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Project Profile Marriott Marquis YORK MARRIOTT MARQUIS in the heart of New York City Times Square and the Broadway district the New York Marriott Marquis has served as a major land since its opening in 1985 Fifty one stories high 53 floors including levels with New York City only rotating restaurant at its peak features a total of six restaurants and lounges a major Broadway theater Theatre a built in parking garage and the largest enclosed atrium in United States To offer guests the most advanced technology in life safety the Marquis collaborated with fire protection consultants from Rolf and Associates Professional Engineers P C RJA on the design of a addressable system for the entire facility WORLD HEADQUARTERS Clintonville Road cid 129 Northford CT 06472 USA 203 484 7161 cid 129 Fax 203 484 7118 System Armm SET a Senior Consultant for RJA the specification and solicited bids for the and installation The winning bid was by Alan Doorly CET Director of Operations Cross Fire and Security Co Inc of Brooklyn York Utilizing NOTIFIER ONYX Series of fire systems Doorly was able to engineer a system capable of supervising a large of nodes with several thousand initiating indicating devices total of 52 NFS2 3030 fire alarm control panels function as the nodes essentially one per and all are connected together via the NOTI high speed peer to peer communica network number one reason you would a network node system in a building of this and magnitude is to provide additional surviv during not just a fire condition but for all of emergencies says Doorly NOTIFIER NFS2 3030 FACP located on the first communicates with each of the other 51 by means of Style 7 Class A wiring This loop of wiring connecting all nodes the system ensures no interruptions to if wiring is cut or damaged aid in emergency response the Fire Command can be accessed by fire fighters immediately entering the building In addition to the main the Command Center includes an ONYX NCS Control Station high performance desktop designed to display the locations of sys components and alarm events superimposed CAD drawings of the facility floor plan Here responders can also utilize an ACS 24AT to control loudspeakers and warden throughout the facility facility engineering and security offices are with a Network Control Annunciator NCA immediate monitoring access of the entire sys The NCA is a 640 character backlit LCD dis that operates as a node on the network Marriott Marquis new Notifier System was also with the existing public address PA sys The Fire Command Center is equipped with a Voice Command Center located on the first level which allows certified Fire Safety to make broadcast announcements of a PA system with a multi node fire such as this allows announcements to be to specific areas such as bedrooms on a cer set of floors in stairwells or throughout the facility For the Marriott Marquis pag is especially useful for directing announce to the garage and restaurants Rapid Detection Marriott facility is equipped with more than initiating devices including smoke detectors stations waterflow switches and temperature which communicate in groups with the FACP on their particular floor A patented protocol polls device groups stopping concentrate on individual devices only when new is detected and processed by the FACP net effect is a response speed greater than five that of earlier versions to Armm speed of communication is cru in a system this large if we went to the extreme of this system in less than 5 sec we had an active alarm says Armm big the system was was that quick Aspects hotel atrium rises from the 10th to 45th floor all corridors outside of the guest rooms open to One of the project most challenging design involved integration of the atrium existing control system with the new fire alarm purge system consists of two colossal fans to remove smoke from the building and in fresh air quickly Through the facility build management system BMS the new fire alarm activates fans during any alarm on a floor the atrium Beam detectors on one of three floors pointed across the atrium also an alarm and the purge system if smoke is within the atrium York City requirements typically mandate purge as well as stairway pressurization be initi by the fire department In this instance an was made due to the large number of usually present within the Marriott system protecting the Marquis Theatre is part the facility 52 node network but is pro to respond differently The possibility of a event in another part of the building a theatre of more than 1,600 people was scenario Cross Fire had to program the system theatre FACP is located immediately off stage monitored by a trained Fire System Director individual must be able to view the stage and at all times Using the theatre FACP the System Director can make live voice announce and manually trigger a deluge system to a wall of water between the audience and peer to peer architecture of the NOTIFIER ONYX system allows for easy installation and mini wiring which limited the installation effect on building fa were very high end finishes at the hotel wood marble stainless steel Whatever the was when they Cross Fire were done it like they were never there says Armm to Armm was the best managed job ever been involved in I sorry to have it end people from Cross Fire have a strong life safety They believe that what they do could possibly a life over 60 years NOTIFIER has been a leader in the fire alarm industry Today we are largest manufacturer of engineered fire alarm systems with over 400 distributors worldwide and support operations on every continent for the flexibility and options your business needs Leaders in Life Safety Technology

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