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Clintonville Road Connecticut 06472 627 3473 484 7118 Specification Section 13850 28 31 00 DETECTION AND ALARM SYSTEM Fire Alarm Detection System 2019 31 00 1 28 31 00 FIRE DETECTION AND ALARM SYSTEM FIRE ALARM DETECTION SYSTEM A E SHALL EDIT THE INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT AND REMOVE SYSTEMS DO NOT PERTAIN TO THE PROJECT WHERE INDICATED BY EDITOR NOTES THE SHALL VERIFY THAT SECTION TITLES REFERENCED IN THIS SECTION ARE FOR THIS PROJECT SPECIFICATIONS SECTION TITLES MAY HAVE 1 GENERAL SECTIONS 13800 Building Automation and Control 13900 21 00 00 Fire Suppression 27 15 00 Fire Alarm Communications Horizontal Cabling section of the specification includes the furnishing installation and connection of an reporting microprocessor controlled addressable fire detection and emergency communication system It shall include but not be limited to alarm initiating devices notification appliances control panels auxiliary control devices annunciators power and wiring as shown on the drawings and specified herein fire alarm shall comply with requirements of NFPA Standard 72 for Protected Premises Systems except as modified and supplemented by this specification The system shall electrically supervised and monitor the integrity of all conductors system shall be an active interrogative type system where each addressable device is scanned causing a signal to be transmitted to the main fire alarm control panel indicating that the device and its associated circuit wiring is functional Loss of this at the main FACP shall result in a trouble indication as specified hereinafter for the input TO REMOVE PARAGRAPH BELOW IF A VOICE SYSTEM IS NOT A REQUIREMENT facility shall have an emergency voice alarm communication system Digitally stored sequences shall notify the building occupants that a fire or life safety condition has reported Message generator s shall be capable of automatically distributing up to eight simultaneous unique messages to appropriate audio zones within the facility based on the and location of the initiating event The Fire Command Center FCC shall also support Fire Alarm Detection System 2019 31 00 2 manual voice announcement capability for both system wide or selected audio and shall include provisions for the system operator to override automatic messages wide or in selected zones system shall be support additional alternate Fire Command Centers which shall be capable simultaneous monitoring of all system events Alternate Fire Command Centers shall also an approved method of transferring the control functions to an alternate Fire Command when necessary All Fire Command Centers shall be individually capable of assuming Command functions such as Emergency Paging audio zone control functions designated zone shall transmit separate and different alarm supervisory and trouble to the Fire Command Center FCC and designated personnel in other buildings at the via a multiplex communication network fire alarm system shall be manufactured by an ISO 9001 certified company and meet the of BS EN9001 ANSI ASQC Q9001 1994 system and its components shall be Underwriters Laboratories Inc listed under the UL testing standard as listed herein for fire alarm applications and the installation be in compliance with the UL listing installing company shall employ NICET minimum Level II Fire Alarm Technology on site to guide the final checkout and to ensure the systems integrity Programming to program the system via the local user interface system shall be capable of off line on line programming by the manufacturers utility a cloud base connected life safety platform with the ability to remotely monitor the fire system and capable of providing system diagnostics with full detail reports on test and inspections from a web based server or mobile device application The software also expand to allow for future offerings and provide dedicated account access to facility and service personal system shall automatically track NFPA 72 installation and testing requirements for all fire devices to ensure that every device is functionally tested upon installation and then as required by Code A gateway hub shall be utilized to retrieve the system using its native protocol and or bar codes without the need of additional tools and This section includes the minimum requirements for the following equipment Main Fire Alarm Control Panel Line Circuit Control Module Voice Command Center Supply Auxiliary Field Power Supply Fire Alarm Detection System 2019 31 00 3 Charging Power Supply Circuit Supervision Amplifiers CLSS Checkpoint Hub Gateway Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter Speaker Notification Devices Audible Visual Combination Devices Programmable Electronic Sounders Manual Fire Alarm Stations Duct Smoke Detectors Projected Beam Detectors Waterflow Indicator Sprinkler and Standpipe Valve Supervisory Switches Annunciator Control Display Network Node Communication ONYXWorks Workstation Network Control Display Gateway and Webserver Communication VESDA VEA Detector Addressable Wireless Devices Self testing Photoelectric Smoke Detector Self testing Thermal Detector Self testing Photo Thermal Detector High Sensitivity Photo Smoke Detector Multi Criteria Smoke Detector Low Frequency Sounder Base CO Detector Photoelectric Smoke and CO Detector Batteries and External Charger Photoelectric Smoke Detector Thermal Detectors Duct Smoke Detector STANDARDS AND SPECIFICATIONS specifications and standards listed below form a part of this specification The system shall comply with the latest issue of these standards if applicable National Fire Protection Association NFPA USA Systems low and high 12 1301 Extinguishing Systems 12A Systems 13 Spray Systems 15 Water Deluge and Spray Systems 16 17 Chemical Extinguishing Systems 17A Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems 2001 70 Agent Extinguishing Systems Electric Code Fire Alarm Detection System 2019 31 00 4 90A 92A 92B 72 101 268 864 217 228 268A 521 464 38 1481 346 1076 1971 2017 Conditioning Systems Control Systems Management Systems in Malls Atria Large Areas Fire Alarm Code Safety Code Underwriters Laboratories Inc UL USA Detectors for Fire Protective Signaling Systems Units for Fire Protective Signaling Systems Detectors Single and Multiple Station Closers Holders for Fire Protective Signaling Systems Detectors for Duct Applications Detectors for Fire Protective Signaling Systems Signaling Appliances Actuated Signaling Boxes Supplies for Fire Protective Signaling Systems Indicators for Fire Protective Signaling Systems Units for Burglar Alarm Proprietary Protective Signaling Systems Notification Appliances for General Purpose Signaling Devices and Systems and State Building Codes Adopted Edition of the International Building Code Adopted Edition of the International Fire Code All requirements of the Authority Having Jurisdiction AHJ APPROVALS system shall have proper listing and or approval from the following nationally recognized Underwriters Laboratories Inc New York Fire Department State Fire Marshal Mutual system shall be listed by national agencies as suitable for extinguishing release Fire Alarm Control Panel and all transponders shall meet the modular listing requirements the ninth edition of UL Standard 864 Control Units Each subassembly including all circuits shall include the appropriate UL modular label This includes all printed circuit assembl

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