Potter AFC-100, AFC-1000, AFC-50 AFC Series Fire Alarm Control Panel Flyers

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AFC Series Fire Alarm Systems Management you like to know what happening on your Potter fire control panels from a single location Potter Facility software is compatible with all Potter IP enabled alarm systems and displays real time events that occur one or more panels connected via a LAN or WAN network offers great flexibility in how event information may be to efficiently organize manage and analyze panel The Facility Management software allows the to see alarm events trouble conditions and much more can even be filtered to create custom data files which be exported to Word or Excel a limited time receive Potter Facility software absolutely free To more and to download scan the QR or visit Connectivity today ever expanding means of communication it to be able to incorporate the same technology into fire control system We took this technology into account we designed IP connectivity within our new panels eliminating the cost of phone lines save big when using building existing network infrastructure Additionally speed of IP communication allows for event information to sent to the central station within seconds Every Potter IP fire alarm system has an on board IP communicator is listed to communicate with the SurGard III IP receiver Reminders IP enabled fire alarm systems are email ready History Detector Status reports can be sent on demand as either text or Excel file for a professional look The status events the panel can be immediately emailed allowing users to be in servicing customers and the configuration file can be requested from panel at any time by sending an email directly to the Additionally enhance your business by creating email for your customers to schedule system tests or to purchase new batteries Programming IP enabled fire alarm systems have the ability to to a Local or Wide Area Network LAN or WAN and an IP address Once connected the panel configuration allows custom programming and configuration for all using the network or a stand alone computer have designed our programming software to be simple robust At the click of a mouse you can fine tune device characteristics or create mapping zones for a more fire protection system All this is bundled in an drag and drop interface EOLs and I Os have programmable EOLs between 2.0k and This can be achieved manually by installing the resistor using the panel LEARN function or automatically the programming software Programming Protocol devices are now programmed through easy to dip switches This makes it easier than ever to address SLC on site and requires no external hardware MC 1000 Multi Connect Module allows up to 62 client panels to communicate with a remote central station a single control panel designated as the host can eliminate the need for multiple phone lines and accounts Each MC 1000 module includes terminal for two client panels Assembled in the USA prides itself on offering a full line of fire alarm assembled in St Louis Missouri and Branford With engineering teams located in Maple Grove Moline Illinois and Louisville Kentucky Potter to provide the latest innovations direct from heartland AFC Series Addressable Fire Alarm Systems MBLE S THE U SA MBLE S THE U SA 800 325 3936 sales pottersignal com www pottersignal com Fire Alarm Control Panels Circuit up to 1,270 Addresses Power Supply I O Circuits Addresses Power Supply I O Circuits Addresses Power Supply I O Circuits Addresses Power Supply I O Circuits Programmable NACs Programmable NACs Programmable NACs Programmable NACs for Sprinkler Pre action for Sprinkler Pre action for Sprinkler Pre action Deluge Systems Deluge Systems Deluge Systems for Clean Agent Systems Expanders Evacuation Devices Interface Module Parallel Gateway Communication Driver Expander Module Expander SLC PAD SLC Device Circuit Character LCD Annunciator Character LCD Annunciator Remote Power Expansion Power Class B 3 Class A NACs rated at 3A each addressable input points Extra large cabinet to house to 6 P Link Expanders Power NACs Support feature 2000W Systems or 70.7 VRMS Splitting Unlimited Wattage Voice Master Panels Channel Audio Messages Fighter Telephone Capable end of line Microphones Fire Panels Notification Base Detector Base Detector Base Base Detector Base Frequncy Base Detector Box for PAD100 SPKB PAD100 LFSB Relay 2 Input Module Module Module Module Module LED Module Module Relay 1 Input Module Input Module Input Module Input Module LED with Switch Class B 3 Class A Zones Zones to 192 Class B 96 Power Supply A Zones Power Supply NAC Circuits rated at 3A each IP Communicator events service reminders Support NAC Circuit rated at 0.5A dual line DACT Path IP Communicator events reminders Notification System or 70 VRMS Recorded EVAC MNS Microphone Override of and Tones Notification Devices Detector Detector Relay Remote Test Action Pull Devices Horns Strobes Strobes Proof Frequency Notification AFC Series Addressable Fire Alarm Systems MBLE S THE U SA Panel Connections Controlled Loop adds an SLC loop and 127 to the system expansion cards in with your building network cards rack mounts black gray white housing Alarm A Expander AFC 50 AFC and ARC 1000 A for Stacker Bracket allows for expansion cards to be placed a cabinet multiplying the of your system Central Management Connectivity Circuit synchronizes any combination of the following protocols allows up to 62 Series IPA Series or panels to a single reporting cabinets for additional cards Circuit can span up to 6500 between each fire and power supply Greater distances can be with the FIB 1000 and fiber optic cabling NAC Circuits to 31 PSN 1000 E s can be connected to the P Link circuit 310 additional amps of synchronized power MBLE S THE U SA 800 325 3936 sales pottersignal com www pottersignal com Knight 5820XL Class A or B ft Sensor SLCs Points SLC Loop Distance AFC Series Comparison Charts AFC 1000 Class A or B

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