Notifier NFS-3030 Basic System Connections

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T Clintonville Road Northford CT 06472 Basic System Connections 51886 Rev A2 ECN 04 201 Connections are power limited ONLY if 1 to a power limited signal source 2 ratings 2A 30VDC resistive as Alarm as Alarm SW2 SW1 SEL SEL Devices as ACM 24AT Remote Port devices such LCD 160 ACS Printer Cable Clear to send for with Keltron printer power limited 5 Network Service Connection to option modules such as NCM W F Cable 75556 12 inch or Cable 75577 30 inch to a PC running VeriFire Tools with Cable 75554 LCM 320 LEM 320 Modules up to 10 SLC loops by pairs of LCM 320 LEM 320 Cable 75565 SLC Loop Connections A B A Panel Circuit Connector 1 Panel Circuit Connector 2 Panel Circuit Connector 3 5 5 9 1 a ble SIL DISAB FAIL 24VUF Security switch connection such as STS 1 AKS 1 Trouble bus connection such as APS 6R AA 30 100 120 LEDs local system operation without keypad used with CPU 3030ND only next A B VOLTAGE all safety precautions in product manuals Power connection to TB2 AMPS 24 with PN 75591 SLC Loop A B B Panel Accessories Ground fault Amp Battery Fuse F2 4 AMP BATT OUT BATT IN BATT OUT BATT IN Dotted line indicates location of optional keypad LCD Up to 1.0 amp of 24V power for use the same enclosure Available power depends on loading SIL RST TEST KEYPAD fixture No connection Display backlight connection with CPU 3030D only LCD connection for with CPU 3030D only switches local system operation without with CPU 3030ND only Keypad connection with CPU 3030D only Battery battery for backup on board memory 3V 300mAH 71088 from J10 Circuit Module Connector 1 71088 from J11 Circuit Module Connector 2 71088 from J12 Circuit Module Connector 3 P1.8 P2.8 P3.8 P4.8 P5.8 P6.8 P7.8 P8.8 Charger Switch AC Power Battery Charger Trouble Not used Trouble blink codes type of trouble SLC Receive Micro failure SLC Transmit SLC Address Switch SLC Address Switch AMPS 24 E Configurable Settings Switch ON TROUBLE ON TROUBLE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 panel circuit module connector up to four modules for a total 12 modules on the panel circuit module connections power limited and supervised

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