Notifier 4X-Series-Supplement-Contains-info-about-the-SUPV2-Jumper

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4X SERIES SUPPLEMENT CONTAINS INFORMATION ABOUT THE SUPV2 JUMPER 50368 Rev A 50368 A ECN 95 404 Circuits Feature will function as General Alarm all four outputs will be activated when any zone goes into alarm unless jumpers marked GEN ALM1 GEN ALM2 and SUPV1 are cut DO NOT CUT the SUPV2 jumper When jumpers are cut the Ring By Zone feature is enabled Appliance Circuit Supervisory input is selected see Section 3.7 and NO jumper is cut all four Notification Appliance Circuits will for supervisory conditions To activate only one Notification Appliance Circuit Circuit 4 cut SUPV1 To disable all Notification Appliance Circuits cut SUPV2 jumper for supervisory conditions Refer to Configuration Table See figure on following page for jumper location a 4XZM relay module is used relay 4 will activate for supervisory conditions a RZA 4X is used the red LED 4 will annunciate supervisory conditions Configuration Table Cut Appliance output activated Alm1 Alm1 Alm1 Alm1 Alm2 Alm2 Alm2 Alm2 Alm1 Gen Alm2 Supv1 Alm1 Gen Alm2 Supv1 Alm1 Gen Alm2 Supv1 Alm1 Gen Alm2 Supv1 12 04 95 Y Circuit 1 2 Watt 71252 UL listed Z Circuit Load all unused Appliance Circuits A A B Bell Strobe Horn Load unused Circuits 1 2 Watt 1 2 Watt A A B B A A B NC B B NC B B 1 2 OUT 3 OUT 4 enable the Ring By Zone output activation ALM1 GEN ALM2 and SUPV1 jumpers be cut ALM1 ALM2 not cut this 12 04 95 This Page for Notes 12 04 95

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