Notifier ONYXWorks Integrated Facilities Monitoring Network Engineering Specification

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13850 28 31 00 DETECTION AND ALARM SYSTEM SPECIFICATION REPORTING FIRE DETECTION SYSTEM 2021 1 DESCRIPTION This specification includes the furnishing installation connection and testing of a based graphical facilities monitoring system including Underwriters UL listed application software and hardware complete and ready operation The basic system shall be Underwriters Laboratories UL listed for the following No 294 Access Control System Units Fifth edition No 864 Control Units for Fire Protective Signaling Systems Tenth edition No 1076 Proprietary Burglar Alarm Units and Systems Fifth edition No 2017 General Purpose Signaling Devices and Systems First edition No 2572 Mass Notification Fifth edition The system shall comply with requirements of NFPA Standard No 72 for Signaling System Receiving Unit except as modified and by this specification The system and associated equipment as specified herein shall be manufactured by a single U S manufacturer or division thereof The manufacturer shall be of the highest caliber and quality An ISO 9001 certified company shall manufacture the system SCOPE A PC based graphical facilities monitoring system shall be installed in to the project specifications and drawings The PC based graphical facilities monitoring system shall include but not be to optional touch screen or LCD wide screen monitor one or more PC graphical workstations all input output devices network communications control equipment auxiliary control devices power supplies and wire optic media as shown on the drawings and specified herein A supervised interface to NOTIFIER fire alarm control panels and NOTI FIRE shall be made available The system shall employ an advanced technology network to monitor and control fire security and other facility information over a network The system shall include an interface to digital alarm communicator receivers for area network monitoring The system shall include a device that allows remote viewing of the ONYXWorks via the Internet or an intranet The system shall include a redundant interface for NOTI FIRE NET network for The system shall allow a mixture of different technologies and manufacturers to operate on the same network and provide the operator with a look and operation for all monitored equipment system shall support a variety of topologies and media and shall provide an standard open architecture transport layer protocol Using standard RS 232 ports on existing and future monitoring and control used by the facility the system shall connect to and interpret status data transmitted from the ports and provide graphic annunciation history logging and reporting as specified herein The system shall be electrically supervised and monitor the integrity of all system shall provide E Mail functions capability to send system information an email server to an email account system shall utilize Boolean logic for automatic event response The system shall have the facility to page directly from the workstation to any installed on the network SUBMITTALS General Ten copies of all submittals shall be submitted to the architect engineer owner for review All references to manufacturer model numbers and other pertinent herein are intended to establish minimum standards of function and quality Equivalent compatible equipment UL listed from other manufacturers may considered as a substitution for the specified equipment as long as the standards are met Substitute equipment proposed as equal to the equipment specified herein meet or exceed the minimum specified standard For equipment other that specified the contractor shall supply proof that such substitute equals or exceeds the features functions performance and of the specified equipment Shop Drawings Sufficient information clearly presented shall be included to determine with drawings and specifications Wiring diagrams shall indicate all wiring for each item of equipment and the between the items of equipment manufacturer name s model numbers ratings power equipment layout device arrangement complete wiring diagrams and conduit layouts Manuals simultaneously with the shop drawings submittals complete manuals and technical data sheets Provide a clear and concise description of operation that gives in detail the required to properly operate the equipment and system Approvals shall be based on complete submissions of manuals together shop drawings Provide a list of monitoring systems by model number including Fire Alarm CCTV and Access Control systems currently UL listed to to operate with the proposed Facilities Monitoring System Certifications Together with the shop drawing submittal submit a certification from the equipment manufacturer indicating that the proposed supervisor of and the proposed performer of contract maintenance is an representative of the major equipment manufacturer and factory on all equipment contained in the submittal Include names and in the certification Provide NICET Certification documentation for factory authorized field performing field final connections and system programming Applicable Publications The publications listed below form a part of this specification The are referenced in text by the basic designation only NFPA No 70 National Electric Code NEC NFPA No 72 2002 National Fire Alarm Code UL No 50 Cabinets and Boxes UL No 294 Access Control System Units UL No 864 Control Units for Fire Protective Signaling Systems UL No 1076 Proprietary Burglar Alarm Units and Systems UL No 1481 Power Supplies for Fire Protective Signaling Systems Local and State Building Codes All requirements of the Authority Having Jurisdiction AHJ Approvals The system shall have the following listings UL No 864 Control Units for Fire Protective Signaling Systems Tenth UL No 1076 Proprietary Burglar Alarm Units and Systems Fifth edition UL No 294 Access Control System Units Fifth edition 4 UL No 2572 Mass Notification Fifth edition ULC Control Units for Fire Alarm Systems California State Fire Marshal CSFM GUARANTY All work performed and all material and equipment furnished under this contract be free from defects and shall remain so for a period of at least one 1 year the date of acceptance The full cost of maintenance labor and materials to correct any defect during this one year period shall be included in the bid WORKSTATION PERFORMANCE The network will interface and report the individually monitored system status a user friendly Graphical User Interface GUI based software workstation The software shall operate under Microsoft Windows 10 64 bit OS as by Microsoft Corporation The GUI based software must be capable of graphically representing each facility monitored with floor plans and icons depicting the actual locations of the systems and or sensors locations as well as view the system events in mode The software shall use a 1920 pixels X 1080 pixels GUI display capable of a large primary floor plan display a key map representative of a larger of the primary display and its relationship to the facility being monitored the operator number of fire supervisory pre alarms troubles and security within the network as well as outstanding events and acknowledged The software shall have the capacity of at least 1,000 screens floor plans or as by hard drive space and installed VIDEO and RAM memory for efficient software shall have the ability to float and dock windows to support dual display The workstation shall have the ability to support graphic printing of all data graphical floor plans system activity history and guidance text A compatible printer shall be supported for the graphics and report options

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