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NFC RPU FirstCommand Page Unit Notifier FirstCommand NFC RPU is an optional Remote Unit that is compatible with the NFC 50 100 E Emer Voice Evacuation panel for fire protection applications is part of the family of external remote consoles that allows extending the NFC 50 100 E display and control to remote within a building It is housed in a cabinet with a thumb lock to limit access to qualified personnel NFC RPU includes a built in microphone and 8 selection that can be pushed to activate the system remotely CALL paging can be broadcast over the speaker circuits depressing the microphone s push to talk button As an benefit the 9th button on the RPU can be used to acti a monitor module that may be installed inside the NFC cabinet to be used for applications such as HVAC shut The NFC RPU requires an external data bus connec an external audio riser connection and an external interface power connection 24 Volts DC from the main console APPLICATIONS Schools Theaters Auditoriums Nursing Homes Military Facilities Places of Worship Factories Restaurants Office Buildings Provides messaging status and control of the NFC 50 primary operator console Modular design for maximum system flexibility and easy Supports both Class A Style Z and Class B Style Y wir A maximum of eight NFC RPUs can be connected to an primary operating console Built in microphone with push to talk feature that can be for ALL CALL paging Up to fourteen programmable messaging functions that can activated over speaker zones remotely Sturdy cabinet design with a keyed lock to prevent unautho access Optional thumb lock available Simple and straightforward user interface Additional 9th button can be used to activate an optional module installed inside the cabinet for applications as HVAC shutdown Specifications POWER REQUIREMENTS 24VDC non resettable power from the NFC 50 External Operator Interface Power Non supervised NFC 50 100 E Product Manual P N LS10001 001NF E standby and alarm current requirements as well as battery Voice Evacuation Requirements Product Installation Document PN LS10030 001NF E detailed wiring requirements Accessories TR 6 B Trim ring for NFC RPU Black 17.624 x 16 provides a 1.5 wall coverage around the box ECC THUMBLTCH Optional Thumb Latch Non UL and Indicators BUTTON CONTROLS All Call Button Message Select Buttons 1 14 Microphone Push to talk switch Message Button 9 STATUS INDICATORS VISIBLE WITH DOOR CLOSED System in Use green OK to Page green Mic Trouble yellow Message 1 8 Active red Message 1 8 Fault yellow Power green Data Bus Fault yellow Audio Riser Fault yellow Board Fault yellow 6 30 2015 Page 1 of 4 amplifier options Circuit Circuits TB21 circuit expander firefighter telephone local console remote unit remote battery J7 audio 50W amplifier 125W amplifier remote CHG 120 charger charger FirstCommand Possible Configurations 2 of 4 DN 60775 C 6 30 2015 Line Information Ordering Remote Page Unit Hand held microphone 14 buttons Primary operating Console 50 Watt 25VRMS speaker zone emergency voice evacuation system microphone built in tone generator and 14 recordable Please refer to the data sheet DN 60772 for more Export version Primary operating Console 50 25VRMS single speaker zone emergency voice evacua system Integral microphone built in tone generator and recordable messages 240 VAC 50 Hz Please refer to the sheet DN 60772 for more information Replacement microphone only Optional Thumb Latch Non UL Listed Trim ring used semi flush mount installations and Humidity ranges system meets NFPA requirements for operation at 0 49 F and at a relative humidity 93 2 RH non at 32 2 90 3 However the useful of the system s standby batteries and the electronic com may be adversely affected by extreme temperature and humidity Therefore it is recommended that this and its peripherals be installed in an environment with normal room temperature of 15 27 C 60 80 F Specifications 14.50 36.8 cm high x 12.875 32.70 cm wide x 11.52 cm deep Door attached and closed Trim ring for NFC RPU Black 17.624 x 16 provides a 1.5 wall coverage around the box Specifications 11.6 lbs 5.27 kg Listings and Approvals listings and approvals below apply to the NFC RPU Page Unit In some cases certain modules may not listed by certain approval agencies or listing may be in pro Consult factory for latest listing status Listed S635 6912 0028 0268 COA 6163 and Codes NFC RPU complies with the following UL Standards and NFPA 72 Fire Alarm system requirements 864 6 30 2015 Page 3 of 4 and Notifier are registered trademarks of Honeywell Inc by Honeywell International Inc All rights reserved Unauthorized use this document is strictly prohibited document is not intended to be used for installation purposes We try to keep our product information up to date and accurate cannot cover all specific applications or anticipate all requirements specifications are subject to change without notice more information contact Notifier Phone 203 484 7161 FAX 203 484 7118 in the USA 4 of 4 DN 60775 C 6 30 2015

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