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ALPHA 4000 NEMA 12 4000 NEMA 12 on the process you focus on the process you focused on productivity efficiency Our visible Alpha 4000 series NEMA 12 displays ensure continued productivity throughout your production facility From your desktop PC your PLC or HMI you can relay real time production data and manage quality assurance the process risk production coming to a screeching halt Our 4000 Series NEMA 12 maximum protection against windblown dust and splashing water around of your industrial processes displays can be addressed individually or collectively and offer a wide variety flexible connectivity options point to point RS232 communications RS485 connections Wireless solutions LAN connections networks Features NEMA 12 enclosure withstands One year USA factory warranty Keyboard programmable from 30 ft and splashing water Stores displays over 80 messages 3 Brilliant colors 3 rainbow effects Character size 2.1 4.8 inch Flexibility of 1 or 2 line messages 6 character fonts Two models available 5 operating speeds Create your own graphics logos 4000 NEMA 12 Specifications R C R C x5.6 D x 7.9 H cmL x 20.0 cmD x 14.2 cmH x 5.6 D x 7.9 H cmL x 20.0 cmD x 14.2 cmH Dimensions power supply Weight Dimensions Array Memory Displayed per line Minimum lbs 12.7 kg x 4.8 H cmL x 12.2 cmH x 16 pixels 12 20 lbs 22.7 kg x 4.8 H cmL x 12.2 cmH x 16 pixels 24 40 Size Diameter 05 cm Clock LED Color dot can be red green or amber and 4240R are red only Computer Interface RS232 and RS485 multi drop networking Pixel Pitch 0.8 cm Size format format Set 12.2 cm 4.3 cm Character Set Block sans serif serif upper lower case slim double wide Retention month typical Capacity different messages can be stored and displayed Hold Operating Modes 25 consisting of Automode 6 directions Rotate Sparkle On Interlock Wipe six directions Slide Across Starburst Switch Snow Scroll Continuous message entry with automatic in any mode User programmable logos and graphics Five variable speed controls Bomb Exploding Don Drink and Drive Slot Machine No Smoking Running Moving Auto Welcome in script Thank in script Animations Material Warranty Approvals Temperature Range and time 12 or 24 hour for accurate time without power for to 30 days typical Edition US and up to 255 displays VAC 60 Hz or VAC 50 Hz Autoranging input and serial are field wired no line cord Eurostyle IR remote aluminum parts and labor factory servicing to ANSI UL 1950 Thir No 950 M89 Canada with EN 60950 1992 Eur and 3260 1993 Australia FCC Part 15 Class A Marked to 140 0 to 60 to 95 non condensing to accommodate ceiling wall or stack methods to Nema 12 specification IP rating IP52 www ledinc com

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