Notifier Notifier-NR45-24 Installation Instructions

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NR45 24 Installation Drawing the Notifier NR45 24 Charger Number 15760 Rev B Chargers model NR45 24 is designed to charge 24V rechargeable cells sealed gell cell wet cell rated 20 to 55 amp hours They are designed for emergency operation of Notifier control panels are float charged during normal operaton A discharged battery will charge at 2.0 amperes typi and its float voltage of 27.6 within 48 hours Use the pot on board to readjust the output Requirements 115VAC 1.0 Amp 60HZ Connect 115VAC to terminals 1 and 2 The AC pilot light should come on The volt meter will the charger output Now connect the battery positve to terminal 3 negative to terminal 4 Charg current will be provided automatically when the battery voltage is sensed below the output voltage Overload protection is provided by means of the fuses Care should be taken when install the battery to insure the proper polarity is observed between the power leads and the battery terminals case of wet cells check the level of electrolyte at least every 90 days Add only distilled water as re The charger and cabinet require no maintenance However periodic visual inspection should be to insure that corrosive effects from the batteries are not affecting the charger or cabinet The charger assembly is to be installed in the left side of the cabinet with the field wiring on the top Wired Wired 115VAC 1A Used for Mount Cover C C Used for Mount Cover continued protection against fire hazard replace only with same rating and type of fuse Test Lamp Clintonville Road Northford CT 06472 203 484 7161 FAX 203 484 7118

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