Potter ASHH, ASHP, ASHP Cluster Series, ASHX, SPHH CSFM Listings 1517-0123

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CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF FORESTRY FIRE PROTECTION OFFICE OF THE STATE FIRE MARSHAL ENGINEERING BUILDING MATERIALS LISTING PROGRAM SERVICE AUDIBLE DEVICES 1 of 1 PRODUCTS GROUP CPG 1609 Park 370 Place Hazelwood MO 63031 Brad Serangeli 314 595 6731 Fax 309 762 8215 brads pottersignal com ASHP SPHH SPHX ASHH and ASHX audible devices Suitable for outdoor use include the following optional devices Models PTCK25 PTCK70 connector cards and UTC tone card Refer to listee s data sheet for detailed product description and considerations Additional information may also be located in UL Hazardous Equipment Directory and UL Fire Protection Equipment Directory accordance with listee s printed installation instructions applicable codes and ordinances in a manner acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction name product designation electrical rating and UL label as audible devices for use with separately listed compatible control units May be with separately listed compatible visual signal devices ASHH and SPHH are suitable for use in hazardous locations Class I Group A B C D Division 2 Class II Group F and G Division 2 and Class III Model ASHX and SPHX suitable for use in hazardous locations Class I Group B C and D Class II Group E F G and Class III the distinctive three pulse Temporal Pattern Fire Alarm Evacuation Signal for total in accordance with NFPA 72 2002 Edition is required the appliance must be with a fire alarm control unit that can generate the temporal pattern signal Refer to Installation Instructions Manual for details 7135 1517 0101 No fm listing is based upon technical data submitted by the applicant CSFM Fire Engineering staff has reviewed test results and or other data but does not make an independent verification of any claims This listing is not endorsement or verify correct requirements or installation criteria Refer to listee data sheet installation instructions and or other should not be used of This Issued 01 2021 Expires 30 2022 By CASTILLO M E F P E Engineering Division

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