Xtralis XAS Air-Sampling Smoke Detection System

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Product Name XAS 2 US Single or dual inlet fire detection Multiple piping options Multiple detection strategies 164 ft 50 m max per unit 50 ft 15 m max per flexible tube Microprocessor controlled High performance aspirator Field serviceable air filter Adjustable aspirator speed with airflow display and programmer UL 268 UL 268A ULC 529 XAS Smoke Detectors Xtralis XAS Air sampling Smoke Detection system provides a flexible solution to meet unique needs of challenging applications found in commercial and industrial sites The XAS solution is well suited to where access to the monitored areas is restricted and provides and unobtrusive detection The ability to mount the device outside protected area makes it ideal for use in applications such as correctional transformer vaults cable tunnels elevator machine rooms and HVAC it Works XAS systems actively draw air from the protected area through sampling in a pipe network Sampled air is then filtered before being analyzed by or analog point detectors incorporated in the systems The XAS is available with one inlet pipe XAS 1 or two inlet pipes XAS 2 and be used with one or two detectors per system A number of different points a range of leading technology providers may be used systems utilize a high performance aspirator and programmable flow circuitry Air flow level is displayed on a ten element bar graph that be adjusted for high and low flow thresholds and flow failure is reported as a fault via relays to the monitoring system Strategies systems may be configured for a number of detection strategies including single or dual addressable area detection redundant detection coincident or double knock detection point detectors offer benefits in simplicity of configuration and effectiveness In circumstances where the premises are already protected point detectors the XAS system is easily introduced onto the existing fire control panel signaling circuit by installing equivalent detectors into the Subject to XAS system approval for the installed spot point detector XAS Smoke Detectors XAS 2 US Configuration Options configuration options are available for the XAS 1 and XAS 2 systems XAS 1 system one or two spot point detectors shared inlet XAS 2 system two spot point detectors dual inlet systems with one spot point detector are capable of providing single detection but XAS 1 and XAS 2 systems with two detectors are able to a number of detection strategies The table below describes the configuration options to fit the selected detection strategy when spot point detectors are installed into an XAS system Addressable Areas Double Knock OR AND OR AND Subject to local codes and standards OR AND represents the suggested boolean logic for combining two detectors to achieve detection strategy 121.0mm 94.5mm 27.0mm 22.0mm 258.6mm 242.0mm 27.0mm 21.0mm 159.3mm 241.7mm 165.7mm Information Smoke Detector with 1 inlet Smoke Detector with 2 inlets detectors are ordered from their manufacturer supplier while baffles are ordered from Xtralis depending on the point detector type and Europe 44 1442 242 330 D A CH 49 431 23284 1 The Americas 1 781 740 2223 East 962 6 588 5622 Asia 86 21 5240 0077 Australia and New Zealand 61 3 9936 7000 contents of this document are provided on an is basis No representation or warranty either express or implied is made as to the accuracy or reliability of the contents of this document The manufacturer reserves the right to change designs or specifications without and without further notice Except as otherwise provided all warranties express or implied including without limitation any implied warranties merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are expressly excluded the Xtralis logo The Sooner You Know VESDA E VESDA ICAM ECO OSID HeiTel ADPRO IntrusionTrace LoiterTrace ClientTrace XOa XOh iTrace iCommand iRespond iCommission iPIR and FMST are trademarks and or registered trademarks of Xtralis and or its in the United States and or other countries Other brand names mentioned herein are for identification purposes only and may be of their respective holder s Your use of this document does not constitute or create a licence or any other right to use the name and or and or label document is subject to copyright owned by Xtralis You agree not to copy communicate to the public adapt distribute transfer sell modify or any contents of this document without the express prior written consent of Xtralis no 20637 03 no 29877 detectors 1 or 2 analog addressable or conventional spot detectors 4 in mounting base max Voltage VDC nominal that spot point detectors are powered from Signaling Line Circuit SLC or Initiating Device IDC mA max 680 mA WHD in x 12.6 in x 6.5 in mm x 321 mm x 166 mm 7.27 lbs 3.3 kg 7.5 lbs 3.4 kg Conditions to to 131 10 to 55 Detector Ambient to 100 0 to 38 Air to 140 20 to 60 to 95 RH non condensing Inlet Pipe both metric and American standard sizes 25mm 1.05 in Pipe in I D 21mm tubing in O D 19mm Network Length Up to 164 ft 50 m total per device Tube Length Maximum 50 ft 15m Rating Wiring Enclosure Enclosure IP65 filter filter optional Monitoring and Reporting and Low programmable flow limits 10 programmable speeds 250 Pa outputs 1 fault relay output 2 fault relay outputs Wiring Terminals to 10 AWG 0.9 to 5.5 sq mm solid to 12 AWG 0.6 to 3.5 sq mm stranded

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