Honeywell VHF & UHF Digital Signal Boosters

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VHF UHF DIGITAL SIGNAL BOOSTERS 174 MHz 450 512 MHz Features Single VHF or UHF and dual band options Simultaneous dual band 136 174 MHz 450 512 MHz with sub band options in UHF Channel Selective software programmable 32 channels per and BW adjustable filters per band Fully digital signal boosters FPGA based Auto diagnostic Downlink Uplink squelch per channel and per time slot User adjustable gain control UL and DL independent per Automatic Gain Control per channel and per time slot Weatherproof enclosure IP67 NEMA4X NFPA compliant Built in spectrum analyzer Preserves far end communications Preserves BTS UL sensitivity Compatible with P25 Phase 1 and 2 TETRA TETRAPOL NXDN Conventional MPT1327 among others Country of Origin USA 3 year warranty IFC NFPA compliance UL2524 2nd Edition Listing Indoor coverage tunnels and mobile fast deploy communication units Outdoor coverage oil rigs stadiums dense urban areas rural areas cliffs M C I CATION A range duplexer of Channels Bandwidth of BWA filters maximum ripple manual control isolation output power DL output power UL and spurious generation option figure delay Signal Boosters 136 174 MHz UHF 450 512 MHz bandwidth options available see table per band KHz 100 KHz 75 KHz 62.5 KHz 50 KHz 37.5 KHz 25 KHz 12.5 KHz per band dB 2.0 dB 3 dB range digitally controlled in 1dB steps Gain 20dB 24 dBm UHF 30 dBm UHF 24 dBm per band 13 dBm per channel dB max at maximum gain Selective 150KHz 11.5 Selective 100KHz 13.5 Selective 75KHz 16.0 Selective 62.5KHz 18.0 Selective 50KHz 21.0 Selective 37.5KHz 25.5 Selective 25KHz 35.0 UHF DIGITAL SIGNAL BOOSTERS 512 MHz input power no damage Connectors Input Output impedance squelch function diagnostic platform management and supervising compliance Supply Consumption range Selective 12.5KHz 61.5 Band selective 3.5 to 6.5 depending on BWA dBm UL DL as standard user selectable to avoid UL noise when no carriers present by time slot and by based amplifiers status power amplifiers status power supply failure battery backup temperature AGC RF overload poor antenna isolation access via USB 60Hz 24 48VDC W NEMA4X 13 to 131 F 25 to 55 C convection Type 27,2 x 20 x 9 in Type 30x 24 x 12 in mounting hours Value valid for non duplexed units This value can change depending on the filtering insertion loss of the duplexer UHF DIGITAL SIGNAL BOOSTERS 512 MHz A C E VHF NO DUPLEX 2 MHz BW 3.5 MHz BW 136 174 450 470 470 512 450 512 136 174 450 470 136 174 470 512 136 174 450 512 CONFIGURATION BOTH ENDS DONOR SIDE ONLY SERVICE SIDE ONLY UHF NO DUPLEX 0.7MHz BW Band U 450 470MHz 0.7MHz BW Band T 470 512MHz 2.0MHz BW Band U 450 470MHz 2.0MHz BW Band T 470 512MHz 4.0MHz BW Band U 450 470MHz 1.5MHz BW Band T 470 512MHz 5.0MHz BW Band U 450 470MHz 453 454 458 459 460 462 465 467MHz 489 491 492 494 496.3 497 499.3 500 483.4 484.5 486.4 487.5 MHz Dual sub band 2.0MHz BW each Band U Dual sub band 0.7 and 4.0MHz BW each U 450 470MHz Dual sub band 0.7MHz BW each Band T Dual sub band 1.5MHz BW each Band T Dual sub band 0.7 and 1.5MHz BW each T 470 512MHz Dual sub band 2.0MHz BW in Band U and 0.7MHz BW in Band T Dual sub band 2.0MHz BW in Band U and 1.5MHz BW in Band T Dual sub band 2.0MHz BW in Band U and 2.0MHz BW in Band T Cabinet type depends on band and filtering options selection Only one filter option per band This is NOT a CONSUMER device It is designed for installation by FCC LICENSEES and QUALIFIED INSTALLERS You MUST have an FCC LICENCE or express consent of an FCC to operate this device Unauthorized use may result in significant forfeiture penalties including penalties in excess of 100,000 for each continuing violation Business Solutions Peachtree Street NE GA 30308 07242020 by Honeywell International Inc All rights reserved use of this document is strictly prohibited document is not intended to be used for installation purposes We try to keep product information up to date and accurate We cannot cover all specific or anticipate all requirements All specifications are subject to change notice of origin U S A IT

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