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Potter AquaN2 Kit Operation Service Manual Electric Signal Company LLC Louis MO Service 866 240 1870 Technical Support 866 956 1211 Fax 314 595 6999 5401540 A AquaN2 Kitfirealarmresources com of Contents 4 Overview 5 Going to the Job Site 6 of AquaN2 Kit 9 Procedure 10 and Testing of an Inerted Wet System 12 Specifications 13 15 AquaN2 Kitfirealarmresources com Safety Guidelines manual contains safety information that is important to know and understand This information is provided for the safety of operators and users of the Potter AquaN2 Kit as well as equipment To help recognize this information observe the symbols indicates an imminently hazardous situation which if not avoided WILL result in death or serious injury indicates a potentially hazardous situation which if not avoided COULD result in death or serious injury indicates a potentially hazardous situation which if not avoided MAY result in minor or moderate injury indicates important information that if not followed may cause damage to equipment or property Notice to Users Installation and Owner Manual supplied with each unit must be read thoroughly and completely understood before and operation of the Potter AquaN2 Kit All appropriate safety standards for handling of gases as determined by local national laws and regulations should be followed at all times unpacking unit carefully inspect all parts and equipment for any damage that may have occurred during transit Make sure tighten fittings bolts etc before putting unit into service not operate if damage occurred during shipping handling or Contact Potter immediately Safety Information Read all of the safety information in this manual before operating this equipment Use of the equipment in a manner specified within this manual may impair the protection provided by the generator and could result in an unplanned release of which may cause serious injury or damage Only competent personnel who have been trained qualified and approved Potter Electric Signal Company LLC should perform commissioning servicing and repair procedures handling installing or operating this equipment personnel must employ safe engineering practices and observe all related regulations health and safety procedures and legal requirements for safety that the equipment is depressurized and electrically isolated before carrying out any of the scheduled maintenance specified in this manual warnings in this manual cover the most known potential hazards but by definition cannot be all inclusive If the user employs operating procedure item of equipment or a method of working that is not specifically recommended by Potter Electric Signal the user must ensure that the equipment will not be damaged or become hazardous to persons or property AquaN2 Kitfirealarmresources com System Overview Potter AquaN2 Kit is designed to quickly and effectively exhaust oxygenated air from a wet fire protection system and replace it with high nitrogen gas Reducing the oxygen levels in wet fire protection systems is essential in protecting the system from the effects of oxygen corrosion often found at the air water interface in the fire sprinkler piping the AquaN2 Kit which includes the Nitrogen Injection Manifold NIM and the Quick X Haust Manifold QXM in combination with a Automatic Air Release PAAR B or Potter Air Vent PAV and a nitrogen source can easily remove up to 99.9 of oxygen from a wet Also by removing as much air as possible the fire sprinkler system will have increased performance eliminating delayed activation or activation of vane type waterflow detectors An outline of a typical sprinkler system with AquaN2 Kit installed can be seen in Fig 1 1 Typical AquaN2 System Diagram for use with plastic systems VSR AT INJECTION X HAUST VALVE TEST DRAIN VALVE AquaN2 Kitfirealarmresources com Before Going To The Jobsite Read and understand the instructions provided before you proceed with installation The AquaN2 Kit and PAV PAAR B shall installed in accordance with local ordinances and the applicable NFPA 13 NFPA 13D or NFPA 13R standard instructions for the PAV or PAAR B can be found in bulletin 5401165 or bulletin 5401164 respectively The Engineer of Record should select the location of the Nitrogen Injection Manifold NIM and the Quick X Haust Manifold QXM The recommended location of the NIM is at the sprinkler riser above the alarm check valve See Fig 2 The recommended location of the QXM is at a connection off the remote test drain valve at the end of the system The QXM be reasonably accessible by a fire sprinkler contractor for periodic operation See Fig 3 Purity Nitrogen Gas 99.9 will be exhausted out of the QXM The location needs to be in a highly area to prevent asphyxiation 2 Recommended NIM Location 3 Recommended QXM Location X HAUST INJECTION VALVE TEST DRAIN AquaN2 Kitfirealarmresources com Components Kit 1 Kit required per riser Injection Manifold X Haust Manifold Air Vent required per riser Potter Air Vent Potter Automatic Air Release with shut off valve 1119720 1030001 Cylinder with female CGA 580 to be purchased from party Grade Nitrogen 250 High Pressure Industrial Cylinder Specification 3AA 2265 Canada Water Volume 2624 Cubic Inches 43 ltrs S K Products B 250 One 250 high industrial cylinder inert 250 gallons of capacity Always use in accordance with the Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS Cylinder must be stored and used in an upright secured position in a well ventilated or monitored area Always follow local fire code requirements when storing gas cylinders 1119500 AquaN2 Kitfirealarmresources com Components Cylinder Pressure with Hose Brass 0 80 Nitrogen Pressure Regulator 10 rubber hose with quick connect Nitrogen Analyzer Purity Nitrogen Analyzer 1119501 1119504 Ball Valve Switch with Cover To monitor Quick X Haust Manifold Dry Contacts Cover Tamper VSR VSR AT Test Flow Switch 1000035 Information For VSR AT Pipe Size 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 AquaN2 Kitfirealarmresources com Installation of AquaN2 Kit Before installing the Nitrogen Injection Manifold NIM Quick X Haust Manifold QXM and Air Vent PAV or completely drain the fire sprinkler system the PAV or PAAR B at a point most remote the riser It shall be installed on the top of the piping connection horizontal and level See 4 4 PAV PAAR B Installation 1 2 BRASS VALVE a ball valve is used to isolate the Air Vent from the sprinkler system ensure that it is open For full installation guidelines use PAV bulletin 5401165 or PAAR B bulletin 5401164 the NIM at the sprinkler riser above the alarm check valve by attaching the 1 male NPT bushing nipple to a 1 NPT connection See Fig 2 on Page 6

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