System Sensor PDRP-1002-PDRP-1002E Agent Release

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PDRP 1002 PDRP 1002E Agent Release System Instructions Only the GREEN A C POWER LED is on All other are off KEY The key to open the panel can be found at this location AUDIBLE DEVICES ARE SOUNDING of extinguishing agent has occurred if release LED is on AN ALARM Evacuate the protected area your current status is Notify the monitoring service and or the Fire Department immediately Tell them briefly what happened and what Fire Department Monitoring Service If the Fire Department is responding be prepared to provide directions to arriving firefighters TROUBLE ONLY Notify the monitoring service and or Fire department if this panel is connected to either one and tell them what is happening Silence audible devices by unlocking and opening the panel and pressing the TONE SILENCE switch The yellow SYSTEM TROUBLE LED will remain on Contact authorized service personnel immediately See Below NOT ALLOW TROUBLE CONDITIONS TO REMAIN LOGGED IN THE SYSTEM THE PROTECTION THE OFFERS HAS BEEN COMPROMISED OR ELIMINATED WHEN A TROUBLE CONDITION EXISTS return to normal after an alarm activation Fire Drill or otherwise Do not enter the protected area until safe to do so Clear all initiating devices Smoke detectors will not reset if there is still smoke in the area Reset the control panel PRESS the RESET switch failure or brownout Signalling Circuits can be activated by pressing the ACTIVATE switch May want to disconnect municipal box by sliding switch located on 4XTM module to DOWN position AC power drops too low or fails the POWER ON LED will go out SYSTEM TROUBLE LED will turn on and the panel buzzer and other audible trouble devices will sound Contact authorized personel immediately See below Silencing Signalling Circuits may be silenced by pressing the SILENCE switch The ALARM SILENCED LED will turn Subsequent alarms will reactivate circuits Press the switch to clear the silenced condition the event of trouble contact local System Sensor Representative ALARM SILENCE switch may be disabled by dipswitch selection see manual Number test the lamps and hold the RESET switch and check all the LED one should be on as long as the switch is held on more information refer to the PDRP 1002 PDRP 1002E It is kept in the following location 51136 Revision A ECN 99 017 3 12 99 P N 51136 A

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