Notifier AFP-200 Operating Instructions

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AFP 200 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS sheet must be framed and mounted adjacent to the control panel Operating Information STANDBY OPERATION A C POWER indicator lit steadily ALARM indicator off TROUBLE indicators off CONDITION Red ALARM indicator lit Alarm signaling devices activated Option module remote station or supplementary alarm relay activated Alarm information visible on LCD display locating and correcting the alarm condition reset the control panel by pressing the SYSTEM switch Depress and hold the switch to lamp test the LEDs of trouble signal under normal operation indicates a condition that requires immediate Contact your local service representative The audible signal may be silenced by pressing ACKNOWLEDGE STEP switch The Trouble indicator will remain illuminated RESET CONDITIONS Switch Functions silences the piezo sounder and changes all flashing conditions to steady Only one press is regardless of the number of new alarms troubles or supervisory signals If the piezo is it sends an ACKNOWLEDGE message to the printer and history file ACKNOWLEDGE automatically sends a special command to silence piezo sounders on the LCD 80 and ACS If more than one event exists it advances the display to the next item and displays it 20 seconds or until the ACKNOWLEDGE STEP key is pressed again Step function SILENCE Silence performs all the functions of ACKNOWLEDGE In addition if an alarm exists it turns off silenceable circuits and illuminates ALARM SILENCE indicator It also sends an ALARM SI message to the printer and history file A subsequent alarm will then resound the system This unit has been programmed to inhibit signal silence for seconds This unit has been programmed to automatically silence alarm signal after seconds ALARM LED that flashes when one or more alarms occur Illuminates steadily after alarms are acknowl and turns off when RESET is pressed after alarm clears WARNING LED that flashes when a pre alarm threshold is reached The 80 character LCD display whether it is an ALERT or ACTION pre alarm optional LED that flashes when one or more supervisory conditions occur such as a sprinkler valve condition LED turns off when RESET is pressed after supervisory condition clears optional LED that illuminatesfor a security alarm LED turns off after the alarm clears and RESET is SILENCE LED that illuminates for a security alarm and the ALARM SILENCE is pressed Turns off when EVACUATE or SYSTEM RESET is pressed TROUBLE LED that flashes when one or more troubles occur Goes on steadily when ACKNOWLEDGE is and turns off when all trouble conditions are cleared Will illuminate if the microprocessor timer fails CPU FAIL Audible Tone Indicator continous sounding tone slow pulsating tone signal having an equal on and off time fast pulsating tone signal having an equal on and off time Periodic Testing and Maintenance ensure proper and reliable operation system inspection and testing should be scheduled monthly or required by NFPA 72H or local fire codes A qualified Service Representative should perform testing AFP 200 waits for the DRILL switch to be pressed for two seconds to prevent accidental then turns on all silenceable circuits all CMX 1 modules bell circuits are programmed and turns off the ALARM SILENCE LED It sends a Manual Evacuate message to the display LCD 80 printer and History file TESTING TESTING fire department and or central alarm receiving station if alarm condition is transmitted facility personnel of the test so alarm sounding devices are ignored during the test period all fire central station and or building personnel when testing has been completed SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE RESET the control panel Depress and hold the switch to lamp test the LEDs LED Indicators 6 POWER LED which illuminates when primary power is applied to the control panel P N 15620 A ECN 92 225 11 16 92

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