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CASE STUDY thought we had it good with the 2020 However the features and the equipment that was installed Alarm Suppression have greatly this facility fire alarm layout and coverage to the point near perfection Machabee Electrical Supervisor Peter Hospital study ONYX series 2018 Peter Hospital NY St Peter Hospital was founded in 1869 and has steadily to serve nearly 4,000 people every day with medical services free educational programs a host of community health screenings In 2005 the launched comprehensive capital improvements would include the addition of a six story Patient Care with 24 operating rooms ORs modernized patient units a food court a new endoscopy suite and pharmacy The new hospital facilities were unveiled in 2011 To assure the safety of patients and staff existing older generation NOTIFIER fire system needed comprehensive overhaul and expansion into new More modern and technologically advanced had to network across a 600,000 square foot hospital campus It was critical that valuable data and functionality not be lost while also installation time and cost of implementation A fire safety system from NOTIFIER chosen for its advanced functionalities and ability upgrade seamlessly from older technologies Networkable Series NFS2 3030 panels replaced existing NFS2 panels and a comprehensive Digital Voice Command system was implemented for campus wide notification This NOTIFIER solution provided Upgraded and expanded fire safety system existing and new structures Ability to seamlessly convert from older newer fire panels without data loss Customizable voice commands for targeted across all structures solution for complex multi structure scalable for future expansions Minimal disruption of existing hospital during transition Superior service from best in class local distributors Downtime and Costs NOTIFIER ability to upgrade from older technologies highly trained ESD installed activated the new fire alarm system having to take it off line reprogramming Such a seamless saved considerable labor and business downtime worked on other long term with NOTIFIER equipment upgrading to newer more advanced has not been a problem Nelson line is engineered handle a smooth transition from to new which ensures a long life the owner investment thought we had it good with the system claims St Peter Supervisor Dan Machabee the features and the additional that was installed by Alarm Suppression have greatly improved this fire alarm layout expandability coverage to the point of near Conversion through NFS2 3030 Panels Peter contracted Brad Nelson Alarm Suppression a NOTIFIER Engineered Systems ESD headquartered in Lake NY to bring the facilities to standard Suppression replaced existing ONYX Series NFS2 2020 fire panels with the more advanced series The panels tied into current detection and devices one key advantage the ONYX system Additional NFS2 panels were then installed in the structures the Pavilion care suites and the food court NFS2 3030 is an intelligent fire control panel designed for medium large scale facilities such as St Peter that require early detection evacuation NFS2 3030 large Liquid Crystal Display presents vital information to personnel concerning a fire fire progression and evacuation throughout the main hospital buildings and Patient Care Using conversion software Suppression Inc was able draw preprogrammed data from older NFS2 2020 panels convert it reprogram it into the newer 3030 for a seamless and highly time transition is a huge time saver With NOTIFIER conversion software can display a report of device type that have changed and re program accordingly explains Brad Nelson Engineer for Alarm Suppression Voice Commands Expedite Response Time Digital Voice Command DVC were added to each building are full featured audio command that provide voice evacuation Emergency Communications and Notification applications The ability play 8 simultaneous messages in locations and network multiple across a complex campus enables system to deliver the right message the right people at the right time This proper evacuation at critical and reduces the potential for confusion Peter Hospital programmed 180 messages within the hospital Patient Care Pavilion This facilitates audio clarity and supports quicker of emergency actions by personnel and first responders Clintonville Road CT 06472 NOTIFIER by Honeywell International Inc All rights reserved use of this document is strictly prohibited Rev 01 2018 11 14

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