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LEDARRAY DISPLAY Annunciators Water Leak Detection Smoke Control Panels ARA Systems Portwatch Way Wilmington N C 28412 Phone 800 251 2512 Fax 800 251 9878 www ledinc com Email sales ledinc com NOTIFICATION SERIES Description LEDArray Series Indoor displays are LED message centers designed light industrial commercial and office use They quickly display large of information in 8 colors and 3 rainbow effects red only are also available These message centers are among the and sharpest indoor displays available are entered through a wireless remote control keyboard as to understand and use as an ordinary calculator Exclusive 3 step entry with Automode programming eliminates the need to learn programming procedures Within seconds the user can exciting visual messages that cannot be ignored 10 preset mass messages are provided applications requiring multiple units to communicate important informa Alpha displays can be networked and connected to a PC to form a integrated visual information system throughout your plant or facility or the LED Contact Interface Panel can be used for Fire or Manual type activation DISPLAY Specifications L E D Mass Notification System x 2.1 D x 4.5 H cmL x 5.3 cmD x 11.4 cmH Dimensions power supply Weight Dimensions Array Memory Displayed in one line minimum lbs 2.13 kg x 2.1 H cmL x 5.3 cmH x 7 pixels characters characters Size Diameter 05 cm Computer Interface LED Color Pixel Pitch Size Set 0.8 cm 4.3 cm Retention month typical sans serif decorative serif case slim wide and RS485 multi drop networking up to 255 displays LAN adapter 5A 35W 7 VAC VAC OR 230 VAC adapter available Cord Length Ft 3m Eurostyle IR remote operated Material plastic Capacity different messages can be stored and displayed Warranty parts and labor factory servicing Operating consisting of Automode Hold Approvals 120 VAC Model Power supply has UL CSA listing 230 VAC Models Complies with EN 60950 Roll 6 directions Rotate Sparkle On Spray on Slide Across Switch Wipe 6 Starburst Flash Snow Scroll Rotate message entry with automatic in any mode programmable logos and graphics Five hold speeds Bomb Exploding Don Drink and Drive Slot Machine No Smoking Running Moving Auto Welcome and Thank You and time 12 or 24 hour format accurate time without power for to 30 days typical Europe FCC Part 15 Class A Marked Temperature 120 0 49 Range to 95 non condensing to accommodate ceiling or wall mounting Animations Clock DISPLAY Mounting Instructions Instructions mounting bracket and are included mounting bracket and are included ceiling mounts will out if the sign is turned sign will stand up if placed a counter However for stability use a mounting pn 1040 9005 mounts 3 8 23.8 cm apart mounting holes 4 10.2 cm apart ceiling mounts 24 61 cm apart lb 5 oz 595.35 g lb 2.83 kg mounting holes 24 61 cm or 16 40.6 cm apart mounting kit pn 1040 9005 can be used to mount the sign on a wall ceiling or The kit contains brackets that attach to the end of the sign and can swivel Attach two wall brackets in the mounting kit pn 1038 9003 to a wall 46 3 4 118.7 cm apart measured from the center of each bracket Attach the mounting brackets to the sign as shown the mounting kit pn and a chain not in the kit mount the from the ceiling as shown sign will stand up if placed a counter However for stability use the kit pn 1038 9003 lbs 5.6 kg mounting distance washers Insert the end of the 4 conductor data cable B with the ferrite core into the RJ11 port on the electronic the ferrite core must be closer to the electronic display than it is to the modular network adapter 2.5m cable 0.3m cable Network Adapter 300m bulk used to connect a modular network adapter to a convertor box or to another modular adapter convertor box MOUNTING A SIGN REMOVE POWER FROM THE SIGN voltage with high voltage may death or serious injury disconnect power sign prior to servicing LEDArray signs are for indoor use only and should not be continuously exposed to direct sunlight Mounting hardware that is used to hang or suspend a sign must be able of supporting at least 4 times the of the sign DISPLAY CONTACTS TO RS 485 DATA INTERFACE MNS ctrl for LEDArray and MegaDot signs ALPHA Discrete Input Interface allows messages to be displayed on standard LEDArray electronic signs using simple on off contacts to trigger messages that have been stored in a sign The ALPHA Discrete Input is designed for low voltage applications to be displayed are stored in a sign using either Infrared handheld remote control Adaptive software such as ALPHA Messaging software ALPHA Discrete Input Interface consists of two types of modules which are connected together CPU Input Module serves as an interface between the Input Modules and LEDArray signs Up to four Input modules can be used depending on the Operating Mode used The eight dry contact inputs of each Input Module can be configured to one of five possible Operating Modes Mode Discrete Fixed Mode 1 Momentary Triggered Mode 2 Binary Coded Decimal BCD Mode 3 Binary Mode 4 Counter Power Module supplies power to the CPU Module Input Modules 1 component descriptions on other side TO NETWORK ADAPTER Red Differential Connect to YL Yellow Terminal Black Differential Connect to BK Black Terminal Drain Wire Shield Connect to RD Red Terminal 1 View modules are installed in a 12 deep box with a hinged door and cam lock to prevent unauth access The inputs to the modules are pre wired to terminal blocks for easy installation A pair of wires from dry contact s is all that is needed to activate the associated messages s The messages are pre programed can easily be changed with a hand held remote or laptop computer DISPLAY Modes Fixed Mode Only one Operating Mode can be used at a time For example if three Input Modules were together all three modules would have to use the same Operating Mode When an input I I7 is high the associated sign message is displayed It is possible to have several messages simultaneously on a sign con can be connected any order con Module jumper settings 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 no of messages no of inputs 8 inputs per module x 4 Input Modules connected VAC VDC VAC VDC Supply 2 Module VDC VDC M

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