Notifier AFL-RM, AFL-TM, AFL-RS, AFL-TS Audio Fiber Link Modules

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AFL RM AFL TM AFL TS Fiber Link Modules AFL TS AFL TM single or multi mode transmitters and single or multi mode receivers are Audio Link Modules that distribute low level audio signals via media AFL TS TM transmitter accepts low level audio signals the DVC AO The AFL TS TM then converts the low audio signals to modulated light which is transmitted fiber optic cable The AFL RS RM receiver accepts modulated light at the other end of the fiber optic cable converts the modulated light to low level audio to feed AA 100 AA 120 or XPIQ amplifiers or if required the daisy chained AFL TS TM Fiber Link AFL modules are powered from nonresetta 24 DVC output from power supplies that are listed for fire signaling service Fiber Link modules may be used in systems where The use of wire media is not possible due to security Fiber optic cable is already installed and available for low audio distribution Significant distances between DVC AO and remote ampli cabinets dictate the use of fiber High intensity electromagnetic fields of audible frequencies be coupled to low level audio over wire Both distance and physical location of remote cabinets the use of star topology to 50 AFL transmitters maybe be connected to the output a DVC AO maximum of ten amplifiers may be fed from AFL receiver and a maximum of ten AFL transmitters may be fed a single AFL receiver maximum series connection of audio fiber links is two transmitters receiver pairs deep NOTES A system requiring many fiber links may also require larger and external chargers Please refer to the REQUIREMENTS section on page 2 AFL transmitters should be powered by the 24 VDC UL power supply connected to the same reference bat negative as the audio signal source DVC AO AFL Class A low level audio riser cannot be implemented when AFL modules Any combination of up to 50 AFL transmitters and AA 30 and AA 120 series amplifiers may be connected to output of any one DVC AO All of the AFL transmitters remain in the same cabinet as the DVC AO Once audio system installation is complete the audio gain must be adjusted See Installation Document 52230 instructions C 150 Control Systems AFL transmitters or receivers may be mounted in a CHS 4 CHS 4L chassis which in turn mounts into a CAB 3 or Series cabinet When mounting AFL modules on the and CHS 4L adequate clearance above the board is Mounting AFL modules onto the outer position of the is possible only if the AFL board is mounted with com facing inward AFL modules attach to CHS 4 and chassis via screws to PEM standoffs or studs Optic Link attenuation of fiber optic cablins between the AFL trans of receiver must not exceed a 10 dB limit See Installa Document 52230 for formulas to establish limits in the design stage The actual attenuation can be measured with standard fiber optic test equipment using a wavelength of 850 nanometers following are supported by Audio Fiber Link Connectors ST Fiber type multi mode for AFL TM and AFL RM single for AFL TS and AFL RS Core size 62.5 125 micrometers for multi mode or 9 125 for single mode Wavelength 850 nanometers for multi mode or 1300 for single mode Maximum attenuation of fiber optic link between AFL TS and AFL RS RM cannot exceed 10 dB 05 01 2009 Page 1 of 2 Requirements Voltage 20.4 to 26.4 VDC for AFL TS TM 130 mA for AFL RS RM 120 mA calculations Refer to fire panel instructions Line Information Audio fiber link single mode transmitter Includes mounting bracket and hardware and instruction Audio fiber link single mode receiver Includes receiver bracket and hardware and instruction manual Audio fiber link multi mode transmitter Includes trans mounting bracket and hardware and instruction manual Audio fiber link multi mode receiver Includes receiver bracket and hardware and instruction manual Example Optic cable another AFL Rx a remote Optic cable another AFL Rx a remote Supply Supply This drawing is not intended to accurately represent a proper fiber bend radius to the specifications from the fiber manufacturer for the correct bend radius The Compatible Power Supply should be a Regulated Power Limited Power Supply for Fire Protective Signal Use Amplifier Cabinet Control Panel Cabinet of the main Audio Riser is a registered trademark of Honeywell International Inc ST a registered trademark of AT T by Honeywell International Inc All rights reserved Unauthorized use this document is strictly prohibited document is not intended to be used for installation purposes We try to keep our product information up to date and accurate cannot cover all specific applications or anticipate all requirements specifications are subject to change without notice more information contact Notifier Phone 203 484 7161 FAX 203 484 7118 in the U S A 2 of 2 DN 6980 A 05 01 2009

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