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RP 2001 E Preaction Control Panel RP 2001 is a six zone FACP for single and dual hazard and preaction applications The RP 2001 provides reli fire detection signaling and protection for commercial and institutional buildings requiring water based The RP 2001 is compatible with System Sensor i3 which are conventional smoke detectors that can a maintenance trouble signal to the FACP indicating need for cleaning and a supervisory signal when ambient temperature falls below the detector rating of 45 7.22 In addition the control panel is with conventional input devices such as two wire detectors four wire smoke detectors pull stations devices tamper switches and other normally open devices Refer to the Notifier Device Compatibility for a complete listing of compatible devices outputs are programmable as NACs Notification Appli Circuits or releasing circuits Three programmable relays factory programmed for Alarm Trouble and and 24 VDC special application resettable and power outputs are also included on the main board The RP 2001 supervises all wiring AC voltage charger and battery level of a compatible smoke detector or any normally fire alarm initiating device will activate audible and visual devices illuminate an indicator display alarm infor on the panel LCD sound the piezo sounder at the activate the FACP alarm relay and operate an optional used to notify a remote station or initiate an auxiliary function RP 2001E offers the same features as the RP 2001 but connection to 240 VAC Unless otherwise specified the in this data sheet applies to both the 120 VAC and VAC versions of the panels Listed to UL Standard 864 9th edition FM Approved Designed for sprinkler standards NFPA 13 15 and 16 Dual hazard operation Adjustable waterflow discharge timer and two soak timers Cross zone double interlock capability Six programmable Style B Class B IDCs Initiating Device System Sensor i3 series detectors compatible Four programmable Style Y Class B output circuits spe application power Strobe Synchronization System Sensor Wheelock Gentex Faraday Amseco Three programmable Form C relays 7.0 amps total 24 VDC output current Resettable and non resettable output power Releasing Panels Built in Programmer ANN BUS for connection to optional devices up to 8 total any of the following N ANN 80 Remote LCD Annunciator N ANN I O LED Driver N ANN S PG Printer Module N ANN RLY Relay Module N ANN LED Annunciator Module 80 character LCD display backlit Real time clock calendar with daylight savings time control History log with 256 event storage Piezo sounder for alarm trouble and supervisory 24 volt DC operation Low AC voltage sense Outputs Programmable for Releasing circuits or NACS NACs programmable for Silence Inhibit Auto Silence Strobe Synchronization Selective Silence horn strobe mute Temporal or Steady Signal Silenceable or Non silenceable Release Stage Sounder Disable Enable control per input zone and output zone Extensive transient protection Automatic battery charger with charger supervision Optional Dress Panel DP 51050 red Optional Trim Ring TR CE red for semi flush mounting the Optional N CAC 5X Class A Converter Module for Outputs IDCs Optional 4XTM Municipal Box Transmitter Module 3 6 2017 Page 1 of 4 Standby Current 4 mA to the Notifier Device Compatibility Document for listed devices Appliance and Releasing Circuit s TB5 and Four Output Circuits Style Y Class B or Style Z Class A with optional con module Special Application power Supervised and power limited circuitry Normal Operating Voltage Nominal 24 VDC Maximum Signaling Current 7.0 amps 3.0 amps special 300 mA regulated maximum per NAC End of Line Resistor 4.7K Ohms 1 2 watt PN 71252 Max Wiring Voltage Drop 2 VDC to the Notifier Device Compatibility Document for com listed devices Relays Programmable TB8 Relay 1 factory default programmed as Alarm Relay Relay 2 factory default programmed as fail safe Trouble Relay 3 factory default programmed as Supervisory Relay Contact Ratings 2 amps 30 VDC resistive 0.5 amps 30 VAC resistive Trouble Input J6 Auxiliary Trouble Input is an open collector circuit which be used to monitor external devices for trouble conditions can be connected to the trouble bus of a peripheral such as power supply which is compatible with open collector cir Application Resettable Power TB9 Operating Voltage Nominal 24 VDC Maximum Available Current 500 mA appropriate for 4 wire smoke detectors see note 1 Power limited Circuitry to the Notifier Device Compatibility Document for com listed devices Total current for resettable power nonresettable power Output Circuits must not exceed 7.0 amps Application Resettable or Nonresettable Power Operating Voltage Nominal 24 VDC Maximum Available Current 500 mA see note 1 Power limited Circuitry Jumper selectable by JP31 for resettable or nonresettable to the Notifier Device Compatibility Document for com listed devices Optional Digital Alarm Communicators 411 411UD Optional ANN SEC card for a secondary ANN BUS AND SOFTWARE Custom English labels per point may be manually entered selected from an internal library file Three programmable Form C relay outputs Pre programmed and custom application templates Continuous fire protection during online programming at the panel Program Check automatically catches common errors not to any zone or input point INTERFACE Real time clock calendar with automatic daylight savings 80 character LCD display with backlighting ANN Bus for connection to remote annunciators Audible or silent walk test capabilities Piezo sounder for alarm trouble and supervisory and Indicators INDICATORS FIRE ALARM red SUPERVISORY yellow TROUBLE yellow AC POWER green ALARM SILENCED yellow DISCHARGE red BUTTONS ACKNOWLEDGE ALARM SILENCE SYSTEM RESET lamp test DRILL Power TB1 RP 2001 120 VAC 60 Hz 3.66 amps RP 2001E 240 VAC 50 60 Hz 2.085 amps Wire size minimum 14 AWG 2.0 mm2 with 600V insula Supervised nonpower limited sealed lead acid only J12 Maximum Charging Circuit Normal Flat Charge 27.6 1.4 amp Supervised nonpower limited Maximum Charger Capacity 26 Amp Hour battery two Amp Hour batteries can be housed in the FACP cabinet batteries require separate battery box such as the or NFS LBBR Minimum Battery Size 7 Amp Hour Device Circuits TB4 and TB6 Alarm Zones 1 5 on TB4 Alarm Zone 6 on TB6 Supervised and power limited circuitry Style B Class B wiring with Style D Class A option Normal Operating Voltage Nominal 20 VDC Alarm Current 15 mA minimum Short Circuit Current 40 mA max Maximum Loop Resistance 100 Ohms End of Line Resistor 4.7K Ohms 1 2 watt PN 71252 2 of 4 DN 60239 C3 3 6 2017 Line Information Six zone 24 volt Deluge Preaction Control Panel backbox power supply technical manual and a post operating instruction sheet for single and dual deluge and preaction applications

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