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SWIFT intelligent wireless system and Engineering Specifications Alarm Control Panel Connectivity devices used as components of a fire alarm system shall be capable of connection to a Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel FACP via a Signaling Line Circuit SLC via a gateway gateway shall provide the link to one mesh network of wireless devices Multiple gateways can be on the same intelligent FACP limited to 4 wireless mesh networks in the same radio space intelligent sensing functions supported for wired devices shall be supported by comparable wireless Additionally the panel shall allow wired devices to be identified with unique type codes which the system to display wireless trouble indications such as low battery jamming and tamper communication for the wireless system shall incorporate an advanced mesh technology which UL 864 Class A approved supervised redundant communication All devices in the mesh shall be capable of acting as repeaters for other devices in the same network The wireless shall also have a suite of tools that can be installed on a portable PC and used to assist in the site installing the system and verifying the proper operation of the system wireless system shall be approved or listed by the following agencies as appropriate for each device Wireless Devices section may be inserted in a current NOTIFIER ONYX specification following section A Devices Addressable Devices Wireless The system shall be capable of supporting intelligent addressable wireless and monitor modules with similar appearance and capabilities as wired intelligent devices Intelligent wireless devices shall utilize a gateway device to communicate with the fire alarm control panel so that the wireless devices report to the panel the established SLC protocol Wireless devices shall be capable of co existing on the same panel with wired and shall be capable of participating in common control by event sequences Device addressing for wireless device shall be consistent with intelligent wired and shall use decade decimal address switches Wireless devices shall capable of being set to an address in a range of 001 to 159 Wireless devices excepting the gateway shall operate on batteries recommended the manufacturer and shall be UL tested and listed for 2 years of operation on set of batteries The gateway shall be connected to the panel SLC loop and shall be capable of powered by the SLC loop as well Alternately the gateway shall be capable connection to the SLC loop only for communication with the FACP and power be supplied via a separate 24VDC input Programmable and automatic sensing options supported by the intelligent FACP are available for intelligent wired devices shall also be supported for intelligent wireless devices including ability to set the sensor sensitivity the FACP ability to adjust sensitivity based on time ability to automatically for dust accumulation and other slow environmental changes ability annunciate two dirty detector states and the ability to participate in cooperative decisions with other intelligent wired or wireless detectors that are to the same panel Wireless devices shall be connected to a compatible intelligent fire alarm system shall be supported by the system as wireless devices Trouble conditions that unique to wireless devices shall be reported at the head end such as Low Jamming and Tamper Intelligent wireless devices shall use a UL approved Class A mesh communication to provide redundant supervised wireless communication links A wireless mesh shall be comprised of one gateway and from one to forty nine Multiple wireless gateway systems may be connected to a single FACP The system shall allow for up to four wireless gateway systems in the same radio devices Device status indicators LEDs on wireless devices shall not be required to match of wired devices in particular for active indications where a steady on would reduce the battery life of the device Wireless detectors shall have dedicated bases with a magnetic tamper mechanism initiates a trouble when the device is removed from the base The tamper condition shall latch at the panel until the detector is restored to the normal position and the trouble has been reset Wireless monitor modules shall have a dedicated cover that requires unfastening screws to remove The cover shall have a built in magnet and removal of the shall initiate a trouble condition at the panel The tamper trouble condition latch at the panel until the monitor module is restored to the normal installed and the trouble has been reset Wireless monitor modules shall be capable of being mounted in a 4 inch square mm square 2 1 8 inch 54 mm deep electrical box The optional surface Lexan enclosure shall be used for this purpose except where installation of wireless monitor module in a metal box has been tested and adequate for the application using the metal box has been confirmed Available Wireless devices shall include Intelligent wireless smoke detector photoelectric technology Intelligent wireless smoke heat detector Intelligent wireless fixed temperature heat detector 135 degrees F Intelligent wireless rate of rise heat detector 135 degrees F Wireless monitor module Wireless gateway Unprogrammed wireless devices shall be capable of being used to perform a site to assist in determining the viability of a site for a wireless application shall include point to point connectivity and a background RF A program that supports qualification of potential wireless applications and installation and diagnostics shall be available This program be installed on a Windows PC and shall be capable of communicating with devices by use of a USB adapter that plugs into the computer

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