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Marine ONYX Systems Components Marine Applications marine approved fire alarm systems provide reliable life safety protection for a wide range of marine FlashScan technology responds rapidly to intelli sensors initiating events within seconds of detection design and physical protection ensure that controls withstand potentially harsh environments The marine fire panels support from one to ten SLC loops Network includes multiple control centers and Gateway sys expansion systems have been tested and approved for applications using equipment described in this docu A system requires at least the following components A marine approved enclosure with the appropriate listed mounting hardware Marine approved filter kits A marine approved fire alarm control panel FACP or net control annunciator if applicable Information for other marine approved prod Only the equipment in this list may be used in marine Components based on NFS2 3030 operation separate keypad kit KP KIT XX for alternate lan NFS 320 and NFS2 640 panels are approved for applications when configured using the components in the Information section networking is supported using the NCA 2 See Information for approved part numbers cabinets and filters of the Marine system ensure that fire system has enhanced safeguards against destructive surges or high power radio emissions as well as a barrier against water spray Marine system compo are ordered separately Outer Marine Cabinet CAB BM for FACPs and main sys BB MB for systems using 100 AH batteries Mounting Hardware PL BM mounting plate SEISKIT CAB SEISKIT PS 2 4 BHKIT BB MB Filter Kits NOT FILTER KIT1 FB KIT 1 FB KIT 2 network communication modules and MODBUS are also marine approved as specified in the section Information system cabinets and filters are intended for use with FACPs specified below Alarm Control Panels and Power Supplies NFS 320 E NFS 320C CPU 320SYS E Marine listed panel Non English also available CPU2 640 E Marine listed English panel Non English available CPU2 3030D M Marine listed English NFS2 3030 For operation order CPU2 3030D M and the KP KIT XX language conversion keypad kit Devices with NFS 320 mounted AMPS 24 E ACPS 610 E Marine listed auxiliary power supply Equipment NCA 2 M Marine listed English Network Control Annuncia For non English operation order NCA 2 M and the KP KIT XX language conversion keypad kit NCM W Network Communications Module Wire NCM F Network Communications Module Multi mode MODBUS GW MODBUS Gateway PNET 1 Surge protector required with MODBUS GW Kits for Language Conversion KP KIT FR Keypad Kit French KP KIT HE Keypad Kit Hebrew KP KIT KO Keypad Kit Korean KP KIT PO Keypad Kit Portuguese KP KIT SC Keypad Kit Simplified Chinese KP KIT SP Keypad Kit Spanish KP KIT TC Keypad Kit Traditional Chinese KP KIT TH Keypad Kit Thai System Components CAB BM B sized marine cabinet NEMA 4 approved cabi with Notifier logo Dimensions 36 x 30 W x 8 914 x 762 mm x 203 mm Door is 16 gauge steel backbox 6 gauge steel BB MB Marine battery box NEMA 4 approved Protects and up to four 100AH batteries BHKIT BB MB Battery holder kit for BB MB includes bat shelf mounting bracket for AMPS 24 E and battery PL BM Mounting plate used to attach backboxes of listed alarm control panels and power supplies to the CAB Supports CAB B4 CAB PS1 and NFS 320 E C 2 17 15 Page 1 of 4 NOT FILTER KIT1 EMI filter ferrite beads mounting hard and documentation for specified marine applications either 120 VAC or 220 240 VAC FB KIT 1 Ferrite bead for use on NUP connections FB KIT 2 Ferrite bead for use with MODBUS GW Ethernet FB KIT 3 Ferrite bead for use with additional NUP SLC power EIA 485 connections and Mounting Hardware ADP 4B Annunciator dress panel BMP 1 Blank module plate BP2 4 Battery dress plate CAB B4 B sized cabinet Order as SBB B4 backbox and door lock and keys Black CAB PS1 ACPS 610 E stand alone cabinet CHS 4 Chassis CHS 4L Chassis Low Profile CHS 6 Chassis mounts XP 6 modules in CAB B4 CHS M3 Chassis for NCA 2 DP 1B Blank Dress Panel DP DISP Display Dress Panel for NFS2 3030 DP DISP2 Display Dress Panel for NFS2 640 Straps SEISKIT CAB Required with CAB B4 SEISKIT 320 B26 Required with NFS 320 E C backbox SEISKIT PS 2 4 Required with CAB PS1 BHKIT BB MB See description under Com above Panel Peripherals ACM 24AT Annunciator Control Module ACM 48A Annunciator Control Module AEM 24AT Annunciator Expander Module AEM 48A Annunciator Expander Module BAT 12120 Battery 12 volt 12 AH Order as BAT 12120 BAT 12180 Battery 12 volt 18 AH Order as BAT 12180 BAT 12260 Battery 12 volt 26 AH Order as BAT 12260 BAT 121000 Battery 12 volt 100 AH KDM R2 Keypad Display Unit NFS2 640 E LCD2 80 Liquid Crystal Display Annunciator 80 character LCM 320 Loop Control Module LEM 320 Loop Expander Module Other Devices and endings indicate ULC listed versions which are suitable for U S Coast Guard applications 1451 A Smoke detector retrofit 2151 A Smoke detector 2W B C2W BA 2 wire conventional smoke detector 4W B C4W BA 4 wire conventional smoke detector 4WT B CWT BA 4 wire conventional smoke detector B200S Intelligent addressable sounder base B200SR Sounder base B224BI A Intelligent isolator base B224RB A Intelligent relay base B401 A Base B501 A Intelligent base B210LP A Low profile detector base 2 of 4 DN 60688 E 2 17 15 B710LP A Base retrofit BBS 2 A Backbox skirt wall red BBSC 2 A Backbox skirt ceiling red BBSCW 2 A Backbox skirt ceiling white BBSW 2 A Backbox skirt wall white CHR A Chime red CHSR A Chime strobe red CHSW A Chime strobe white CHW A Chime white DNR A Intelligent duct detector DNRW Intelligent watertight duct detector NEMA 4 EOLR 1 EOL for 4 wire smoke FAPT 851 A Acclimate Plus FCM 1 A Addressable control module FCM 1 REL A Releasing control module FDM 1 A Dual monitor module FMM 1 A Addressable monitor module FMM 101 A Addressable mini monitor module FRM 1 A Addressable relay module FMM 4 20 A Module for monitoring 4 to 20 mA sensors FDRM 1 A FlashScan dual relay monitor module FCO 851 A IntelliQuad PLUS multi criteria fire and CO FSI 851 A Addressable ion detector FSP 851 A Addressable photo detector FSP 851R A Addressable photo detector remote used with DNRW FSP 851T A Addressable photo thermal detector FST 851 A Addressable thermal detector FST 851H A Addressable high heat detector FST 851R A Addressable heat detector with rate of rise FZM 1 A Addressable zone monitor module HR A Horn red HRK A Horn red outdoors HW A Horn white NBG 12LO Pull station dual action Notifier key lock out Loop fault isolator module

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