Notifier NOTI-FIRE-NET Manual Version V 4 0 & Higher – Supplement

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12 Clintonville Road CT 06472 1653 USA Network Version 4.0 51584SUP A 01 27 03 ECN 03 057 supplement to the NOTI manual adds the NCS3 W ONYX and NCS3 F ONYX computers and lists software compatibility of each NCS version and model with NOTI Update to Section 1.2 Network Node Features following paragraph Control Station NCS 2.0 or higher has new information that will included in the next revision of the manual Control Station NCS 2.0 or higher Available as NCS W ONYX NCS3 W ONYX or NCS3 F ONYX compatible with NCS W or NCS F NCS provides a PC based graphical interface for monitoring and controlling activity of multiple on a network It allows the user to program network nodes display network information and the network into desirable groups of nodes It can perform resets signal silence and acknowledge sets of nodes It also contains a history buffer which can record events and actions which have in the network is a personal computer UL listed for fire control applications with interface board installed and specific software provided Do not install third party software such as office applications or on this PC See your NCS Manual for operating requirements Version Noti Version Models version 1 NOTI 3.0 version 2 NOTI 4.0 NCS M17F NCS M17WF NCS M19F NCS M19WF NCS M21W NCS M21WF NCS F ONYX NCS W version 3 NOTI 5.0 NCS3 F ONYX 1 NCS Network Version Compatibility NCS version number is found on the CD label and under the NCS Help menu About NCS see Version Upgrades in Section 1.4 Update to Section 1.3 Network Interface Boards following paragraph NCS NCF has new information that will be included in the revision of the manual NCS NCF and NCS NCF are component boards NCS ships with one of these internal boards already They are included here because they perform a similar function to other boards listed in this These boards provide a physical communication interface between the NCS and the wire or cable which connects the node to another node on the network Each board has two ports in two possible media combinations NCS versions prior to 2.0 are not supported on NOTI version 4.0 NCS versions to 3.0 are not supported on NOTI version 5.0 or higher NCS version number is on the CD label and under the NCS Help menu About NCS See Version Upgrades Section 1.4 Two twisted pair wire ports Part of NCS W ONYX NCS3 W ONYX and NCS W Two fiber optic cable ports Part of NCS F ONYX NCS3 F ONYX and NCS F Manuals Online

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