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SECTION 15xxx GARAGES GAS DETECTION SYSTEM for Maintenance Garages Fire Stations Loading Docks and Bays according to Local Building Codes GENERAL Provide a complete installation of a toxic gas detection system including a main panel sensors and audible visual alarm devices that can be linked to a or a Building Automation System BAS The system shall include but not be limited to the following expandability of toxic gas concentration to modify alarm set points and manual fan start stop of alarm status PRODUCTS CONTROLLER 301C DLC W Wireless The control panel must be capable of wireless communication with the transmitter and relay modules through a 2.4 GHz RF module The control shall be able to communicate with and monitor up to 60 addressable transmitters modules or annunciator panels The control panel shall be powered either by 24 Vac 24 Vdc always respect minimum voltage requirements at device The wireless shall be powered by their own internal battery The controller wireless communication module must communicate with the of wireless transmitters using the ISM 2.4GHz frequency band The controller communication module shall be capable of accepting up to 60 transmitters wireless relay modules The wireless communication system shall be able to use the MESH Network if one communication link fails the data is automatically rerouted through monitor transmitter to ensure continuous communication The controller shall periodic RF signals to ensure that the transmitters are continually active The control panel will manage four internal DPDT relays at fully alarm levels and within programmable time delays and be capable of multiple relay modules of eight relays each The relay rating will be no lower 5 A 30 Vdc or 250 Vac resistive load The control panel must include a self test function that allows for the of all the programmed outputs by simulating a continuous 5 value until the maximum minimum value is reached The control panel must include a real time clock that enables operation of the for a specific timeframe The control panel must also include an energy saving feature that allows for operation on alarms set at the max min or average value of a specific group of This feature must allow for the activation of outputs upon certain number of specific group 3 4 1 2 1 3 and 1 4 of transmitters reaching their alarm levels A total 128 groups can be assigned The control panel will be capable of communicating with an annunciator panel can serve as a remote display panel in a secondary control room The control panel will indicate the exact concentration of gas the gas detected the location of the sensor by sweeping through the network and displaying the levels at each point on a graphic LCD display The data logging capability must provide long term data logging to determine The control panel must collect data automatically and must store it on a digital media card The control panel shall be able to incorporate a BACnet output for interfacing the building automation system using a BACnet IP protocol over Category 5 wires This is an option that does not come on the standard controller and must ordered WIRELESS DETECTORS 301WCO 301WNO2 The wall mounted wireless transmitter shall be able to communicate with the using a 2.4 GHz ISM frequency band with an indoor range of 30 meters The shall incorporate an electrochemical sensor calibrated to one of the following Carbon Monoxide with an accuracy of 10 ppm Nitrogen Dioxide with an of 0.2ppm or Oxygen with an accuracy of 0.2 The transmitter must a low battery with a blinking amber LED The transmitter must report a depleted back to the controller The controller will display the transmitter address and a yellow Fault LED The transmitter is powered by one 3.6 V 19 AH battery The transmitter sensor and cartridge shall be field replaceable and maintenance free with a life span to operate no less than two years The transmitter is designed to operate within 15 to 95 rH range and 20 to 50 4 to 122 The sensor unit will be to CSA 61010 1 as manufactured by Honeywell Analytics alarm levels are to be activated and the unit is to be installed in accordance the following parameters ALARM POINT ppm ALARM POINT ppm ALARM POINT ppm ppm ppm ppm ft 150 cm above floor ft 30 cm from ft 15 m ft 7 m CO NO2 Building Codes recommendations have preference over these parameters can differ depending on application ACCESSORIES Strobe and Horn STASR24VAC Horn combo unit will be capable of operating within relative humidity ranges of and temperature ranges of 30 to 150 35 to 66 Rating of horn will no less than 72dB at 10 feet Intensity of light will be no less than 40W and have a of 1 flash per second Unit will be certified by CSA and supplied by Honeywell Vulcain Power Transformers T100VA Transformer shall have an input voltage of 120 Vac and an output voltage of Vdc with a range of 50 5000 VA Operating frequency shall be 60 Hz Unit will insulation systems up to 130 C 50 1000 VA Unit will operate at sound levels less than 40 dB Transformers shall be of fused type Wireless Relay Modules 301R8 W F The Wireless Relay module will be powered by the control panel power or by a power transformer rated at 24 Vac or 24 Vdc always respect minimum requirements at device Module must be capable of communicating with the through the network of wireless transmitters using the ISM 2.4GHz frequency communication port The Wireless Relay module will have eight relays rated at no than 5A 30 Vdc or 250 Vac resistive load and shall be manufactured by Analytics Vulcain Detector Guards 301W CAGE The grid is made of a 9 gauge steel wire coated with corrosion resistant white EXECUTION Disconnect existing carbon monoxide detection system including sensors panel conduit and wiring Discard conduit and wiring removed hand over and control panel to the Owner Install hazardous gas monitoring equipment including sensors audible alarms as shown on Contract Drawings and as recommended by manufacturer of and as required by authorities having jurisdiction Install conduit and wiring from sensors to control panel and to the fan starters control panel as recommended by manufacturer of equipment SEQUENCE OF OPERATION If any of the NO2 sensors detects 0.70 ppm gas the exhaust fans operate motorized dampers open Low Alarm indicators light for point in alarm If hazardous not cleared after 30 minutes or you reach 2 ppm High Alarm indicator lights on the panel and remote strobe horn combos to activate Audible Alarm to sound and to operate the exhaust fans If any of the CO sensors detects 25 ppm gas all fans operate and damper Low Alarm LED lights for point in alarm If any sensor detects 200 ppm gas the Alarm sounds and High Alarm indicator lights on the main panel and remote horn combos to activate COMMISSIONING After installation test and calibrate equipment to demonstrate operation of described above under sequence of operation by manufactures service center Provide testing kits including gas bottles for testing and calibration by forces Include a two year all inclusive service contract including parts labor and with two calibrations per year by manufactures certified service center WARANTY Warranty Honeywell Analytics Inc warrants to the original purchaser ultimate customer Purchaser of Vulcain products Product that if any part proves to be defective in material or workmanship within twelve 12 months defective part will be repaired or replaced free of charge at Honeywell Analytics if shipped prepaid to Honeywell Analytics at 4005 Matte Blvd Unit G Quebec J4Y2P4 in a package equal to or in the original container The will be returned freight prepaid and repaired or replaced if it is determined by Analytics that the part failed due to

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