Notifier SpectrAlert Selectable Output P1224MC Horns Strobes, S1224MC Strobes, & H12 24 Horns

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SpectrAlert Output P1224MC Horns Strobes Strobes H12 24 Horns Sensor SpectrAlert Selectable Output Horns and Horn Strobes offer enhanced features that the widest range of candela options available and the to recognize and self adjust for either 12 or 24 volt With an overall feature set that combines perfor installation ease flexibility and a consistent aestheti pleasing appearance the SpectrAlert Selectable Output provide both the innovation and efficiency synony with the SpectrAlert name SpectrAlert selectable output wall mount horns and horn strobes offer key performance features long with the SpectrAlert name The selectable candela and horn strobes offer average current draws that are only lower than conventional fixed candela SpectrAlert but also lower than similar selectable candela prod By consuming less current the ability to connect even devices per loop is possible resulting in a lower installed SpectrAlert selectable output horns strobes and offer the same installation friendly features syn with the SpectrAlert name such as the option of two four wire operation the ability to use standard sized back with no encroachment into the box and universal incorporating the labor saving QuickClick feature labor saving features make wire connections simple and further reducing installed cost SpectrAlert selectable output strobes and horn offer the broadest range of candela options In addi the selectable output strobes and horn strobes can oper on either 12 V or 24 V with no setting required the device and self adjusts to the correct current automati Temporal 3 or Continuous tone options continue to be in either an Electromechanical or 3 kHz pattern SpectrAlert selectable output horns strobes and incorporate the same stylish low profile design the conventional SpectrAlert products for a consistent and pleasing appearance across the entire product Operate on either 12 V or 24 V Widest range of candela options 12 V 15 and 15 75 candela 24 V 15 15 75 30 75 110 candela Easy candela selection Lower current draw Easy DIP switch selection for horn options Easy mounting with QuickClick Synchronizable with MDL Sync module Meets UL 1971 NFPA 72 and ADA signaling requirements All strobe and horn strobe models incorporate a new pat voltage booster design that has a more consistent flash bulb over the range of candela selections The benefit to the is a high quality strobe device Devices Horn Strobe Strobe Specifications horns strobes and horn strobes shall be capable mounting to a standard 4.0 x 4.0 x 1.5 10.16 x 10.16 x cm backbox or a single gang 2.0 x 4.0 x 1.875 5.08 x x 4.763 cm backbox using the universal mounting plate with each SpectrAlert product Also SpectrAlert prod when used in conjunction with the accessory Sync Module shall be powered from a non coded power supply shall operate on 12 or 24 volts 12 volt rated devices shall an operating voltage range of 9 volts 24 volt rated shall have an operating voltage range of 17 33 volts products shall have an operating temperature of to 120 0 to 49 and operate from a regulated DC full wave rectified unfiltered power supply shall be a System Sensor SpectrAlert Model to UL 1971 and be approved for fire protective service strobe shall be wired as a primary signaling notification and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act for visible signaling appliances flashing at 1 Hz the strobe entire operating voltage range The strobe shall consist of a xenon flash tube and associated lens system COMBINATION shall be a System Sensor SpectrAlert Model listed to UL 1971 and UL 464 and shall be approved fire protective service Horn strobe shall be wired as a pri signaling notification appliance and comply with the with Disabilities Act requirements for visible signal appliances flashing at 1 Hz over the strobe entire operat voltage range The strobe light shall consist of a xenon tube and associated lens reflector system The horn shall two tone options two audibility options at 24 volts and option to switch between a Temporal 3 pattern and a Non Continuous pattern shall be powered independently of the sounder with removal of factory installed jumper wires The horn on 8 23 07 Page 1 of 4 models shall operate on a coded or non coded supply the strobe must be powered continuously MODULE shall be a System Sensor Sync listed UL 464 and shall be approved for fire protective service The shall synchronize SpectrAlert strobes at 1 Hz and at Temporal 3 Also the module shall silence the horns horn strobe models while operating the strobes over a sin pair of wires The module shall be capable of mounting to a 4.688 2.125 11.906 x 11.906 x 5.398 cm back and shall control two Style Y Class B or one Style Z A circuit Module shall be capable of multiple zone syn by daisy chaining multiple modules together and each other along the chain The module shall operate on a coded power supply Specifications test SpectrAlert horn strobe and horn only work on tests with time durations of 4 seconds or greater terminals 12 to 18 AWG 3.31 to 0.821 mm strobe and horn strobe with universal plate x 5.625 x 2.938 12.7 x 14.288 x 7.461 cm strobe and with small footprint plate 3.375 x 5.625 x 8.573 x 14.288 x 5.874 cm horn with universal plate 5.0 x 5.625 x 1.313 12.7 x 14.288 x 3.334 horn without mounting plate 2.938 x 5.313 x 1.313 x 13.494 x 3.334 cm horn only 7.2 oz 204.117 g strobe and horn strobe 8.8 oz 249.476 g standard boxes 4.0 x 4.0 x 1.5 10.16 x 10.16 x cm or 2.0 x 4.0 x 1.875 5.08 x 10.16 x 4.763 cm temperature indoor 32 to 120 0 to humidity indoor 95 as tested per UL 464 temperature K Series outdoor to 151 to 66 rating NEMA 3R per UL 50 Strobe Selections strobe candela selection adjust slide switch on the rear of the product while watching the window on the side of the reflector candela settings 12 V operating voltage 15 or 15 75 24 V operating voltage 15 15 75 30 75 110 12 or 24 VDC and FWR unfiltered NOTE Full Rectified FWR voltage is a non regulated time varying source that is used on some power supply and panel voltage range 12 V 8 17.5 V 24 V 16 33 V voltage range with Sync module MDL V 9 17.5 V 24 V 17 33 V NOTE The MDL causes a voltage drop in the notification appliance circuit of published voltage current and SPL speci In May 2004 Underwriters Laboratories changed UL 1971 to require that operating current measure are made using RMS root mean square instead of or average values RMS measurements more accurately the power consumption of a device since they take into the entire current draw profile including surge repeti surge and peak values The published RMS current is the operating current of that device within its operating range This current maximum may or may not occur at endpoints of the voltage range Similarly UL tests the audi of devices in accordance with UL 464 by measuring them the operating voltage range to determine the minimum pressure level produced at any particular setting May 2004 UL also changed the way they list the volt range of a device All 12 V products will be listed between 17.5 V and all 24 V products will be listed between 16 33 Those devices are considered Any product that not operate within these ranges will be listed as a application with its operating voltage specified on the Patent numbers 5,593,569 5,914 665 6,049,446

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