Potter ATTE-B Fire Alarm and Trouble Transmitter

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ATTE B ALARM TROUBLE TRANSMITTER AC or DC Listed and FM Approved 12 5 16 H x 8 5 16 W x 3 5 8 D H x 21.1cm W x 9.2cm D 8 lbs 3.6 kg 18GA CRS Finish Red enamel ferrous metal parts painted plated or equivalent to resist corrosion Ratings Contacts Limited Energy at 150VDC Switch One set of SPDT contacts 10.0 Amps at 250VAC Power 12 24V 2 Watt Max DC or 60 Hz AC Distance ATTE B must be within 3 of local control unit and wiring in conduit Use Fire Alarm Code Central Station Proprietary Remote Station Premise Unit Requirements position position position transmitting mA mA mA mA No 1020118 model ATTE B is an electric motor McCulloh type transmitter which may connected to a local NON CODED type unit to transmit CODED alarm and signals This alarm and trouble is suitable for Central Station and Remote Station protected services shunt switch is provided so the unit may be in a Non Interfering model ATTE B is designed for 12 to 24 AC or DC operation Applying power to terminals 5 6 will cause the unit to transmit 1 round the Coded Signal illuminating the Yellow TROUBLE INDICATION After the condition in the Non Coded Local has been RESTORED manually the Reset switch on the ATTE B to the transmitter from the trouble power to terminals 3 and 4 will the unit to transmit 4 rounds of the Signal if the unit is in the normal and 3 rounds if the unit is in the position illuminating the Red LED INDICATION the power from terminals 3 and 4 cause the ATTE B to transmit 1 round Signal automatically adjustment on the circuit board provides motor speed adjustment from to 3.5 code pulses per second Electric Signal Company 2081 Craig Road St Louis MO 63146 4161 Phone 800 325 3936 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA 5400699 REV G MKT 8860001 9 01 1 OF 4 ALARM TROUBLE TRANSMITTER AC or DC Pull tamper switch plunger to deactivate Operate reset switch Transmitter run 4 rounds to the NORMAL yellow and red LED OFF Connect alarm and trouble inputs central line earth ground and shunt per Fig Trip non coded control to the ALARM The ATTE B will transmit a 4 alarm signal and the red LED will on Restore non coded control to NORMAL condition The ATTE B will a 1 round restore signal and to the NORMAL condition yellow red LED OFF Trip non coded control to the TROUBLE The ATTE B will transmit a 1 trouble signal and the yellow LED come on non coded control to the condition The ATTE B will 4 rounds and restore to the condition yellow and red LED Verify that the central office receives clear intelligible signals See Figs 3 and 4 Mount ATTE B Wiring between non coded and ATTE B is unsupervised must be located within 3 feet of control with interconnect wiring conduit WARNING Code wheel must be code cut and code wheel and reinstalled before any power is to the transmitter See Fig 1 Remove code wheel and metal under code wheel Cut code wheel to desired code Place hole in bracket over emblem underside of code wheel recessed see Fig 3 Reinstall code and bracket The bracket tab be centered in the slot in black device U8 on the circuit board Fig 2 Hold code wheel and bracket in this and tighten mounting nut Apply power to terminals 7 and 8 see 3 Fig 4 Transmitter will run to condition yellow LED ON 1 WHEEL REMOVAL AND CODING IN USA 5400699 REV G MKT 8860001 9 01 2 OF 4 ALARM TROUBLE TRANSMITTER AC or DC 2 12 24V INSTALLATION Apply voltage from non coded control for 4 round alarm signal or 3 round signal if unit is in condition Apply voltage from non coded control for 1 round trouble signal Continuous power from non coded control or listed 12 24V Class II transformer in outlet Tamper closed with cover in place Transmitter should be tested on a monthly basis to insure proper operation wheel must be removed code cut and code wheel and bracket reinstalled before power is applied to transmitter Wiring between non coded control and ATTE B is ATTE B must be within 3 of non coded control and wiring in conduit IN USA 5400699 REV G MKT 8860001 9 01 4 OF 4 3 WIRING INSTRUCTIONS ALARM TROUBLE TRANSMITTER AC or DC ATTE B contains Limited protective signaling circuit conduc and Class 1 electric circuit conductors control unit enclosure provides cable entry openings so that Limited fire protective sig conductors can be segregated the Class 1 electric conductors cable entry opening in the top be used for the Class 1 Limited conductors as the power are located in this area two bottom enclosure cable entries be used for the Limited protective signaling conductors specific wiring routing see Fig 4 4 ROUTING INPUT CIRCUITS MUST BE POWER LIMITED Cover tamper wire Run under P C board to terminals 1 and 2 Wires from terminals 3 through 9 Route through the top center knockout of cabinet Wires from terminals 10 through 12 Route through the lower left hand side of the This unit does not have any output circuits other than the cover tamper circuit IN USA 5400699 REV G MKT 8860001 9 01 4 OF 4

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