A B C D 20 to 50 4 to 122 Specification Gases Monoxide Sulfide Sensor Technology Relays Rating Standards America UL1203 CE ATEX EMC EN50270 Honeywell Analytics for latest information Temperature upon gas type and certification as standard in accordance with EN60529 1992 Humidity Range 20 90 RH non condensing Intermittent 10 99 RH non condensing Pressure Conditions 40 to 50 40 to 122 Oxygen detection products must only be used to detect oxygen depletion in air Information Information Supply Details Accessories Equipment Each detector is supplied complete with IS remote control 3 entry 3 to M20 wall mounting bracket pole mounting bracket weatherproof cap necessary Allen and instruction manual all sealed in a plastic bag inside a shipping carton carton dimensions L312mm 12.3 x W223mm 8.8 x D110mm 4.3 weight 1.5Kg 3.3llbs Collecting cone Flow adaptor Duct mounting kit Honeywell Analytics Representative USA UL A Europe ATEX RANGE1 Refer to2 Detectable Gases3 Table Abovee g SP PR U X F 1 SPPRUXF1GAS TYPEF FlammableO OxygenC Carbon MonoxideH Hydrogen SulfideG Hydrogen firealarmresources com World leaders in gas detection solutions Honeywell Analytics range of gas detection systems has been designed to efficient practical and cost effective equipment to protect from a variety of forms of hazardous gas The equipment also simple to install and easy to operate and maintain Zareba range of fixed gas detection Plus Pro 1 4 range for industrial use the Sensepoint range provides an easy of ensuring legislative requirements are met for industrial use the Touchpoint range provides an easy of ensuring legislative requirements are met It is particularly where a number of small discrete stand alone systems required out more business centre and the rest of the world Analytics AG 11 U11 Uster 41 0 44 943 4300 41 0 44 943 4398 business center Analytics Distribu

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