Potter CA-6075 Class A Expander for PFC-6075

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Features provides Class a connection for SLC NaCs pLink Monts to framework inside panel enclosure allows for independent circuit selection of Class a operation product includes 5 year warranty UUKL Listed for Smoke Control Ca 6075 is a Class a expander The Ca 6075 allows for Class wiring of the built in SLC circuit p Link communication bus and 2 built in NaC circuits The Ca 6075 mounts to the provided in the fire alarm control panel The Class A operation can independently selected for the p Link and SLC circuits using the Fire panel programmer Software of the Ca 6075 Class a expander to the addressable panel Remove two 2 6 32x7 8 screws item 1 shown below from the panel and retain for use in step 3 Install 5050793 Bracket inserting end tabs into slots on the control User Interface bracket Secure 5050793 bracket to the control panel using the two 2 item 1 that were removed in step 1 Slide the Ca 6075 Class a expander over the two 2 guide pins the 5050793 bracket Seat the Ca 6075 on the 5050793 bracket so connector on the back of the Ca 6075 is fully engaged with the on the control panel Secure the Ca 6075 to the 5050793 bracket using two 2 6 screws provided shown on page 2 Specifications Current Current Operating Ca 6075 ma 44 ma 120 0 49 10 93 86 non condensing humidity panels Ipa 100 aFC 100 aRC 100 pFC 6075 pFC 6200 p100 p200 p300 product for use with Ipa 4000 aFC 1000 pFC 6800 and p400 R panels in accordance with compatible Fire alarm Control panel manual page 1 OF 2 Class A ExpanderPotter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal com8830121 REV C 12 18firealarmresources com Class A Installation Diagram 1 Class A Card 2 pins bracket x 7 8 screws A Expander x 1 4 screws Information A Expander No Device page 2 OF 2 Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal com8830121 REV C 12 18CA 6075 Class A Expanderfirealarmresources com

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