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Addendum to Document 15532 Rev E Operating Manual document includes changes to the AM2020 AFP1010 Operating Manual which reflect Release 5.5 of the operating 4 to AFP1010 is limited to a maximum of two LIB 200s 396 devices total in the system the AM2020 AFP1010 the operation of the panel alarm in the AM2020 or AFP1010 is initiated by activation of any of the following devices smoke or heat detectors SDX 551 CPX 551 or FDX 551 Manual Pull Stations BGX 10 BGX 101L or BGX 10L normally open or normally closed contact alarm initiating connected to addressable MMX 1 and MMX 101 Monitor Modules equivalent XPM circuits along an SLC Loop 5 to In Operational mode the operator can perform the following functions the passwords alarms troubles and restorations clears acknowledged alarms troubles and restorations the sounding of alarm indicating appliances when permitted by site specific the AM2020 System all intelligent addressable detectors in the system the panel LED indicators Liquid Crystal Display LCD terminal and printer the status of the entire AM2020 system including the addressable devices functions such as printing out a report on the status of the system or accessing history buffer trouble LED is turned on at power up This LED will turn off after the AM2020 AFP1010 is fully 12 16 to Is the connection to the CRT 1 supervised If TSUPR N the CRT will not beep i e no beep characters will be Division Of Pittway Corporation Operating Manual Addendum Document 15431 Rev B 5 7 92 Clintonville Road Connecticut 06472 1610 7161 FAX 203 484 7118 blank line is printed between point report lines 23 39 to C MANUAL FORC MAN of Device Control Module configured as Form C relay tabs on CMX 1 module must be broken proper operation or an XPR 8 relay This device is not deactivated when a system reset This device can only be mapped to annunciator ANN FORC MAN point that indicates the state of any FORM C MANUAL CMX 1 Control Module XPC 8 FORM C MANUAL circuit mapped to it This annunciator point can also control the on off of the Control Module or XPC 8 FRMC circuit This type is only used in conjunc with the FORM C MANUAL type 39 Compensation 5.5 AM2020 software is designed to automatically compensate for chamber sensitivity drift due to detector con in SDX 551 photo detectors and CPX 551 ion detectors This software based compensation meets NFPA Stan 72E periodic sensitivity testing and maintenance requirements without removing and testing each smoke detector in installed system sensitivity in a detector chamber tends to increase over time This increase is caused by chamber contamination In if the clean air level exceeds the alarm threshold a false alarm occurs Drift compensation eliminates this problem by the alarm threshold as needed to maintain constant sensitivity When the detector is too dirty to compensate a is indicated automatically additional programming is required for drift compensation Every detector has three sensitivity levels low medium and These levels assign specific of obscuration per foot values for each device Sensitivity Sensitivity Sensitivity Detector Obscuration per foot O ft O ft Detector O ft O ft O ft compensation is executed when The system powers up A non communication INVALID REPLY clears Every 120 hours based on at least four samples a detector is replaced an immediate compensation must be forced The installer should remove the existing wait for at least three minutes and then install the new detector servicing a system containing drift compensation software some detectors may cause a drift compensation trouble within 15 minutes after re application of power These detectors may have undergone several drift sensitivity ad in the past and may not be properly compensated during power up compensation A second compensation may required before the trouble condition clears This second compensation will be completed automatically after 120 hours manual compensation remove the detector for three minutes then re install If a trouble condition for a detector still after a second compensation clean and or replace it power has not been removed and reapplied recently and drift compensation trouble is indicated for a particular detector and or replace the detector immediately Operating Manual Addendum Document 15431 Rev B 5 7 92

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