Notifier MMX-101 Monitor Module

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MMX 101 MONITOR MODULE INSTRUCTIONS Monitor Modules provide a two wire Style B Class B initiating circuit for normally open N O contact alarm and supervisory devices MMX 101 is a compact unit that can be installed in a single gang junction box behind the monitored unit Its size and weight allow it to be installed without rigid mounting This manual should be left with the owner user of this equipment NOT connect circuit wiring to control unit or modules or apply any power to any part of the system until after the test has been performed wiring must be installed using the proper wire size and be in compliance with the National Electrical Code all local codes and requirements of the authority having jurisdiction Connect the red and black wires to the positive and negative loop power leads of the control panel signal line circuit SLC as indicated in Figure 2 Connect the violet and yellow wires to a two wire normally open initiating device Set the module address in accordance with system requirements A given module can be set to any address 00 and 99 Install the module in the desired mounting location TEST circuit test procedure refer to Notifier Document 15531 Listed cid 13 Panel cid 13 1 5 5 INITIATING CIRCUIT IS cid 13 LIMITED TO 230 AMP MAX cid 13 NOM LOOP PROVIDES cid 13 FOLLOWING SERVICES FIRE AUTOMATIC MANUAL cid 13 WATERFLOW ALARM SERVICE cid 13 WITH N O CONTACT DEVICES cid 13 SPRINKLER SUPERVISION WITH cid 13 N O CONTACT DEVICES NOT MIX SERVICES CIRCUIT LINE cid 13 LENGTH 2500 cid 13 RESISTANCE 40 OHMS EOL cid 13 Figure 2 two wire Style B Initiating Circuit Configuration of an MMX 101 Monitor Module 12 Clintonville Road Northford CT 06472

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