Notifier RPT-485 Wire Fiber EIA-485 Driver

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RPT 485 Driver RPT 485W repeater is designed to boost the EIA 485 signal from the Fire Alarm Control Panel FACP to electrically isolate the two EIA 485 loops from each other eliminates the need for a common negative connection separate power sources All NOTIFIER FACPs that an EIA 485 data loop can employ RPTs The boosted can have a maximum of 32 EIA 485 devices on it devices include AMG 1 AMG E UZC 256 NIB 96 ACS AFM Series annunciators and other RPTs RPT 485WF acts as a fiber optic modem for any NOTIFIER using the standard ACS EIA 485 loop One RPT 485WF placed near the FACP and connects by fiber to a remote RPT The remote RPT 485WF connects by wire to additional devices such as a NIB 96 in a master FACP The RPT is not intended for use with any terminal mode devices as the LCD 80 and LCD 80TM source and boosted EIA 485 loops are isolated from each as well as from the RPT power supply terminals This feature eliminates the need for a single common FACP and power supplies powering ACS Series This feature also provides an easier method of ground fault conditions since it allows for separate fault zones FEATURES Extends EIA 485 twisted pair distances in 4,000 ft 1219.2 Allows additional boosted EIA 485 loops Each boosted loop increases EIA 485 data signal by 32 increments EIA 485 branch connections are electrically isolated to pre ground fault detection problems Two LEDs indicate data reception Removable terminal blocks A variety of mounting options FEATURES Extends the EIA 485 loop Wire TB1 extends the EIA 485 loop in 4000 ft incre Fiber Optic Cable Dual Fiber with ST1 Bayonett style con cable 8 dB limit or 50 125 cable 4.2 dB limit Allows additional boosted EIA 485 loops Each boosted loop increases EIA 485 data signal by 32 Optically coupled electrically isolated Two LEDs indicate data reception Removable terminal block A variety of mounting options Fiber optic communication offers security as well as immunity EMI and RFI cid 129 D 155 Control Systems RPT 485W RPT 485WF board can be mounted on a listed CHS M2 CHS M3 or CHS2 M2 chassis or in an ABS cabinet for remote installation The RPT 485W may also be on a CHS 4 or CHS 4N chassis or on a BMP 1 for panel mounting When the RPT 485WF is mounted on a adequate clearance above the board is required The comes with four standoffs two 6 32 and two 4 and six screws two 6 32 and four 4 40 for mounting listed regulated power supply may be located remotely with Primary and Secondary power must be used for Fire Pro Signaling Applications voltage range 18 28 VDC current draw all states RPT 485W 0.049 A 0.047 A 12 01 06 Page 1 of 2 standard NOTIFIER EIA 485 interface is capable of com with up to a maximum of 32 receive transmit devices EIA 485 device manuals for specifics on receive transmit Each RPT 485 increases the EIA 485 data signal 32 devices Although this device increases the node capac it does not increase the number of receive transmit the control panel supports receive only EIA 485 devices devices which receive but do not send data back to the control and RPTs sys capacity is virtually unlimited Each RPT 485 increases the by 32 devices see NOTE 1 below Low profile CAB 3 4 chassis Mounts up to four repeaters Standard CAB 3 4 chassis Mounts up to four RPT repeaters Standard CAB 3 4 chassis Mounts up to four RPT repeaters Low profile CAB 3 4 chassis Mounts up to four RPT repeaters RPT 485W only Low profile CAB 3 4 chassis Mounts up to four repeaters RPT 485W only LINE INFORMATION EIA 485 repeater board Twisted pair connection EIA 485 repeater board Allows a twisted pair in fiber optics out RPT 485WFs must be used in pairs Surface mount box Mounts one RPT 485 board single space blank plate Use with an ADP 4B ADP2 DP DISP or DP DISP2 Dress Panel for mounting in a cabinet Mounts one RPT 485W board RPT 485W Standard CAB 3 4 chassis Mounts up to four RPT repeaters RPT 485 TOPOLOGY Listings and Approvals listings and approvals apply to the RPT 485 In some certain modules or applications may not be listed by cer approval agencies or listing may be in process Consult fac for latest listing status UL S635 ULC CS100 Vol XI MEA 17 94 E RPT 485W only 17 96 E AFP 400 232 NFS2 3030 317 01 E NFS 640 345 02 E NFS 447 99 E AFC 600 CSFM 7300 0028 169 7165 0028 214 and 7170 NFS 640 7170 0028 223 and 7165 0028 224 for DIAGRAM NOTE Twisted pair copper a reference wire must be run RPT 485Ws see installation for specific wiring concerns 1 Although each RPT 485 increases the node capacity to 32 it does not increase annunciator addressing capability of the control panel 2 Each twisted pair output may be up to 4,000 ft 1219.2 m 18 AWG 0.75 to 12 AWG 3.25 mm 3 The attenuation of cabling between two nodes repeaters for 62.5 125 duplex is 8 dB maximum For 50 125 duplex fiber the attenuation is 4.2 dB max 4 EIA 485 devices may NOT be connected directly to the fiber A fiber transmitter type of configuration MUST be employed is a registered trademark of Honeywell International Inc by Honeywell International Inc All rights reserved Unauthorized use this document is strictly prohibited document is not intended to be used for installation purposes We try to keep our product information up to date and accurate cannot cover all specific applications or anticipate all requirements specifications are subject to change without notice more information contact Notifier Phone 203 484 7161 FAX 203 484 7118 in the U S A 2 of 2 DN 4737 A cid 129 12 01 06

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