Notifier NFS2-640(E) Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm System

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NFS2 640 E Addressable Alarm System NFS2 640 intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel is part of the Series of Fire Alarm Controls from NOTIFIER stand alone or network configurations ONYX Series products virtually every application requirement NFS2 640 modular design makes system planning easier panel can be configured with just a few devices for small build applications or networked with many devices to protect a large or a high rise office block Simply add additional periph equipment to suit the application host of other options are available including single or multi voice firefighter telephone LED LCD or PC based annunciators networking advanced detection products for environments wireless fire protection and many addi options Unless called out with a version specific at the end of part number refers to models NFS2 640 and similarly refers to models CPU2 640 CPU2 640E Certified for seismic applications when used with the appropri seismic mounting kit Approved for Marine applications when used with listed com equipment See DN 60688 One expandable to two isolated intelligent Signaling Line Cir SLC Style 4 6 or 7 Wireless fire protection using SWIFT Smart Wireless Integrated Technology See DN 60820 Up to 159 detectors and 159 modules per SLC 318 devices per per FACP or network node Detectors can be any mix of ion photo thermal or multi sen wireless detectors are available for use with the FWSG Modules include addressable pull stations normally open devices two wire smoke detectors notification or wireless modules are available for use with the FWSG Standard 80 character display 640 character large display or display less a node on a network Network options High speed network for up to 200 nodes NFS2 3030 NFS2 NFS 320 C NFS 320SYS NCA 2 DVC EM ONYX NFS 3030 NFS 640 and NCA Standard network for up to 103 nodes NFS2 3030 NFS2 NFS 320 C NFS 320SYS NCA 2 DVC EM ONYX NCS NFS 3030 NFS 640 NCA AFP 200 AFP 300 AFP 1010 and AM2020 Up to 54 nodes when DVC is used in network paging 6.0 A switch mode power supply with four Class A B built in Appliance Circuits NAC Selectable System Sen Wheelock or Gentex strobe synchronization Built in Alarm Trouble Security and Supervisory relays VeriFire Tools online or offline programming utility Upload save store check compare and simulate panel Upgrade panel firmware Autoprogramming and Walk Test reports Multiple central station communication options Standard UDACT Internet Internet GSM 80 character remote annunciators up to 32 cid 129 A 13 Fire Alarm Control Panels EIA 485 annunciators including custom graphics Printer interface 80 column and 40 column printers History file with 800 event capacity in nonvolatile memory plus 200 event alarm only file Alarm Verification selection per point with automatic counter Presignal Positive Alarm Sequence PAS Silence inhibit and Auto Silence timer options March time temporal California two stage coding strobe syn Field programmable on panel or on PC with VeriFire Tools pro check compare simulate Full QWERTY keypad Battery charger supports 18 200 AH batteries Non alarm points for lower priority functions Remote ACK Signal Silence System Reset Drill via monitor Automatic time control functions with holiday exceptions Surface Mount Technology SMT electronics Extensive built in transient protection Powerful Boolean logic equations Support for SCS Series smoke control system in HVAC mode AS PRIMARY DISPLAY Backlit 640 character display Supports SCS Series smoke control system in FSCS mode SCS is connected to the NCA 2 used as primary display Supports DVC digital audio loop Printer and CRT EIA 232 ports EIA 485 annunciator and terminal mode ports Alarm Trouble Supervisory and Security relays 3 24 17 Page 1 of 8 INTELLIGENT FEATURES Polls up to 318 devices in less than two seconds Activates up to 159 outputs in less than five seconds Multicolor LEDs blink device address during Walk Test Fully digital high precision protocol U S Patent 5,539,389 Manual sensitivity adjustment up to nine levels Pre alarm ONYX intelligent sensing up to nine levels Day Night automatic sensitivity adjustment Sensitivity windows Ion 0.5 to 2.5 foot obscuration Photo 0.5 to 2.35 foot obscuration Laser VIEW 0.02 to 2.0 foot obscuration Acclimate Plus 0.5 to 4.0 foot obscuration IntelliQuad 1.0 to 4.0 foot obscuration IntelliQuad PLUS 1.0 to 4.0 foot obscuration Drift compensation U S Patent 5,764,142 Degraded mode in the unlikely event that the CPU2 640 fails FlashScan detectors revert to degraded and can activate the CPU2 640 NAC circuits and relay Each of the four built in panel circuits includes a switch for this feature Multi detector algorithm involves nearby detectors in alarm U S Patent 5,627,515 Automatic detector sensitivity testing NFPA 72 compliant Maintenance alert two levels Self optimizing pre alarm VERY INTELLIGENT EARLY WARNING DETECTION TECHNOLOGY Advanced ONYX intelligent sensing algorithms differentiate Patent smoke and non smoke signals Addressable operation pinpoints the fire location Early warning performance comparable to the best aspiration at a fraction of the lifetime cost ACCLIMATE PLUS INTELLIGENT MULTI SENSOR Detector automatically adjusts sensitivity levels without opera intervention or programming Sensitivity increases with heat Microprocessor based technology combination photo and ther Low temperature warning signal at 40 5 4.44 technology INTELLIQUAD MULTI CRITERIA DETECTOR Detects all four major elements of a fire smoke heat CO and Automatic drift compensation of smoke sensor and CO cell High nuisance alarm immunity FAAST DETECTORS FSA 5000 FSA 8000 FSA AND FSA 20000P Connects directly to the SLC loop of compatible ONYX series Provides five event thresholds that can be individually pro with descriptive labels for control by event program uses five detector addresses Uses patented particle separator and field replaceable filter to contaminants Advanced algorithms reject common nuisance conditions FSA 5000 covers 5,000 square feet through one pipe FSA 8000 covers 8,000 square feet through one pipe FSA 20000 covers 28,800 square feet through one to four to 32 remote displays Intelligent Loop 1 IntelliQuad Acclimate PLUS FSL 751 FlashScan VIEW FSP 851 Photo Ion Thermal Contact Intelligent Loop 2 I O Modules annunciator control points display no display Control Annunciator Graphics 636 point UDACT phone to cabinet size shown Series Printer 2 of 8 DN 7111 M cid 129 3 24 17 FSA 20000P covers 28,800 square feet through one to four Supports addressable pipes to pinpoint location of alarm INTELLIQUAD PLUS MULTI CRITERIA FIRE CO DETECTOR Detects all four major elements of a fire Separate signal for life safety CO detectio

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