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Features piezo Sounder for Fire alarm Indoor applications Low current and High Sound Output Wide range operating temperature 32 to 120 0 to 50 Ideal for Residential or Commercial application 6 3 4 wire leads for Easy field wiring available in red or white Jumper selectable temporal 3 or continuous tone product includes a 5 year warranty Multitone feature allows selection of Temporal 3 evacuation as requred by NFpa 72 or steady tone MT Mini Horn is an inexpensive alternative for a low current volt aC piezo Remote Signaling Device that is ideally suited hotels motels apartments institutional and residential fire alarm where a dependable alarm signal is required The MT Mini is comprised of a single gang size plate and a 120 VaC piezo The horn emits a high dB output selectable as either temporal 3 continuous with a very small current draw The MT Mini Horn is in red and white and mounts on a single gang box Leads are for quick connection to the wiring circuit MT Mini Horn series is intended for use in fire protective signaling and shall be installed in accordance with all applicable local and standards and the authority having jurisdiction The device be installed in a standard single gang electric enclosure all shall be in accordance with the National electrical Code 70 and the National Fire alarm and Signaling Code NFpa CSa C22.1 Canadian electrical Code part I Safety Standard for Installations Section 32 and CaN ULC S524 The MT mini horn is intended for indoor use only and is not listed for use When mounted on a wall the top of the device shall not less than 90 aFF and not less than 6 below the ceiling National Fire alarm code NFpa 72 the National Building of Canada CaN ULC S524 and CaN ULC S525 require that notification appliances used to notify occupants of the need evacuate or relocate shall produce a temporal 3 pattern dBa at 10 per aNSI UL464 VaC ma Specifications Voltage Current Mode Horn Mode 3 Horn Mode anechoic at 10 Horn Mode 3 Horn Mode Temperature Range to 150 0 to 50 polyethylene terephthelate selection red white do not paint No 18 aWg stranded wires 6.75 long or ceiling mount x 4.48 x 0.5 Termination Type Sound Level in the indoor installation may vary depending on space Installation must be performed by qualified personnel in accordance with all national and local codes and injury or death could result or death could result Shock hazard Disconnect power source before servicing Risk of explosion Not for use in hazardous locations Serious page 1 OF 2 Mini Horn120 VAC Mini Horn5401556 REV C 12 19Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comfirealarmresources com 1 PAS PEINTURER in mm in mm in mm in mm PLCS in mm View Wiring 2 Characteristics 3 SIGNAL DEVICE SMALL SCREWDRIVER TO SWITCH TO THE LEFT FOR OR TO THE RIGHT FOR 3 FACTORY SETTING IS 30 75 90 110 POWER SOURCE OR MINI HORN POWER SOURCE OR MINI HORN IN NEXT MINI HORN OR EACH OUT SEPERATELY OUT OUT NEXT MINI HORN OR EACH OUT SEPERATELY IN IN IN Information ReD 120 VaC MINIHORN WHITe 120 VaC MINIHORN No OUT OUT page 2 OF 2 REV C 12 19Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comMT Mini Horn120 VAC Mini Hornfirealarmresources com

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