VESDA-E VEU Series Aspirating Smoke Detectors

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VESDA E VEU VEU series of aspirating smoke detectors are the premium detector of VESDA E range An Ultra wide sensitivity range 15 times greater than VLP and provision for more sampling holes provide an increased in high airflow applications by at least 40 Considerably longer pipe runs and extended branched pipe network configurations cater to applications with higher ceilings providing an increased coverage up to 80 whilst allowing convenient detector mounting for ease of service maintenance A range of revolutionary new features provide unsurpassed performance flexibility field programmability connectivity and total cost of ownership Detection Technology is the revolutionary new detection chamber that forms the core of VEU providing better detection fewer nuisance alarms higher increased longevity and particle characterisation Direct imaging of sampled particles using a CMOS imager combined with multiple provides vastly more data that can be used to derive actionable about the observed particles using analytics Commissioning and Operation VEU features a robust IP40 rated enclosure and is equipped a powerful aspirator that provides a total pipe length of 800 m 2,624 Out of box operation is made possible with AutoConfig which allows normalisation and AutoLearn Smoke and Flow to be initiated from the detector VEU is fully supported by the ASPIRE and Xtralis VSC applications which facilitate ease of pipe network design system and maintenance devices communicate on VESDAnet which provides a robust communication network allowing continued redundant operation during single point wiring failures VESDAnet enables primary reporting configuration control maintenance and monitoring and WiFi connectivity detectors offer Ethernet and WiFi connectivity as standard The detector can be added to a corporate network allowing enabled tablet devices and laptops installed with Xtralis configuration to connect wirelessly to the detector via the network Compatibility VEU is fully compatible with existing VESDA installations The occupies the same mounting footprint pipe conduit and electrical positioning as VESDA VLP VEU is also compatible with existing installations allowing monitoring of both VESDA E and legacy via the latest iVESDA application VEU A10 Flair detection technology delivers very early warning in a wide of environments with minimal alarms Multi stage filtration and optical with clean air barriers lifetime detection performance Four alarm levels and an ultra wide range deliver optimum for the widest range of Intuitive LCD icon display provides status information for immediate Flow fault thresholds per port varying airflow conditions Smart on board filter retains dust count remaining filter life for predictable Extensive event log 20,000 events for analysis and system diagnostics AutoLearn smoke and flow for reliable rapid commissioning Referencing to accommodate external conditions to minimise alarms Fully backward compatible with VLP VESDAnet Remote monitoring with iVESDA system review and proactive Ethernet for connectivity with Xtralis for configuration secondary and maintenance Industry first Aspirating detector monitoring and maintenance WiFi USB for PC configuration and firmware using a memory stick Two programmable GPIs 1 monitored flexible remote control Field replaceable sub assemblies enable service and maximum uptime Approvals UL ULC VdS CE ActivFire EN 54 20 ISO 7240 20 Class A 80 holes Fire 1 0.015 obs m Class B 80 holes Fire 1 0.026 obs m Class C 100 holes Fire 1 0.062 obs m of any configuration is determined using approvals listings and regulatory compliance vary between models Refer to www xtralis com for the latest product approvals VEU A10 Display Zone Number Name 2 1 and Alarm Threshold Levels OK Fault Fault Fault Fault Fault Chamber Fault Fault Module Fault VEU voltage consumption 24 Setting Quiescent In Alarm WHD conditions W W W W VDC 24 V Nominal W W W W W W W W mm x 225 mm x 135 mm 13.8 in x 8.9 in x 5.3 in 4.83 kg 10.6 lbs 4.9 kg 10.8 lbs 0 to 39 32 to 102 Air 20 to 60 4 to 140 to 20 to 55 4 to 131 20 to 50 4 to 122 10 to 95 RH non condensing m 69,965 sq ft l m Pipe Pipes Pipes Pipes m 328 ft m 426 ft m 492 ft m 524 ft Pipe Length with branches 800 m 2624 ft DustTrace WireTrace Auto Pipe Clean External diameter 25 mm or 1.05 in 3 4 in IPS External diameter 25mm or 1.05 in 3 4 in IPS adaptor programmable relays latch or non latch states rated 2 A 30 VDC Resistive x 26 mm 1.02 in cable entries Terminal blocks 0.2 sq mm2 24 AWG 0.00006 obs ft to 20 obs m 6.25 obs ft 20.0 obs m 0.0003 to 6.25 obs ft 0.001 2.0 obs m 0.0003 0.625 obs ft 0.001 2.0 obs m 0.0003 0.625 obs ft 0.001 2.0 obs m 0.0003 0.625 obs ft 0.001 20.0 obs m 0.0003 6.25 obs ft log Up to 20,000 events level user actions alarms and faults with time and date stamp Detector learns Alarm Thresholds and Flow Fault by monitoring the environment area of coverage airflow per pipe lengths depending on of pipes in use pipe lengths of holes A B C design tool rating access termination Range Range setting range features System design and regulatory requirements may restrict the monitoring area to a lesser amount Information VEU with LED VEU with 3.5 Display Bracket Compliance refer to the Product Guide for details regarding compliant installation and commissioning Parts Exhaust adaptor US Filter Filter 20 pieces Aspirator Smoke Detection Chamber Sampling Module and Europe 44 1442 242 330 D A CH 49 431 23284 1 The Americas 1 781 740 2223 East 962 6 588 5622 Asia 86 21 5240 0077 Australia and New Zealand 61 3 9936 7000 contents of this document are provided on an is basis No representation or warranty either express or implied is made as to the completeness or reliability of the contents of this document The manufacturer reserves the right to change designs or specifications without obligation without further notice Except as otherwise provided all warranties express or implied including without limitation any implied warranties of and fitness for a particular purpose are expressly excluded the Xtralis logo The Sooner You Know VESDA E VESDA ICAM ECO OSID HeiTel ADPRO IntrusionTrace LoiterTrace ClientTrace XOa XOh iTrace iCommand iRespond iCommission iPIR and FMST are trademarks and or registered trademarks of Xtralis and or its in the United States and or other countries Other brand names mentioned herein are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks their respective holder s Your use of this document does not constitute or create a licence or any other right to use the name and or trademark and label document is subject to copyright owned by Xtralis You agree not to copy communicate to the public adapt distribute transfer sell modify or any contents of this document without the express prior written consent of Xtralis no 22065 11 30278

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