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NFC FFT FirstCommand Fighter Telephone FirstCommand NFC FFT is a Fire Fighter telephone that provides secure and reliable communications for This standalone system is capable of providing and control for local and remote telephone hand It includes a built in display and keypad that provide an of phone activation as well as corresponding trouble For added flexibility 24 remote telephone connec are offered that can be monitored individually or as a of multi phone jacks The auto program feature auto recognizes all existing fire fighter phone jacks on the and immediately configures the system for full opera and supervision NFC FFT allows for up to ten users to plug in to a remote jack N FPJ and communicate simultaneously a building An onboard SLC circuit capable of being in Class B Style 4 or Class A Style 6 allows for con monitoring of the telephone jacks connected to the It is housed in a lockable cabinet that includes multiple locations for field wiring APPLICATIONS Schools Theaters Auditoriums Nursing Homes Military facilities Places of Worship Factories Office Buildings Restaurants Provides supervision control and annunciation of up to 24 telephone jacks Built in Auto program feature Simple and straightforward user interface Telephone circuit supervised with 4.7K End of line resis when wired in Style Y Class B operation Full System status LED display Onboard SLC circuit can be wired for class A Style 6 or 7 or class B Style 4 configuration Full system status LED display Supports Multi Phone Jack Audio Circuit supervision Certified for seismic applications Onboard Form C system trouble relay Allows simultaneous operation of up to 10 Fire Fighter handsets FHS F when connected to the NFC FFT Fire Fighter Phone Jack N FPJ provides a plug in location the FHS F Fire Fighter Handset Cabinet FHSC R S is used to store Fire Fighter Handsets FHS F Accessories N FPJ Remote Phone Jack which mounts to a single gang box FHS F Fire Fighter Handset used to communicate over the circuit connected to the NFC FFT FHSC R Fire Fighter Handset Cabinet recess mount is to store five Fire Fighter Handsets FHS F Voice Evacuation FHSC S Optional Fire Fighter Handset Cabinet surface is used to store five Fire Fighter Handsets FHS F NMM 100P Addressable monitor module that can be used monitor the connection of the Fire Fighter Telephone handset FHS F Up to 24 of these modules are by the NFC FFT N100 ISO Fault Isolator module used to protect the NFC against wire to wire short circuits on the SLC loop It is between each device or the SLC loop to isolate a problem between the Remote Phone Jacks N when Class A Style 7 wiring is required and indicators BUTTON CONTROLS Auto program Searches the SLC loop on the NFC FFT devices When a device is found the active LED will in each zone Accept Used to accept the configuration after an auto pro is initiated Answer Call Will connect the local handset to a phone cir for communication when a remote handset is plugged a N FPJ phone jack Trouble Silence Used to silence a system type trouble has occurred in the NFC FFT system INDICATORS VISIBLE WITH DOOR AND DRESS PANEL Status LED Will blink at a 50 on off rate until FFT initial is complete which takes approximately 20 sec Once initialization is complete the status LED will at a 10 on and 90 off rate 7 28 2015 Page 1 of 4 Answer Call When a remote handset is connected to the channel this LED will blink and the piezo will sound operator at the FFT then picks up the local handset presses the Answer button which causes the Answer LED to remain on steady and the piezo goes silent the last remote handset has been disconnected from FFT the answer LED will go blank and the system will back to normal Power Indicates that 24 VDC is connected to the FFT Local Trouble Will activate and blink when there is a prob with the local handset Remote Trouble Will activate and blink when there is a with the phone circuit General Trouble Will blink active when system troubles detected When the Trouble Silence button is pressed General Trouble LED will light steady Once all system have been restored the General Trouble LED will off A Wiring ELR Connected FFT SLC TB4 or NMM 100P 1 2 Watt ELR last device Style Y Class B circuit only Connected to N FPJ Specifications POWER REQUIREMENTS Voltage 24VDC nominal power limited filtered non reset Voltage Range for operation 17 29 VDC Current Requirements LEDS ON INSIDE OF FFT DRESS PANEL LED 1 SLC Supervision LED 2 SLC Extra Point Detected LED 3 Future Use LED 4 Audio Circuit Zone Active Green Will illuminate when a remote hand is plugged into that zone The LED will turn off when the is removed from the zone Zone Trouble Yellow Will blink when specific SLC issues such as a missing device or double address Press the Trouble Silence Key will cause the zone trouble LED turn on steady Once the zone trouble is corrected the will turn off REQUIREMENTS Product manual Part number LS10031 001NF E for wiring requirements Standby 120mA Active 230mA RATINGS SLC circuit Voltage output 32VDC Current rating 150mA Audio Circuit Voltage output 17VDC Current rating 53mA Devices Emergency Command Center Manual PN 2 of 4 DN 60779 C 7 28 2015 and Codes NFC FFT complies with the following UL Standards 72 Fire Alarm system requirements International Build Codes and California Building Codes UL 864 2012 IBC 2009 IBC 2006 IBC 2003 IBC 2000 Seis CBC 2007 Seismic Field Charger Power Supply Manual PN Line Information Fire Fighter Telephone System Seismic kit for the NFC FFT Please to document 53880 for requirements on mounting the for seismic applications Remote Phone Jack Fire Fighters Remote Handset Fire Fighters Handset Cabinet Recessed Fire Fighters Handset Cabinet Surface Mount Addressable Mini Monitor Module SLC Line Isolation Module Optional Trim Ring Optional Thumb Latch Non UL Listed System Capacity Total Remote telephone jacks N FPJ supported 24 Total NMM 100P devices supported 24 Total FireFighter Handsets FHS F capable of activa at once 10 Specifications 19.0 48.26cm high x 16.65 42.29 cm wide x deep 19.26 x 16.821 wide x Specifications 50.6 lbs 22.95kg and Humidity ranges system meets NFPA requirements for operation at 0 49 F and at a relative humidity 93 2 RH non at 32 2 90 3 However the useful of the system standby batteries and the electronic com may be adversely affected by extreme temperature and humidity Therefore it is recommended that this and its peripherals be installed in an environment with normal room temperature of 15 27 C 60 80 F Listings and Approvals listings and approvals below apply to the NFC FFT Fire Telephone system In some cases certain modules not be listed by certain approval agencies or listing may in process Consult factory for latest listing status UL Listed S635 FDNY COA 6163 CSFM 6912 0028 0268 7 28 2015 Page 3 of 4

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