Notifier Protectowire Linear Heat Detector EPR and EPR-M Series

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GENERAL System Sensor Protectowire Linear Heat Detector is a cable that detects heat conditions anywhere along length It is considered a normally open contact device and such can be interfaced to a Notifier intelligent addressable alarm control panel via monitor modules FMM 1 FDM 1 and XP10 M The sensor cable is comprised of two conductors individually insulated with a heat sensitive The insulated conductors are twisted together to a spring pressure between them then wrapped with a tape and finished with an outer jacket suitable for the in which the detector will be installed is a fixed temperature digital sensor and is therefore of initiating an alarm once its rated activation is reached At the rated temperature the heat polymer insulation yields to the pressure between permitting them to move into contact with each thereby initiating an alarm signal It is not required that specific length be heated in order to initiate an alarm nor is calibration necessary to compensate for changes in the ambient temperature Protectowire Linear Heat provides the advantages of line coverage with point Detector must be installed in continuous runs without taps branches in accordance with locations and spacing prescribed the approving authorities NFPA 70 National Electrical Code 72 National Fire Alarm Code or as determined by the authority having jurisdiction Except for zoning alarm source indication the length of each run limited and controlled by the electrical characteristics of the equipment to which the Detector is connected Up to 1,000 ft of the Protectowire Linear Heat Detector may connected to the initiating device circuit of the address monitor module Eight different Linear Heat Detector models available each in 500 ft rolls Fixed Temperature Digital Sensor Line Coverage with Point Sensitivity Wide Range of Industrial Applications such as Aircraft Hang Manufacturing Facilities Warehouses Tank Farms Conveyors Refrigerated Storage Dust Collectors Towers Tunnels and Floating Roof Tanks Good Abrasion Resistance Excellent Weathering Properties and High Temperature are available A comprehensive range of mounting and installation acces 1 2004 I 525 Heat Detector and EPR M Series Conventional Initiating Devices Fire Series EPR series contains an extruded flame retardant jacket of elastomer with a special UV stabilizer added to weathering performance It is intended for a wide of industrial applications and is characterized by high good abrasion resistance excellent weathering and exceptional high temperature performance wire is also available for any model detector It of high tensile strength stainless steel wire which is around the detector It is a support wire which is to simplify the installation of the detector in areas mounting is difficult due to the lack of appropriate structures or mounting surfaces Messenger wire Series wire a Protectowire exclusive is available with of the four EPR models offered from Notifier It consists of tensile strength stainless steel wire which is wound around Detector at the rate of approximately one turn per foot 3 It is a carrier or support wire which is designed to simplify installation of the Detector in areas where mounting is dif due to the lack of appropriate support structures or mount surfaces When using messenger wire to support the De turnbuckles and eyebolts must be employed at each of a straight run to place tension on the support wire is a Honeywell company document is not intended to be used for installation purposes We try to keep our information up to date and accurate We cannot cover all specific applications anticipate all requirements All specifications are subject to change without notice more information contact NOTIFIER Phone 203 484 7161 FAX 203 484 7118 Clintonville Road Northford Connecticut 06472 05 01 04 Page 1 of 4 Heat Detectors Rating 68 Alarm Temperature with Messenger Wire 88 Alarm Temperature with Messenger Wire 138 Alarm Temperature with Messenger Wire 180 Alarm Temperature with Messenger Wire RESISTANCE CHART PROTECTOWIRE TYPE EPR MATERIAL Effect Little or no effect 20 Volume Swell Minor effect Volume Swell Moderate effect Volume Swell Severe effect Not Volume Swell in 500 ft lengths only Ambient Temperature of 250 121 times were approximately 168 hours per ASTM at 23 or as stated Rating Fluids Acid 50 Acid 98 Acid 10 Hydroxide 10 Hydroxide 50 Chloride 10 100 Chlorine 4ppm Chloramines 4ppm Water Chloride 15 Acetate Propanol Listed Spacing Type EPR Linear Heat Detector 25 ft 7.6m 25 ft 7.6m distance between detector runs shall not exceed the spacing Reduced spacing may be required based factors such as ceiling height and construction physical air movement or the authority having jur isdiction When Protectowire is used for sprinkler system special Factory Mutual FM reduced spacing may also be applicable Oils Fuels Rating ASTM 1 100 ASTM 2 100 ASTM 3 100 B Isooctane Toluene 70 30 B C Isooctane Toluene 50 50 B Rating Fluids Brake Fluid Brake Fluid 100 Glycol 50 50 125 Installation Information Please Read Linear Heat Detector may be installed at the ceiling level to protect areas within buildings area protection in the fashion as the more familiar spot type heat detectors Please refer to the National Fire Alarm Code NFPA 72 for basic on the installation and spacing of linear heat detectors for area protection For special applications where the is installed close to the hazard the manufacturer recommendations and or installation instructions should be Whenever there is a choice between two or more possible installation procedures the one which results in increased should be utilized additional installation information on Protectowire Linear Heat Detectors please refer to the Installation Operation Manual MAN 2001E 0603 and the Important Installation Information document DS 7736 on 2 of 4 DN 6972 cid 127 05 01 04 Purpose Fasteners Accessories Sensor offers an assortment of approved Protectowire and splicing devices to facilitate installation for both and special applications Protectowire approved are generally designed to lightly clamp the detector enables a tension to be applied progressively This is better than arrangements which apply a high tensile at the end of each run or clamp and compress the sensor so tightly that the inner insulation becomes damaged To a trouble free installation only Protectowire approved should be used The use of non approved fasteners physically damage the detector thereby causing and in some cases void the detector warranty 1 SS Clips may be used for ceiling or wall applications as well as at corners in a polypropylene material Clip is used mainly as an intermediate between corner mounted WAW clips provide the main support steel line clip with 1 4 inch hole mainly as an intermediate fastener corner mounted WAW clips which the main support Type Zone End of Line Junction Box Moisture proof Box with terminals Relief Connector Duty Type Zone End of Line Junction Box enclosure with compre

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