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NETWORKING AND INTEGRATION NETWORKING AND INTEGRATION FLEXIBLE SCALABLE POWERFUL businesses and facilities expand so must the fire and life safety systems that protect them ability to adapt to rapidly changing needs and provide complete local to global control over your and life safety systems makes the flexible network solutions from NOTIFIER ideal for new retrofit upgrade or expansion projects With the power of our NOTI FIRE NET intelligent alarm network and ONYXWorks fire and security integration platform you can unite and protect facilities throughout a city across the country or around the world over a single network MULTIPLE SYSTEMS INTO ONE WITH ONYXWORKS gives you total control over your fire and life safety system Whether you need to monitor a single building a campus a citywide or global enterprise ONYXWorks is a single point of control workstation that integrates NOTIFIER systems with other fire alarm control panels security panels and CCTV applications over a single network Printer Integration Vista Security SYSTEM FEATURES Supports NOTIFIER NOTI FIRE NET and High Speed NOTI FIRE NET Supports a client server technology based on Echelon Integrates competitive Fire Alarm Control panels security panels Connects new and existing equipment into a Local Area Network LAN Supports Digital Alarm Communicator Receiver interface for monitoring CCTV applications Wide Area Network WAN remote panels devices and navigational buttons Windows XP platform Redundant hard drives for enhanced survivability Alpha numeric pager support Email notification Graphic Editing mode allows for on site programming of floor plan Fire Panels Fire Interface Fire Panels Lines and Security Panels with DACT Pro INTUITIVE END USER INTERFACE intuitive ONYXWorks interface displays building floor plans with interactive three dimensional fire security CCTV and card device icons and includes clear concise instructions on what actions must be taken for both fire and non fire events screens and multiple configuration options facilitate set up minimize operator training and allow you to adapt the to your specific needs LOCALLY ACT GLOBALLY WITH NOTIFY IP responding to a security or emergency event a coordinated response can save lives and preserve property NOTIFY IP plug in to ONYXWorks broadcasts encrypted real time voice instructions to a single facility or to multiple locations world using an IP network connection With NOTIFY IP the network connection is continuously monitored to ensure system and reliability OF MIND WITH ENHANCED SURVIVABILITY NOTI FIRE NETTM intelligent fire alarm network links multiple NOTIFIER intelligent fire alarm control panels together as one for control and network wide monitoring Each fire alarm panel on NOTI FIRE NET maintains individual programming and to operate independently yet cohesively as part of a unified network This prevents the loss of a single node from com other panels The result is greater system survivability Workstation Fire Panels ACCOMMODATES FUTURE GROWTH supports all ONYX Series panels and is backward compatible to Legacy NOTIFIER Fire Control Panels so you can upgrade your current system without having to replace existing And as your facility grows it is easy to expand the network to keep pace with your needs SYSTEM FEATURES Supports ONYX Series fire alarm control panels NFS 320 NFS2 640 NFS2 3030 Backward compatible with AFP 200 AFP 400 AFP 1010 and AM2020 fire alarm control panels Network Control Annunciator to annunciate network events and provide network control BACnet Gateway supports industry standard BACnet IP connectivity to Building Modbus Gateway supports industry standard Modbus IP connectivity to industrial control systems NOTI FIRE NET Web Server NWS provides remote read status capabilities and instant email Systems text messaging ONYX FirstVision technology is an intuitive touch screen display for first responders SPEED NOTI FIRE NET SYSTEM FEATURES Supports all ONYX Series and Legacy NOTIFIER Fire Alarm Control Panels Supports NWS FirstVisionTM BACnet and Modus Gateway applications Increased network node capacity to 200 nodes for large applications Increased network communication speeds to 12Mb for Wire and for Multi Mode and Single Mode Fiber DISPLAY AND CONTROL Network Control Annunciator NCA features a 640 character LCD display with QWERTY keypad NCAs can be distributed anywhere on the network to provide access to fire alarm system or network wide control functions such as Acknowledge Silence Reset device and paging control The NCA also meets NFPA requirements for firefighter smoke stations and HVAC INTERFACE BACnet Gateway provides an interface between NOTIFIER fire alarm systems and Building Automation Systems using BACnet IP communication protocol With the BACnet Gateway interface devices on the NOTI FIRE NET fire alarm control panels are as BACnet objects to the BACnet client Each gateway supports up to 15,000 objects gateways can be installed larger applications Conforms to BACnet Standard Annex J for IP and Support Device Objects Binary Output Objects Life Safety Points Zones and Multi State Inputs MONITORING AND uses the power of the Internet for remote mon of your fire alarm system with NOTI FIRE NET Server NWS Using a standard IP based Ethernet NWS gives authorized personnel the ability view fire alarm network and device status from the home or on the road NWS can automatically send to fifty email or text messages to notify key facility and support personnel of a trouble or event INTERFACE Modbus gateway provides an interface between fire alarm systems and Industrial Control Systems using industry standard Modbus IP communication protocol WORLD HEADQUARTERS Clintonville Road CT 06472 States of America 203 484 7161 203 484 7118 information on regional office locations throughout the world please visit www notifier com Alarm Panels Alarm Security Integration Fire Detection Detection over 60 years NOTIFIER has been a leader in the fire alarm industry Today we are largest manufacturer of engineered fire alarm systems with over 400 distributors and regional support operations on every continent for the flexibility and your business needs Leaders in Life Safety Technology 5K 7 10

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