Notifier ABS Confirmation of Product Type Approval NFS2-3030

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Certificate Number 16 HS1551271 PDA of Product Type Approval refer to the Service Restrictions shown below to determine if Unit Certification is required for this product certificate reflects the information on the product in the ABS Records as of the date and time the certificate is to the Rules of the American Bureau of Shipping ABS the manufacturer of the below listed product held valid Manufacturing Assessment MA with expiration date of 31 AUG 2021 The continued validity of the Assessment is dependent on completion of satisfactory audits as required by the ABS Rules a Product Design Assessment PDA valid until subject to continued compliance with the Rules or standards in the evaluation of the product above entitle the product to be called Product Type Approved Product Design Assessment is valid for products intended for use on ABS classed vessels MODUs or facilities are in existence or under contract for construction on the date of the ABS Rules used to evaluate the makes no representations regarding Type Approval of the Product for use on vessels MODUs or facilities after the date of the ABS Rules used for this evaluation to wide variety of specifications used in the products ABS has evaluated for Type Approval it is part of our that whether the standard is an ABS Rule or a non ABS Rule the Client has full responsibility for compliance with the standard Name Fire Detection and Alarm System Name s NFS2 3030 to INTERNATIONAL INC NOTIFIER DIV CLINTONVILLE ROAD 06472 States Service Restrictions Alarm control panel for fire detection and fire alarm system of Marine Detection and Alarm Control Panel System NFS2 3030 Includes control annunciators modules accessories intiating devices and notification listed in Marine Equipment Kit Marine EQ Systems Product Installation 54756 B1 dated 19 April 2012 System Capacity Specifications See Notifier DN 7111 F DN 7047 C1 DN 7070 H see attached pdf for components Voltage 120 VAC 50 60 Hz 4.5A 240 VAC 50 60 HZ 2.25A Operating range 0 49 32 120 Humidity 0 to 93 2 NEMA 4X IP55 DC Output 24 VDC up to 5.0 A Certification is not required for this product If the manufacturer or purchaser an ABS Certificate for compliance with a specification or standard the or standard including inspection standards and tolerances must be defined 1 For use on US Flagged vessel the Fire Detection Control Panel associated components are to be approved by the USCG 2 Devices in the component list that may be installed in areas requiring exceptional of protection i e wet damp locations such as galleys machinery spaces cargo spaces are as follows Backboxes BBS 2 BBSC 2 BBSCW 2 3 03 09 PM 2001 American Bureau of Shipping All rights reserved 1 of 3 Number 16 HS1551271 PDA SA WBB SA WBBC SA WBBCW and SA WBBW Bases all Manual stations all Chimes horns strobes all Control modules FCM 1 FDRM 1 XP6 R and FCM 1 Rel Relay module FRM 1 EOLR 1 Monitor FDM 1 FMM 1 FMM 101 FMM 4 20 XP10 M and FZM 1 Loop fault module ISO X Manufacturer has provided a declaration about the control of or the lack of in this product 1 Each configuration and installation is to be in with the IMO FSS Code 2 The control panel unit is to be installed on navigating bridge or in the continuously manned central control station 3 indicating units are to be provided so as to be easily accessible at all to responsible members of the crew 4 Suitable instructions and component for testing and maintenance are to be provided to the end user 5 IP rating equipment is to be in compliance with 4 8 3 Table 2 of the SV Rules No Correspondence Declaration of Conformity Revision Pages 1 Data ref Task 863505 916025 NCA 2 Instruction Manual Document 52482 Rev H1 Modbus Gateway Installation and Operation Manual No 54015 Rev B3 High Speed Network Communications Module Installation Document No 54014 Rev B1 Network Communications Product Installation Document No 51331 Rev D1 Marine EQ Systems Installation P N 54756 B1 dated 19 April 2012 SeisKit PS 2 4 Product Document P N 53881 A2 dated 3 May 2011 SeisKit 320 B26 Product Document P N 53850 A dated 18 Aug 2010 SeisKit CAB Product Document P N 53829 A1 dated 7 Jul 2011 BB 100 200 Cabinet Installation Document P N 51981 A1 dated 5 Dec 2006 NFS2 3030 Manual Document No 52546 Rev G1 NFS2 3030 NCA 2 and Product Installation Document P N 53128 A dated 5 Sept 2007 Product Installation Manual Document No 52544 Rev H1 Manual Document No 51907 Rev F Network Communication Module Product Installation Document P N 51533 dated 17 Mar 2010 BOMs dated 5 Dec 2011 XNX Universal Transmitter Technical No Rev 8 UL File S635 Proj 05NK09345 dated 26 May 2006 UL File Proj 05NK09345 dated 12 July 2011 UL File S635 Proj 07CA28029 dated Sep 2008 UL File S635 Vol 44 dated 3 July 2009 21 Jun 2010 UL File Vol 45 dated 23 Nov 2011 UL File S635 Vol 50 dated 15 Aug 2011 23 2011 UL File S635 Vol 63 dated 23 Nov 2011 UL File S635 Vol 80 dated Nov 2011 UL File S635 Proj 11NK05258 Vol 94 dated 23 Nov 2011 ML File S232 dated 10 Jun 2011 MS File No S1570 dated 10 Sept 2010 Fair Rite Catlog Data Sheet 0431164951 dated 9 Nov 2010 CAB M Series Data DN 5063 A 190 dated 11 Jul 2011 SpectrAlert Series Data Sheet No J 89 dated 12 Jan 2001 CAB A3 B3 C3 D3 Cabinets and CAB M Enclosures DN 3549 G 181 dated 19 Feb 2004 NL2254 1 BV Test Report dated 8 June 2012 EL2254 1 BV EMC Test Report 26 June 2012 Honeywell Installation and Maintenance Instructions and as per attached document BV Test Reports EL2254 1 dt 6 26 2012 dt 6 8 2012 Product Design Assessment PDA Certificate 16 HS1551271 PDA dated remains valid until 31 Aug 2021 or until the Rules or specifications in the assessment are revised whichever occurs first This PDA is intended a product to be installed on an ABS classed vessel MODU or facility which is in or under contract for construction on the date of the ABS Rules or used to evaluate the Product Use of the Product on an ABS classed MODU or facility which is contracted after the validity date of the ABS Rules specifications used to evaluate the Product will require re evaluation of the Use of the Product for non ABS classed vessels MODUs or facilities is to be an agreement between the manufacturer and intended client for Conditions of Classification Part 1 2016 Steel Vessels Rules 1 1 4 7.7 1 1 A4 which covers the following 2016 Steel Vessel Rules 4 7 3 11 2 4 9 8 Table 1 2016 Steel Vessel Rule Under 90M in Length 4 6 3 Table 1 4 7 2 Table 1 2016 Offshore Support Vessel 4 7 3 11 2 4 9 8 Table 1 ABS Rules for Conditions of Classification Part 1 Offshore Units and Structures 1 1 4 9.7 1 1 A2 1 1 A3 which covers the 2016 Mobile Offshore Drilling Units 4 3 3 Table 1 5 2 5 1.1 864 2014 UL 1076 1995 Documentation of Validity Rules Standards 3 03 09 PM 2001 American Bureau of Shipping All rights reserved 2 of 3 Number 16 HS1551271 PDA Standards Authority FSS Code Chapter 9 2015 UR E10 Rev 6 2014 Certificate Certificate No Date Date has used due diligence in the preparation of this certificate and it represents the information on the product in the ABS Records as of the and time the certificate was printed Type Approval requires Drawing Assessment Prototype Testing and assessment of the quality assurance and quality control arrangements Limited circumstances may allow only Prototype Testing to satisfy Type The approvals of Drawings and Products remain valid as long as the ABS Rule to which they were assessed remains valid ABS manufacturers to review and maintain compliance with all other specifications to which the product may have been assessed Further it is specifically indicated in the description of the product Type Approval does not necessarily waive witnessed inspection or survey where otherwise required for products to be used in a vessel MODU or facility intended to be ABS classed or that is presently in with ABS Questions regarding the validity of ABS Rules or the need for supplemental testing or inspection of such products should in all be addressed to ABS Programs 3 03 09 PM 2001 American Bureau of Shipping All rights reserved 3 of 3

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