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273 Branchport Avenue Branch N J 07740 631 2148 US 397 5777 Canada Thank you for using our products INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS MIZ MINI HORNS this product according to this instruction manual Please keep this instruction manual for future reference MIZ Mini Horns are designed to produce high sound output with minimal current requirements They are UL Listed under UL 464 for Audible Signal Appliances and ULC Listed under first draft Standard ULC S525 dated August 1997 Audible Signal For Fire Alarm Systems All inputs are polarized for compatibility with standard reverse polarity supervision of circuit by a Fire Alarm Control Panel FACP MIZ Mini Horns are recommended for alarm signaling for individual rooms in apartments hotels and offices These appliances are attractive in appearance and reliable performers They mount to standard backboxes reduce the cost of installation All models are Listed for indoor use with the backboxes specified in these instructions See Options All CAUTIONS and WARNINGS are identified by the symbol All warnings are printed in bold capital letters READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH ANY OF THE FOLLOWING CAUTIONS AND WARNINGS COULD RESULT IN IMPROPER APPLICATION INSTALLATION AND OR OF THESE PRODUCTS IN AN EMERGENCY SITUATION WHICH COULD RESULT IN PROPERTY DAMAGE AND INJURY OR DEATH TO YOU AND OR OTHERS 1 UL and ULC Listed Models and Ranges dBA Per dBA Per 464 10 Feet 10 Feet 3 3 OPERATING THE SERIES MIZ TC12 UL VERSION SET ON CODE 3 TONE dBA AT MINIMUM VOLTAGE WILL NOT MEET THE 75 dBA MINIMUM UL REVERBERANT SOUND LEVEL REQUIRED FOR PUBLIC MODE FIRE SERVICE NOTED BY IN TABLE 1 MODELS WITH SETTINGS THAT PRODUCE LESS THAN 75 dBA MAY BE HEARD THIS SETTING IS ACCEPTABLE ONLY FOR GENERAL SIGNALING NON FIRE ALARM USE OPERATING THE MIZ TC12 AND MIZ TC24 AT MINIMUM VOLTAGE 8.0VDC FOR 12 VOLT MODEL AND FOR 24VDC MODEL WILL NOT MEET THE 85 dBA MINIMUM ULC ANECHOIC SOUND LEVEL REQUIRED FOR FIRE SERVICE NOTED BY IN TABLE 1 MODELS WITH SETTINGS THAT PRODUCE LESS THAN 85 dBA MAY BE HEARD THIS SETTING IS ACCEPTABLE ONLY FOR GENERAL SIGNALING NON FIRE ALARM USE UL Listed Regulated Voltage range is shown in Table 1 using either filtered DC or unfiltered full wave rectified FWR voltage the minimum and maximum output of the power supply and standby battery and subtract the voltage drop from the circuit wiring to determine the applied voltage to the signaling appliance 1 Anechoic dBA is measured in anechoic chamber with peak meter response 2 Reverberant dBA is rated per UL standard 464 As per ULC requirement the 3dB off axis is 15 cid 176 and the 6dB off axis is 30 cid 176 1999 2000 Wheelock Inc All rights reserved E 1 of 4 MAKE SURE THAT THE TOTAL CURRENT REQUIRED BY ALL APPLIANCES THAT ARE CONNECTED TO SYSTEM PRIMARY AND SECONDARY POWER SOURCES AND SIGNALING CIRCUITS DOES NOT EXCEED THEIR CURRENT OVERLOADING THESE SOURCES COULD RESULT IN LOSS OF POWER AND FAILURE TO ALERT DURING AN EMERGENCY WHICH COULD RESULT IN PROPERTY DAMAGE AND SERIOUS INJURY OR TO YOU AND OR OTHERS calculating the total current use Table 1 to determine the highest value of Average Current for an individual horn the expected operating voltage range of the device then multiply this value by the total number of devices be sure to add the for any other devices powered by the same source and include any required safety factors MAKE SURE THAT ALL FUSES USED ON SIGNALING CIRCUITS ARE RATED TO HANDLE THE MAXIMUM OR PEAK CURRENT FROM ALL APPLIANCES ON THOSE CIRCUITS FAILURE TO DO THIS MAY RESULT IN LOSS POWER TO THE SIGNALING CIRCUIT AND THE FAILURE OF ALL APPLIANCES ON THAT CIRCUIT TO OPERATE COULD RESULT IN PROPERTY DAMAGE AND SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH TO YOU AND OR OTHERS This product is not designed to be used with the SM or DSM Sync Modules INFORMATION PRECEDING OR FIRE ALARM PANEL FACP NEXT APPLIANCE END OF LINE EOLR 1 Figure 2 Appliances have in out wiring terminals that accept two 12 to 18 American Wire Gauge AWG wires at each screw terminal leads 3 8 inches and connect to screw terminals Break all in out wire runs on supervised circuits to assure integrity of circuit supervision shown in Figure 2 The polarity shown the wiring diagrams is for the operation of the appliances The polarity is reversed by the FACP during supervision 3 Code 3 Continuous Select LABEL PINS 3 Code 3 shorted Continuous open is shipped from factory with Code 3 selected jumper to right Installer can select continuous audible signal by moving the installed jumper to the left one position The jumper will be placed only on the left pin leaving the circuit open to select E 2 of 4 OPTIONS The following figures show the maximum number of field wires conductors that can enter the backbox used with each option If these limits are exceeded there may be insufficient space in the backbox to accommodate the field wires and from the wires could damage the product the limits shown for each mounting option comply with the National Electrical Code NEC Wheelock recommends use of the backbox option shown and the use of approved stranded field wires whenever possible to provide additional wiring room for installation and minimum stress on the product from wiring MOUNTING MOUNTING X 3 1 2 BACKBOX X 1 3 4 WIREMOLD NUMBER OF CONDUCTORS NUMBER OF CONDUCTORS 18 AWG 16 AWG 14 AWG 12 18 AWG 16 AWG 14 AWG 12 PROCEDURES Check that the installed product will have sufficient clearance and wiring room prior to installing backboxes and especially if sheathed multiconductor cable or 3 4 conduit fittings are used Mounting hardware for each mounting option is supplied Conduit entrances to the backbox should be selected to provide sufficient wiring clearance for the installed product When rings are required conduit should enter through the backbox not the extension ring Use Steel City 53151 1 1 2 deep 53171 2 1 8 deep extension rings as noted in the mounting options or equal with the same cut out area When terminating field wires do not use more lead length than required Excess lead length could result in insufficient wiring for the signaling appliance Use care and proper techniques to position the field wires in the backbox so that they use minimum space and produce minimum on the product This is especially important for stiff heavy gauge wires and wires with thick insulation or sheathing Do not pass additional wires used for other than the signaling appliance through the backbox Such additional wires could result insufficient wiring space for the signaling appliance For Fire Alarm applications using white MIZ Mini Horns a red Fire Label is provided Affix this label to the front of the plate to identify the function of the alarm appliance All models are UL Listed for indoor use with a temperature range of 32 cid 176 F to 120 cid 176 F 0 cid 176 C to 49 cid 176 C and maximum humidity of 85 MATERIAL EXTRAPOLATED FROM THIS DOCUMENT OR FROM WHEELOCK MANUALS OR OTHER DOCUMENTS THE PRODUCT FOR USE IN PROMOTIONAL OR ADVERTISING CLAIMS OR FOR ANY OTHER USE INCLUDING OF THE PRODUCT APPLICATION OPERATION INSTALLATION AND TESTING IS USED AT THE SOLE RISK THE USER AND WHEELOCK WILL NOT HAVE ANY LIABILITY FOR SUCH USE READ SEPARATE GENERAL INFORMATION SHEET FOR INFORMATION ON THE PLACEMENT LIMITATIONS FINAL CHECKOUT AND PERIODIC TESTING OF NOTIFICATION APPLIANCES

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