Notifier AIM-200 Addressable Intelligent Module

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12 Clintonville Road CT 06472 203 484 7161 203 484 7118 Addressable Intelligent Module the System 5000 Fire Alarm Control Panel 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 15949 Revision 15949 E1 ECN 97 407 15949 Rev E 4 12 95 P N 15949 E of Contents Three Two One The AIM 200 4 General Information 4 5 Optional Peripherals 6 Addressable Modules 7 9 Installing the AIM 200 9 Wiring the Communications Circuit 11 The Isolator Module 20 The MMX 1 21 The MMX 2 22 The MMX 101 23 The CMX 2 28 The Addressable Manual Pull Station 32 The Intelligent Detector 33 Inserting the AIM 200 Cards 34 Four Programming 35 Default Zone Map 35 Display Status 38 Program Edit 40 Alarm Bus 41 General Alarm Service 42 Backup Alarm Bus 43 Signal Silence Function 44 Five Operation 46 Zone Display 46 A Operating the Control Modules 50 B AIM 200 Power Requirements 54 C AIM 200 Point Annunciation 55 15949 Rev E 4 12 95 P N 15949 E One The AIM 200 General Description features discussed in this document are available with AIM 200 software number 73264 or greater Addressable Intelligent Module AIM 200 functions as an interface between the Sys 5000 Fire Alarm Control Panel and intelligent addressable devices To the System the AIM 200 looks like an IZM 8 Initiating Zone Module On its single communications the AIM 200 will communicate with up to 99 addressable modules and 99 intelligent The AIM 200 will communicate with the following Photoelectric Smoke Detector Profile Intelligent Photoelectric Smoke Detector Ionization Smoke Detector Profile Intelligent Ionization Smoke Detector Thermal Sensor Monitor Module Monitor Module Monitor Module Control Module Manual Pull Station Duct Detector Housing for use with SDX 551 only 198 devices are mapped into eight software zones by the AIM 200 The status of these is reported to the CPU 5000 The AIM 200 includes a digital display for identifying exact device address within a zone The display is also used to display device types and detector sensitivity values the AIM 200 is intended primarily as an initiating input module it can support Control Modules on the loop The CMX 2 modules may be mapped to AIM 200 much like outputs are mapped to inputs during standard System 5000 programming AIM 200 may be mixed in a system with any of these system modules Zone Module Zone Expander Circuit Module Circuit Expander Relay Module Relay Expander Control Module Control Expander Channel Module Control Module Single hazard release Control Module Multiple hazard release addition ACM remote annunciators AMG 1 and FFT 7 voice telephone modules and power supplies can be employed with an AIM 200 to ten AIM 200s may be installed in one System 5000 for a capacity of 1,980 points to limitations of system power supply refer to Appendix B 15949 Rev E 4 12 95 P N 15949 E Two Inventory O W A R D STEP EVER S E ET EC TO R ADDRESS O D U L E N LINE YL E 6 P FAULT E SET IM L AB EL Inserts slide in labels are printed with for system defined and switches Space is pro to type in custom informa for the eight user defined AIM 200 Intelligent Module AIM 200 communicates with up to 99 detectors and up to 99 addres modules The AIM 200 reports de alarm or trouble activity back to the as one of eight mapped zones his m od ule m o ditors 8 zon es of fire d eted tio n de vic es Ea ch ne m ay cons is t of m an y in div id ual detec tors or oth er dev ice s he addre ss of the d evice in ala rm o r troub le fau lt is ind ica te d by 2 digit disp lay If m ultiple addres ses a re displayed pres s th e TE P sw itc hes to c ontrol the dis play Additional inform atio n ab ou t dev ic e is pro vid ed b ehind this ca rd T his module can ea su re the co ndition and s tatus of its detec to rs intellig ent ation and co ntrols a re prov ided beh ind all c ards au thoriz ed only 200 d dres sable e nt M odu le 1 File special card file is attached to the bottom front of the AIM 200 Several 4 in by 2 1 4 in cards are provided and may be marked with device by the installer A reference card which defines all display codes included 15949 Rev E 4 12 95 P N 15949 E Optional Peripherals Intelligent Detectors Base intelligent addressable detectors provide analog information to AIM 200 The AIM 200 processes this analog information and con makes decisions on the alarm maintenance or normal status of device Each detector head mounts to a BX 501 base for ease of or replacement The sensitivity of each detector can be set by programmer at the AIM 200 for one of three levels low medium and Each detector responds to an address that is set in the head via rotary decimal switches Base built into base base intelligent photoelectric smoke detector that provides analog mea of the optical smoke level in its chamber to the AIM 200 panel low profile intelligent photoelectric smoke detector intelligent ionization smoke detector that measures the level of com products in its chamber using the ionization principle and reports measurement to the AIM 200 low profile intelligent ionization smoke detector intelligent thermal sensor 135 degree F fixed temperature remote single LED annunciator that can be wired directly off of an ad detector for annunciation of that detector alarm status 15949 Rev E 4 12 95 P N 15949 E Optional Peripherals Addressable Modules A U T IO N and Monitor Modules CMX 2 control module and the MMX 1 monitor module provide interface between the System 5000 and conventional initiating and devices Both types of modules respond to an address is set by the installer with built in rotary decimal switches A flash LED indicates power is applied A thermoplastic cover illustrated left is provided with each module for mounting to a 4 inch square box addressable monitor module that can be used to monitor conven normally open contact alarm initiating devices such as manual stations 4 wire smoke detectors heat detectors waterflow and devices Supervised circuit can be wired NFPA Style B Style D addressable monitor module that monitors conventional 2 wire detectors Supervised circuits can be wired NFPA Style B or D MMX 2 supervises initiating device circuit wiring communi loop and input power addressable control module that can be used as a notification circuit for p

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