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Project Profile The Rumba Room Intelligent Fire Alarm Panel with Multi Criteria Detector Rumba Room theater smoke was triggering the facility fire on almost a nightly basis resulting in one to two hours of time and thousands of dollars in lost revenue Technical of California used a NOTIFIER NFS2 640 intelli fire alarm system and the IntelliQuad multi criteria detector stop the nuisance alarms downtime and loss of revenue 2K 10 09 WORLD HEADQUARTERS Clintonville Road cid 129 Northford CT 06472 USA 203 484 7161 cid 129 Fax 203 484 7118 Rumba Room is a popular upscale nightclub Part of a multi multi story entertainment com this 25,000 square foot Latin dance boasts two levels a thousand patron and two dance floors featuring sound and lighting fog and smoke effects the club theater smoke triggering the facility smoke alarms an almost nightly basis To make mat worse the smoke would trigger a alarm that would require the of nearly a quarter of the entertainment complex including restaurant below the club alarm resulted in one to two hours downtime including evacuation fire arrival and walkthrough and of smoke Each instance cost the tens of thousands of dollars in lost purchasing and experimenting with different fog and smoke machines similar results the club was forced receive special permission to set all of smoke detectors to supervisory ulti slowing fire response and incur additional liability 2009 Callide Technical of West Covina was contracted to upgrade the fire system of the entire entertainment The Rumba Room posed a par challenge to the new fire system all the fog and smoke effects the photoelectric detectors were con going into alarm said Tom a principal in Callide Technical Technical felt that maintaining the alarm system on supervisory was an solution in terms of liability and costs and the resulting delay in fire response of their ability to quickly respond actual fires while maintaining high to nuisance conditions Callide proposed installing IntelliQuad Multi Criteria Fire Detectors NOTIFIER The Rumba Room agreed the decrease in lost revenues and and increase in fire response would certainly justify the use of more advanced technology especially it would allow them to operate the club the smoke and light effects that con significantly to its unique ambi and appeal Technical installed about twenty IntelliQuad detectors to cover the floor areas on both levels wired the detectors like any smoke detector while a small of additional programming was to set the detector at the correct level for the environment the installed cost for these detec is more than a typical photoelectric the Rumba Room was losing than fifty times that cost difference every hour of downtime installation was completed the Room was able to return all of its to alarm from supervisory to NOTIFIER and Callide Technical concluded detectors been operating for nearly a month without a single nuisance alarm is generating a huge return on relatively small investment over 50 years NOTIFIER has been in a leadership position in the fire alarm indus Today we are the largest manufacturer of engineered fire alarm systems with 400 distributors worldwide and regional support operations on every continent to ensure we provide the flexibility and options your business needs Leaders in Life Safety Technology 2K 10 09

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