Notifier AM2020-AFP1010 Supplement

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One Fire Lite Place CT 06472 203 484 7118 to the Manual 15088 J dated 10 22 99 supplement includes the following Divider information page 2 15088SUP Revision J ECN 99 521 J 3 ring binder tab set shown below is shipped with every AM2020 AFP1010 These tabs are to separate AM2020 AFP1010 and cid 1 cid 2 cid 3 cid 4 cid 5 cid 6 cid 4 cid 7 cid 8 cid 5 cid 1 cid 8 cid 3 Insert these tabs as needed into the 3 ring binder provided with basic equipment package for the AM2020 and AFP1010 Fire Alarm Control If you cannot locate the set in your shipment or if it has been misplaced may order another tab set Part Number 50022 from your Notifier Customer Representative Set included with the BE2020N and AFP1010N for Document 15088 B and C Sheets Transponder Reporting Network AM2020 AFP1010 15088SUP J 10 22 99

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