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System Record Documents SRD Cabinet System Record Documents Notifier System Record Documents SRD Cabinet is the per solution to comply with the demanding code standards required Notifier primary goal is to manufacture code compliant solu and this product allows you to do just that The SRD cabinet is answer to comply with the NFPA 72 2013 Section which states With every new system a documenta cabinet shall be installed at the system control unit or other location at the protected premises cabinet is constructed of durable 16 gauge steel with a solid hinge and key lock The cabinet includes a 4GB USB memory drive interface Using a standard USB B connector the USB drive interface allows you to use any standard USB printer to upload or download information This feature allows you to your records electronically in one secure place so that the can easily access the software and service the system to NFPA 72 2013 Section with the fire alarm control panel software you can store your and inspection documents service records manuals AS built for the system System Records Document SRD cabinet inner door has two ring hooks to hold system keys In the inner door you can add Legend Sheet to record property system service code and AHJ information as well as required documentation See 2 with a 4 gigabyte digital flash drive interface with USB B Offers two key ring hooks to hold the system keys Contains a frame plate to insert Authorized Personnel business a Legend Sheet to record passwords and system infor Constructed with 16 gauge steel box and cover for added security a solid stainless steel piano hinge Coated with a durable baked on enamel finish other colors avail Built with a stainless steel piano hinge with standard CAT 30 door lock other lock assemblies available System Record Documents Cabinet Dimensions 12 W x H x 2 1 4 D 30.48 W x 33.02 H x 5.71 D cm Keylock Barrel lock and piano hinge 3 4 barrel lock and 30.48 cm piano hinge Cabinet UL Listed constructed of 18 gauge cold rolled Finish Red powder coat epoxy finish Cover Label Silkscreen imprinted with white indelible 1 high lettering labeled SYSTEM RECORD DOCUMENTS Keylock Keylocked with 3 4 barrel lock and 12 30.48 width stainless steel piano hinge Backbox The backbox includes a 4 hole knockout pattern Frame Plate Insert frame plate accommodates and pro standard 8 1 2 x 11 manuals and document records Inner Door Label Legend Sheet attached to the inner frame to record property system service code and AHJ cer information as well as system documentation Flash Drive Interface 4 Gigabyte minimum digital flash drive with a standard USB B connector used to upload download information is securely assembled to the interior drive is restricted to Authorized personnel with permis to use secure hardware devices to access the records Key Holder Two key ring holders and a frame plate to Authorized Personnel business cards System Record Documents SRD Cabinet is designed to with the following standards Standard S2580 Listings and Approvals listings and approvals apply to the modules specified in this In some cases certain modules or applications may not listed by certain approval agencies or listing may be in process factory for latest listing status S2580 Vol 3 7300 0553 0110 72 2013 9001 Certification Information System Record Documents Cabinet Red Includes lock 5 29 18 Page 1 of 3 1 shows the interior enclosure of the Fire Alarm Documents cabinet Storage Interface requires USB B Connector Ring Hooks Card Holder sheet used to store system including the following Contacts Sign off Maintenance Test information Alternate locations of additional records 1 Systems Record Document Cabinet 2 shows the Legend Sheet attached to the inner door of the Fire Alarm Document Cabinet See Figure 2 N A Required Documentation or Alt Location or Alt Location or Alt Location Enclosed or Alt Location or Alt Location Manufacturers published instructions including operation and maintenance instruction or Alt Location Floor plan layout showing location of all devices and control equipment Sequence of operation in either an input output matrix or narrative form Information of Property 1 Written narrative providing intent and system description of Property 2 Riser diagram Type and Approvals System Installation Contractor system as specified herein has been installed and according to all NFPA Standards cited therein 5 Equipment technical data sheets Name 7 Battery calculations where batteries are provided Authority Having Jurisdiction have witnessed a satisfactory acceptance test of this with and find it to be installed and operating properly in 9 Completed record of inspection and testing in accordance with 7.6.6 and 7.8.2 with its approved plans and specifications approved sequence of operations and with all NFPA cited herein 11 Copy of site specific software where applicable Name 13 Periodic inspection testing and maintenance documentation in accordance with Information No 1 14 Records record retention and record maintenance in accordance with 7.7 Code No 2 Code or Alt Location or Alt Location or Alt Location or Alt Location or Alt Location or Alt Location or Alt Location or Alt Location Completed record of completion in accordance with 7.5.6 and 7.8.2 Voltage drop calculations for notification appliance circuits Record as built drawings 7.6 Page 2 of 3 DN 61032 A 5 29 18 Clintonville Road CT 06472 document is not intended to be used for installation purposes try to keep our product information up to date and accurate cannot cover all specific applications or anticipate all requirements specifications are subject to change without notice is a registered trademark of Honeywell Inc Space Age Electronics Inc is a UL is a registered trademark of Laboratories Inc of Origin US

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