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GENERAL 1 DESCRIPTION 13850 28 31 00 DETECTION AND ALARM SYSTEM SPECIFICATION REPORTING FIRE DETECTION SYSTEM 2010 This section of the specification includes the furnishing installation connection testing of the microprocessor controlled intelligent reporting fire alarm required to form a complete operative coordinated system It shall but not be limited to alarm initiating devices alarm notification Fire Alarm Control Panel FACP auxiliary control devices and wiring as shown on the drawings and specified herein The fire alarm system shall comply with requirements of NFPA Standard 72 for Premises Signaling Systems except as modified and supplemented by specification The system shall be electrically supervised and monitor the of all conductors The fire alarm system shall be manufactured by an ISO 9001 certified company meet the requirements of BS EN9001 ANSI ASQC Q9001 1994 The FACP and peripheral devices shall be manufactured 100 by a single U S or division thereof The system and its components shall be Underwriters Laboratories Inc listed the appropriate UL testing standard as listed herein for fire alarm and the installation shall be in compliance with the UL listing installing company shall employ NICET minimum Level II Fire Alarm technicians on site to guide the final checkout and to ensure the integrity SCOPE A collection of NOTIFIER Fire Alarm Control Panels Network Control NCA Network Web Server NWS Embedded Gateway BACnet Modbus Gateway and a computer based Color Graphic User Interface shall interface together creating a network system The Network shall be a true peer to peer communications architecture Each stores its own program and communicates equally with all other nodes The network shall be based on ARCNET technology or equivalent 2010 The Network Control Annunciator and ONYXWorks Workstation shall be capable displaying and controlling all Fire Alarm Control Panels on the network SUBMITTALS General copies of all submittals shall be submitted to the Architect Engineer for references to manufacturer model numbers and other pertinent herein is intended to establish minimum standards of function and quality Equivalent compatible UL listed from other manufacturers may be substituted for the specified as long as the minimum standards are met equipment other than that specified the contractor shall supply proof such substitute equipment equals or exceeds the features functions and quality of the specified equipment Shop Drawings information clearly presented shall be included to determine with drawings and specifications manufacturer name s model numbers ratings power equipment layout device arrangement complete wiring diagrams and conduit layouts annunciator layout configurations and terminations Manuals simultaneously with the shop drawings complete operating and manuals listing the manufacturer name s including data sheets Wiring diagrams shall indicate internal wiring for each device and the between the items of equipment a clear and concise description of operation that gives in detail the required to properly operate the equipment and system Software Modifications the services of a factory trained and authorized technician to all system software modifications upgrades or changes time of the technician to the site shall not exceed 4 hours all hardware software programming tools and documentation to modify the fire alarm system on site Modification includes and deletion of devices circuits zones and changes to system and custom label changes for devices or zones The system and software shall place no limit on the type or extent of software on site Certifications 2010 with the shop drawing submittal submit a certification from the equipment manufacturer indicating that the proposed supervisor of installation and the proposed performer of contract maintenance is an representative of the major equipment manufacturer Include and addresses in the certification GUARANTY All work performed and all material and equipment furnished under this contract be free from defects and shall remain so for a period of at least one 1 year the date of acceptance The full cost of maintenance labor and materials to correct any defect during this one year period shall be included in the bid POST CONTRACT MAINTENANCE Complete maintenance and repair service for the fire alarm system shall be from a factory trained authorized representative of the manufacturer of major equipment for a period of five 5 years after expiration of the guaranty As part of the bid proposal include a quote for a maintenance contract to provide maintenance tests and repairs described below Include also a quote for maintenance repairs including hourly rates for technicians trained this equipment and response travel costs for each year of the maintenance Submittals that do not identify all post contract maintenance costs will not accepted Rates and costs shall be valid for the period of five 5 years after of the guaranty Maintenance and testing shall be on a semiannual basis or as required by the A preventive maintenance schedule shall be provided by the contractor the protocol for preventive maintenance The schedule shall include examination adjustment and cleaning of all detectors manual alarm stations control panels power supplies relays waterflow and all accessories of the fire alarm system circuit in the fire alarm system shall be tested semiannually smoke detector shall be tested in accordance with the requirements NFPA 72 Chapter 7 POST CONTRACT EXPANSIONS The contractor shall have the ability to provide parts and labor to expand the specified if so requested for a period of five 5 years from the date of As part of the submittal include a quotation for all parts and material and all and test labor as needed to increase the number of intelligent or devices by ten percent 10 This quotation shall include intelligent detectors intelligent heat detectors addressable manual stations monitor modules and addressable modules equal in number to one 2010 of the number required to meet this specification list actual quantity of type The quotation shall include installation test labor and labor to reprogram the for this 10 expansion If additional FACP hardware is required include material and labor necessary to install this hardware Do not include cost of conduit or wire or the cost to install conduit or wire except labor to make final connections at the FACP and at each intelligent device Do not include the cost of conventional peripherals or the of initiating devices or notification appliances connected to the addressable modules Submittals that do not include this estimate of post contract expansion cost will be accepted APPLICABLE STANDARDS AND SPECIFICATIONS specifications and standards listed below form a part of this specification system shall fully comply with the latest issue of these standards if National Fire Protection Association NFPA USA Extinguishing Systems low and high 1211 Extinguishing Systems Systems 1301 Extinguishing Systems Spray Systems Deluge and Spray Systems Chemical Extinguishing Systems Chemical Extinguishing Systems Agent Extinguishing Systems Fire Alarm Code Safety Code Underwriters Laboratories Inc UL USA Detectors for Fire Protective Signaling Systems Units for Fire Protective Signaling Systems Detectors for Duct Applications Detectors for Fire Protective Signaling Systems Signaling Appliances Actuated Signaling Boxes Indicators for Fire Protective Signaling Systems Units for Burglar Alarm Proprietary Protective Signaling Notification Appliances Signaling Device and Systems and State Building Codes 2010 12 12B 13 13A 15 16 17

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