Notifier UniNet Lite Facilities Monitoring System

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UniNet Lite Your Fire to the Next of Graphical Monitoring THE GRAPHICS CAPABILITY OF YOUR FIRE SYSTEM you can reach the next level of performance and integration with new UniNet Lite facilities monitoring system UniNet Lite is hardware software package that builds on the Graphical User GUI capability of NOTIFIER powerful UniNet 2000 Network suite Its sophisticated design and user friendly interface the ability to graphically capture and display events and condi throughout your facility UniNet Lite also lets you view these from a Central Command Station while monitoring the entire activities in real time because UniNet Lite is designed to work NOTIFIER new Onyx Control Panels as as our classic control panels and peripher integration is seamless ENHANCED GRAPHICS POWER Lite takes advantage of many of the GUI the UniNet 2000 offers plus the ability import graphic floor plans from existing build plans This allows up to the minute real time status and control of the various in your facility with precision accuracy this kind of power and flexibility if trouble anywhere within your protected environ you can respond and take action wherever whenever it needed Lite Workstation YOUR PC A GATEWAY INTO YOUR FACILITY self configuring feature allows the UniNet Lite to be easily installed any Pentium 3 or higher PC Its intuitive design facilities instantly your PC Workstation into a custom color graphic annunciation and system that lets you interface with the Network Input Output NIONs Fire Alarm Panels and sensors throughout your facility you need to do is import your graphic floor plan as wmf or files up to four nodes of NOTIFIER panels and you can also take of UniNet Lite ability backup files print floor plans and device listings The application for monitoring and maintaining your fire alarm system AND SUPPORT products and services offered through an extensive array of authorized Systems Distributors first class service and wherever you are at meeting customer at the local level these dis are backed by NOTIFI worldwide resources to you in the design installa commissioning and manage of your UniNet Lite system and your local distribu look forward to discussing UniNet can solve your graph facility monitoring problems cid 1 Honeywell Company Lite Main Screen Headquarters Clintonville Road CT 06472 1610 USA 203 484 7161 203 484 7118 2003 NOTIFIER 06 09 03

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