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Series CH and Chime Strobes Wheelock Series CH Chimes and Chime Strobes mini alarm system power supply requirements and wiring with a low current draw and a patented chime mounting for fast easy installation Each model has a built in level feature and an aesthetic two screw grille cover unique solid state chime appliances provide field single stroke or vibrating operation with Anechoic levels adjustable up to 83 dB and tone adjustable from to 1200 Hz options for wall mount models include 15 75 candela Wheelock patented MCW multi candela strobe with field candela settings of 15 30 75 110 cd or the high MCWH strobe with field selectable 135 185 cd models are available in Wheelock patented multi candela ceiling strobe with field selectable inten of 15 30 75 95cd or the high intensity MCCH strobe field selectable 115 177cd strobe portion of all Series CH Chime Strobes may be when used in conjunction with the Wheelock DSM Sync Modules or the Wheelock PS 24 8MC Power with patented Sync Protocol Wheelock synchro strobes offer an easy way to comply with ADA recom concerning photosensitive epilepsy as well as the requirements of NFPA 72 and UFC Series CH Chime Strobes are UL Listed for indoor wall ceiling mount applications under Standard 1971 for Signal Devices for the Hearing Impaired and under Standard for Private Mode Audible Signal Appliances They are in two attractive package styles for flush mounting standard electrical boxes or convenient surface mounting models include IN OUT wiring terminations that accept 12 AWG to 18 AWG wires at each terminal Inputs are for compatibility with industry standard reverse supervision Various models comply with UL Standards 1971 and 464 listings and approvals information ADA NFPA UFC ANSI compliant Complies with OSHA 29 Part 1910.165 Wall mount models are available with field selectable can settings of 15 30 75 110 cd or 135 185 cd multi can models or 1575 cd single candela model Ceiling mount models are available with field selectable settings of 15 30 75 95 cd or 115 177 cd multi models Low current draw with temperature compensation to power consumption and wiring costs Strobes produce 1 flash per second over the regulated range 24 VDC with wide UL Voltage using filtered or unfiltered VRMS input voltage Synchronize with Wheelock SM DSM or the Wheelock Power Supply with built in sync protocol cid 129 J 220 Devices CH70 CH90 CH70 Strobe CH90 Strobe Adjustable volume and tone control Single stroke or vibrating operation Fast installation with IN OUT screw terminals using 12 to 18 AWG wires that all CAUTIONS and WARNINGS are identified a triangular exclamation point symbol All warn are printed in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS READ THESE SPECIFICATIONS AND ASSOCIATED INSTAL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING SPECIFYING OR THIS PRODUCT VISIT WWW COOPERWHEELOCK COM OR COOPER WHEELOCK FOR THE CURRENT INSTALLATION FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH ANY OF THESE CAUTIONS OR WARNINGS COULD RESULT IN APPLICATION INSTALLATION AND OR OPERATION OF PRODUCTS IN AN EMERGENCY SITUATION WHICH COULD IN PROPERTY DAMAGE AND SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH YOU AND OR OTHERS Notes Strobes are designed to flash at 1 flash per second mini over their Voltage Range Note that specifies a flash rate of 1 to 2 flashes per second ADA Guidelines specify a flash rate of 1 to 3 flashes second All candela ratings represent minimum effective Strobe based on UL Standard 1971 02 28 07 Page 1 of 4 Series NS Strobe products are listed under UL Standard for indoor use with a temperature range of 32 to 0 to 49 and maximum humidity of 93 Series NH horns are listed under UL Standard 464 for signal appliances indoor use only Voltage Range is the newest terminology by UL to identify the voltage range Prior to this UL used the terminology Voltage Range Notes for Current Table The chimes are factory set in single stroke SS mode can be changed to vibrating VIB mode with jumper on Board SINGLE STROKE OPERATION The minimum pulse duration must be at least 160 ms time and ms time The chime will only operate once each it is pulsed This mode is recommended for coded sys VIBRATING OPERATION Continuous input voltage to the chime will activate the chime at one second The volume and tone controls have been adjusted at factory to insure maximum dBA output However once mode is selected the installer may want to fine tune the to better suit the application Anechoic dBA is measured in an anechoic chamber peak meter response Reverberant dBA is rated per UL 464 Chime inrush current is 0.100 A maximum with filtered input 0.140 A with VRMS input voltage with a time dura of 100 milliseconds dBA RATINGS level for CH70 CH90 is 83 dBA 10 ft 3.048 m room dBA in a 10 ft 3.048 m reverberant room is dBA minimum to 58 dBA maximum RMS Current Strobe Current Wall Mount Strobe Current Ceiling Mount 0.063 0.109 0.140 0.195 0.270 0.045 0.070 0.195 0.270 VDC max 0.092 0.165 0.220 0.300 0.420 0.065 0.105 0.189 0.249 0.300 0.420 RMS current ratings are per UL average RMS method UL maximum current rating is the maximum RMS current within the voltage range 16 33Vfor 24V units For strobes the UL maximum current is usually at the minimum Listed voltage 16V for units For audibles the maximum current is usually at the maximum Listed voltage 33V for 24V units For unfiltered FWR rat see installation instructions and Ordering Information or Number Strobe SM DSM PS 24 8MC 75 on axis Due to continuous development of our products specifications and offerings are subject to change with notice in accordance with Wheelock Inc standard terms and conditions O P Q R U Y O P Q R U Y O P Q R U Y U V O P Q R U Y U V VDC VDC VDC VDC VDC VDC or C or C 2 of 4 DN 3468 A cid 129 02 28 07 and Engineers chime appliances shall be Wheelock Series CH Chimes the chime strobe appliances shall be Wheelock Series Chime Strobes or approved equals The chime shall be Listed under Standard 464 for Audible Signal Appliances chimes equipped with strobes shall be listed under UL 1971 for Emergency Devices for the Hearing In addition the strobes shall be certified to meet requirements of FCC Part 15 Class B and shall incorpo low temperature compensation to ensure the lowest pos current consumption chimes shall use solid state components and shall provide selectable single stroke or vibrating operation with vol control and tone control All models shall have a peak sound output of 83 dB at 10 feet and an adjustable range of 800 to 1200 Hz All inputs shall employ that accept 12 AWG to 18 AWG wire sizes strobe portion of the appliance shall produce a flash rate one flash per second over the Regulated Voltage Range shall incorporate a Xenon flashtube enclosed in a rug LEXAN lens The strobe shall be of low current design Multi Candela Chime Strobes are specified the intensity shall have a minimum of four field selectable and shall be rated per UL Standard 1971 at 15 30 cd or 135 185 cd for wall mount models and 15 30 cd or 115 177 cd for ceiling mount models The selec switch for selecting the candela shall be tamper resistant not accessible from the front of the appliance The 15

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