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BAC PAK TEST KIT Microbiology In uenced Corrosion Water Testing Kit BAC PAK kit includes 1 ea Bac Pak foil pack with three microbiological test vials labeled APB SRB and IRB Vial holder 120cc bottle for obtaining sample number 1119172 Test Run water source to be tested for approximately 15 seconds Remove cap on 120cc bottle and ll bottle Replace cap Shut off water Note If the water is extremely black or dirty it can be ltered through a coffee lter before pouring into the test vials This will allow the color changes to be noticed Fill in all pertinent information on the test vial holder Remove cap on vial for APB test Fill vial to line on side of vial with water from sample bottle Cap vial and invert for approximately 2 seconds then turn upright and place in the cutout holder with the corresponding cap color Repeat steps 4 6 with SRB IRB vials Place test vials in in a location which does not have direct sunlight or extreme temperature changes Observe and note color changes of vials over a period of up to 9 days or main drain Precautions should be taken to prevent unwanted water ow alarm Water sample can be obtained through the inspectors test BAC PAK is a test kit designed to allow eld testing of wet pipe systems and or water supplies for MIC causing bacterium The allows eld testing for Iron related bacterium iron pipe oxidizing reducing bacterium Sulfate Reducing Bacterium causes pit and Acid Producing Bacterium causes pit corrosion The takes just a few minutes The results will appear over a period up to 9 days to allow for bacteria culture growth more thorough test performed by a chemist and including a laboratory is available The Potter water test model PWTK stock 1119178 dry pipe systems use the Potter 5 Year Deposit Test Kit Stock 1119174 test is also performed by a chemist and includes a laboratory analysis by Day Result chart Change to Yellow Change to Black Change to Reddish Brown cfu ml cfu ml Change to Yellow Change to Black Change to Reddish Brown corrosion possibility Change to Yellow Change to Black Change to Reddish Brown cfu ml cfu ml cfu ml cfu ml MIC corrosion is very high if bottle changes color high if any bottle color corrosion possibility moderate SRB infection to high Orange cfu ml Orange cfu ml Orange cfu ml Diagnosis any vial indicates a presence of MIC within the rst 5 days the of MIC corrosion is high to severe and the system should treated with Potter Pipe Shield only 1 vial indicates the presence of MIC after 5 days the is moderate to high Immediate treatment with Potter may not be necessary The building owner or their has options Iron Test Potter stock 1119176 can be performed to determine level of dissolved iron in the system Water Test Potter stock 1119178 can be performed to provide a comprehensive test of the water Bac Pak test can be performed at a later date within 12 to determine if the condition has worsened system can be treated with Pipe Shield If any of the bacterium show up in a sample this indicates bacterium population at the point where the sample was taken in system The nutrient level or oxygen concentration may not be to growth at that particular point However the conditions be right for extreme growth in another part of the system presence of MIC in a re sprinkler system should always be a for concern Potter suggests treating systems containing MIC bacterium with Potter Pipe Shield Electric Signal Company LLC 2081 Craig Road St Louis MO 63146 4161 Phone 800 325 3936 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA 5400602 REV B 1 OF 2 of Bacterium Tested Acid Producing Bacterium Producing Bacterium corrosion is a major player in the MIC In uenced Corrosion process APB are capable producing organic and inorganic acids which degrade the metallic of a re sprinkler system as well as produce nutrients for They live in a symbiotic relationship with SRB but are capable living on their own Telltale signs of APB corrosion include but are limited to pit corrosion and under deposit corrosion APB have been recognized as a possible major cause of mainly because their fermentative activities will cause the particularly in the bio lms to drop into the acid range Under conditions an acid driven form of corrosion could occur the metals begin to dissolve and lose integrity This form of can be viewed as an initiating or alternate event to electrolytic corrosion In the last two decades industry become more aware of the risks posed by the APB and have come generally view the creation of acidic pH levels in the environment reductive conditions to be predominantly driven by the APB heightens the corrosion risk to the re sprinkler system within affected zone The APB BART changes from purple to yellow as contains a pH indicator which changes colors when the bacterium an acidic solution within the vial Sulfate Reducing Bacterium Reducing Bacteria are responsible for extreme damage to and support equipment in the re sprinkler industry They are the most destructive part of the MIC group Sulfate reducing are a group of anaerobic bacteria i e don need oxygen generate hydrogen sul de H2S H2S can cause a number of cant problems in re sprinkler water These problems range rotten egg odors to the blackening of equipment iron sul de black solids slime formations and extensive corrosion microorganisms are dif cult to detect because they are anaerobic air and tend to grow deep down within bio lms and tubercles part of a microbial community SRB are very adaptive and may need exact pressure temperature and velocity conditions of the system question to thrive When those conditions do not exist the SRB form spores and may lie dormant for thousands of years until the conditions exist for them to thrive again SRB may not be present the free owing water over the site of the fouling It may take years see the results from this pitting type corrosion Or the process may swift pitting in a con ned area through the thickness of the iron SRB are so adaptive they have even been known to reduce to ammonia when sulfur is not present Corrosion deposit should be performed if water or egg smell TEST KIT present within the re sprinkler system in addition to the Bac Pak as SRB are sometimes not evident in water samples Potter is able perform corrosion deposit analysis Please contact your local Potter for more information and or order Potter ve year deposit kit stock 1119174 SRB activity is present in the BART sulfate is reduced to H2S reacts with the diffusing ferrous iron of the re sprinkler to form black iron sul de This iron sul de is the main source what is called Water iron sul de This sul de commonly either in the base as black precipitates and or around the ball an irregular black ring of the BART General appearance of water be various shades of black Iron Related Bacterium iron related bacteria IRB are bacteria that are iron utilizing are an important part of the MIC causing group because they able to build tubercles and have many redox reduction oxidation that support SRB and other MIC bacteria They are also in many cases for the destructive corrosive process of iron steel and may appear as general coating of the re sprinkler The form of iron utilization can range from simply a passive in the slime growths bio lm through to active use metabolism This test uses the bacteria ability to use ferric and iron in many ways to create various reactions most of which colored and result in an orange or brown color within the vial It is understood that some of the IRB may be able to derive respiratory energy functions out of the reductio

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